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Consistent Fitness with Chris Jones

Bethesda, Maryland, Arlington

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Consistent Fitness with Chris Jones logo

Consistent Fitness with Chris Jones

Bethesda, Maryland, Arlington

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


My name is Chris. I am Certified Personal Trainer in the DC Metro Area. My goal is to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals in a manner that best fits your lifestyle, preferences, and unique needs. I understand health and fitness it’s not always easy, but being proactive about your diet and getting proper exercise, you can live longer, have a healthier life…. And i’m just the person you can trust to guide you through it.

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Michele P.

30 October 2018

Chris is fantastic, his approach to working out is unique, but he gets excellent results. I am thrilled with how my body is reshaping and I would recommend him very highly.


Rachel G.

29 October 2018

Working with Chris is like a breath of fresh air compared to other trainers. He is patient, inspiring & supportive. The workouts are varied so you never get bored and I started seeing results right away!


Anne C.

10 October 2018

I have been working with Chris for a couple months now and I feel great! He comes to my home in Adams Morgan with all the equipment needed to give me a great workout. His workouts are challenging, but not overbearing. I have already started to see results in my overall health and well being. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer in the DC Metro area. More...


Tod S.

11 September 2018

Chris, Consistent Fitness, is the perfect person for the job as your trainer.  His skills and experience allow him to really customize one's fitness goals to meet your needs, lifestyle and goals.  At the same time he challenges your to meet those goals and exceed your own expectations without yelling and screaming, putting to much pressure on you.  He provides great positive reinforcement. More...



27 February 2018

Very motivating and tailors workouts based on my needs.


Raye Brown

27 February 2018

Working with Chris is wonderful. He is very patient with me. He did a great assessment and we are working together to reach all my goals....some have already been met!!!



27 February 2018

Chris is a lot of fun and makes me feel comfortable. I was a novice to working out and was afraid to get started, but Chris worked with me and my hectic schedule to ensure I would be successful! I feel better than I ever have!!


Liz K.

5 March 2014

Jones4Fitness is great! They responded to an ad I posted and I met with my trainer, Robert, the following weekend. And it's been great! I've lost 14lbs so far and I feel really good. I like that you can pay via PayPal (they also take checks). Great service, I recommend for anyone (like me) who wants a personal trainer but doesn't want/need a gym membership. More...


Jose D.

16 July 2013

I just had my first training session, and Chris is absolutely incredible!  First of all, he sat down with me, and we had a very comprehensive discussion about my fitness goals, my medical history and any potential issues or injuries I might have.  It was all extremely professional, and I could tell that Chris was listening very intently to my goals and experience.  I highly recommend him! More...


David W.

10 July 2013

Chris is a consummate professional who is incredibly knowledgeable, whether it's figuring out a personalized workout or determining a nutrition plan. He is incredibly humble and approachable--you will never feel awkward or nervous around him. On numerous occasions during my sessions, he pushed me beyond where I thought I could go which resulted in amazing outcomes. I simply cannot recommend him enough! More...

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I customize all of my programs to the clients needs. I typically only work with clients who want to workout more than 2 times a week. Consistency is the key to results. I I can see you most days I can get you the most results!

Consistency across all areas of your health and fitness lifestyle. Working out 3 to 5 times a week and eating healthy 90% of the time. You also need a customized strength, cardiorespitory, and nutrition program in place.

I love working with people and getting my clients results. When they drop a dress size, complete their first 5K or just overall feel better about them selves it's a win for me!Nothing is more satisfying then someone becoming what you knew they could be!

"They say" if you do what you love you will never work another day in your life. I love helping people get in the best shape they can and see them make positive changes towards a healthy lifestyle they can maintain for the rest of their lives.

Your success is my success. I dedicate myself to getting you healthy. Most of my clients stay with me for years, because I am able to be an integral part of the new healthy lifestyle we create together.



One Hour of Personal Training. At your home or place of business. Includes Warm Up, Customized Strength and Cardiorespitory Program, and cool down stretching. I provide equipment if none is available.