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Working as a team, we can review and build your resume to make it the most effective tool to help you find that ideal job. Here are some of the ways we improve your resume.

More concise - I focus your resume by finding the most effective summary of your history, skills and accomplishments.


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23 July 2019

Last weekend I was in urgent need of a fresh resume. After a quick search online I was able to connect with Joe from Competitive Edge Resume Service. The same day service and a reasonable price on top of it made me to write this five-star review. Hopefully, I won't need a new resume soon, but if, I'd be definitely using this firm again. P.S. An extra sixth star added for a quick initial response on Sunday morning. Thank you More...


Susie Kim

16 May 2019

Working with Joe was amazing. He was very professional and was able to put together a great resume. Definitely reccomend!! 5 stars!


Ken Steinbrenner

6 May 2019

Joe was able to help me update and revise my resume. As a veteran, he was able to describe my military service in terms employers could understand.


Sarah Fedran

29 December 2018

thank you Joe for setting me up with my new resume as well as cover letter and showing me the little things I can do to find a new job. It was a big help


Mark Meger

29 December 2018

Thanks Joe for all your help with my resume and cover letter along with all the other info you provided for my job search!


Nicole Orgler

6 September 2018

Outstanding Service. Great results! Would definitely use again.


Olivia Simmons

10 May 2018

Joe is insightful, articulate, and well versed in areas I thought I knew about resume writing. He taught me how view my resume the way employers view resumes. I really value his feedback, knowledge, critique, and most importantly help. He will continue to be my go to guy for all things job related!, reasonable prices, conveniently located, and technologically convent, Joe is the total package! Thank You Joe! More...


Maria Thomas

16 April 2018

Joe does a excellent job on cover letters and resume! He also sometimes make small modifications to the resume and cover letter at no charge. Great person to do business with. I definitely recommend! More...


Danielle Schlosser

30 March 2018

Joe at Competitive Edge revised and optimized my resume. Joe met with me and walked me through every part of my resume, step by step, to help me understand the choices behind the revisions. I came away with a much better resume, and I feel so much more equipped than I did when I first started searching. He also worked with me on templates for my cover letter and my Thank You letter, as well as provided me with excellent advice and resources to help me in my search. He responds to emails quickly and has a very fast turnaround. My resume, cover letter and Thank You letter were completed two days after we first emailed.

Joe is a genuine person with top-quality skills and knowledge. The personalized service he provided is exactly what I needed to boost my resume and my confidence in my search. Thank you, Joe!


Peter Nasios

7 March 2018

Very pleased with Joe’s service and product delivered. Wish I did this sooner.


Sheila Becker

21 November 2017

I was very pleased with everything about Competitive Edge. Joe responded to my email immediately and was very helpful in a pinch he was able to deliver what was needed. Also was very reasonable. I would highly recommend them. More...


jessica z

6 June 2017

Joe has helped me with my resume twice now (once for the resume and again for a revision two jobs later). I went to Joe after I saw how well he did with my husbands resume. I just have had to give him general information on my job history and what I did at those jobs. He was able to word it nicely and set the layout up in a way I could never figure out how to do! I am really happy with what he has done and his prices are amazing on top of that. More...


S M.

14 June 2016

I recommend Competitive Edge Resume Services whether local or out of state. I will use this service if I need any assistance with resumes or cover letters in the future. I am able to make small adjustments according to the job and the layout is beautiful. I have had many calls and interviews after using Competitive Edge Resume Services in contrast to the previous resume and cover letter I was using that was completed through my university. More...


Karen Harjung

6 June 2016

Joe was amazing. He not only helped me with my resume, but a cover letter, thank you letter and setting up my LinkedIn profile. He patiently listened to my concerns, and explained what employers look for in a resume, giving me a document that looked awesome. I was able to land a new job within a week. More...


Thomas Pisto

6 June 2016

Joe does a great job on working with you. He is highly professional. Joe does a great job of turning a phrase and understanding peoples job titles. He has such a great understanding of what employers are looking for on resumes. Joe will give you a professional resume that will help get you in the door to that first interview! More...


nancy casasanto

6 June 2015

Joe assisted me with writing my resume and cover letter, and showed me how to utilize the internet to find jobs. He asked questions about my experience and helped me produce a professional looking resume. He was willing to spend the extra time to help me get the most out of the experience. I recommended him to many friends who have also had good results. More...


Aida Colon

6 June 2015

I landed a job! Not once but twice! Joe's writing creativity and style transformed my work experience into a professional resume that was noticed. After trying to enter into a certain organization for 3 years , I contacted Competitive Edge Resume Service for resume assistance, I needed to get noticed and it worked! The resume stood out and I landed the job that I wanted. Not only for me also for my brother, after a long stint of being unemployed I reached out to Competitive Edge Resume to help my brother, Joe worked on my brothers resume and he landed a job only after a couple of weeks. Thanks Joe for executing your writing talent and providing people the opportunity to showcase there skills in a professional and clean resume. More...


Karen Strawinski

6 June 2015

I have always thought that writing a resume is something I could do myself. After all, there are wizards in MS Word to help you do it, right? After many, many application submissions that got nowhere, I decided to give Joe a try. I was amazed at the response I received from potential employers. The resume he wrote made me stand out. He knows what skills to highlight and what skills to leave in the background to get you the attention you want. Joe is amazing! He is in tune with what employers are looking for, has an eye for detail, and listens well to pick out the most attractive skills you possess to put into your resume. He is attentive, quick, and has great rates. I cannot say enough good things about him. I am very pleased with his service. More...


sarah liko

6 June 2015

Joe was great at helping me with my resume. I was able to put it out their right away and he helped me set up everything I needed to have a successful job search.


Savio Jacob

6 June 2015

Joe made me a great resume and cover letter. I am glad Joe is in business because when I paid a website that helps us make a resume, the "experts" came back and told me what to change, but they don't do it for me. That made me confused and made me pay someone to just write it for me. I owe my future career to Joe. More...


Dione Baird

6 June 2014

I've always been skeptical of a resume writing services, I've always thought they charge too much money for something I can do myself, but I can't do it myself. Joe is amazing. He is knowledgeable, dependable, and very reasonably priced. His turn around time is very quick too. More...

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I have worked with over 1600 customers, helping them design resumes that advance their careers and refocus their job searches.

For years I have been helping friends, co-workers and people they know with their resumes. As someone who has been a supervisor, I have seen many resumes come across my desk, and I quickly developed a good understanding of which formats work and which ones don't. More importantly, I've seen a lot of the mistakes people commonly make in composing their resumes.

The thing is, most people don't really develop a skill for writing resumes Why should they? It's something you might need once every five years if things are going well.

Several years ago, a good friend of mine asked me to help her with her resume. I realized that I couldn't essentially change the whole thing without hurting her feelings, so I took the time to explain each and every change I made. In the process, I realized that I can use what I have learned over the years to help people in this tough economy.

Because unlike a lot of other resume writers, I am out there in the working world just like you. I know the struggles that working folks have dealing with employers, interviews and job searches.