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Common Era Films Commercial division is a part of Common Era Motion Pictures, a distribution, and production company in Dallas, TX. What separates CE Films from other 'production' companies is how we deliver a finished product, our relationship with the music industry and our ability to understand the narrative.



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The Secret is substance, depth of field and revealing the emotion behind the image. You've heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words...", that's because a well-taken picture should express human emotion and compel the viewer to speak.

Who is your audience?
What message are you trying to portray?
What platform will the media or ad be used?

The best thing about my job is meeting a diverse group of people working for a single company. Company culture is often defined by the individuals who work every day to serve their company. Meeting these people helps me understand the mission of a company better, which in return helps me produce a better product.

My love of film making started as a child. When I finished College and began working in the Oil & Gas and Insurance industries I was primarily involved in sales and hated every minute of the job. One thing that kept me awake and interested in how we marketed to clients. I feel in love with company branding and my love for film started to resurface little by little. Five years later I leaped and haven't looked back since. Best decision of my life.

Our purpose is to serve the client in a method that not only produces a product but gives the client the resources to maximize its success. The entertainment business has undergone rapid change in the last 7 years. Technology has improved dramatically, however, few know how to use it properly. The creation process should be fun, enjoyable and rewarding. We strive to achieve that with every client we serve.