Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company

Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company

Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company locationMesa, AZ, United States

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Clickflame offers high quality digital marketing services. We do all of our work in house in the United States. We rank ourselves for highly competitive keywords nationwide like "googles best local seo company". Utilizing white hat seo techniques and some of the most aggressive tactics online we don't just bring our clients the win, we crush their competition.

Local Search Engine Optimization - We are a Yext Certified Partner and also build manual citations to assist with the growth of local search rankings. We also geotag and keyword optimize photos and videos for our clients. As the best local search engine optimization company in the United States, local seo is at the core of what we do.

Organic SEO- Getting clients to rank organically nationally or internationally can be both the hardest and most rewarding work we do. With dozens of ecommerce and service campaigns nationally we know how to make the phone ring and sales numbers increase.

Pay Per Click Management - Industry averages went out the window with how we manage pay per click campaigns years ago. With the industry average click through rate being 2%-5% we consistently hit over 10% and run campaigns with high quality scores using detailed segmentation of your campaigns.

Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company Reviews


Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Mark Parra
1 24/05/2018 Mark Parra

hands down the worst company you could ever do business with. not doing a damn thing for your business one star don't even deserve that! DONT DO BUSINESS its a SCAM from the owner not being a honest guy writing bad reviews for companys deleting their information terrible company from the front to the back and they dont THEY SAY MONTH TO MONTH WRONG THEY DONT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU After the first week regular people thinking their apart of a tech company WRONG all of these reviews are not real and Alaina limpert is a scumbagg of a mother Anthony is a liar.. all these employees leaving these reviews is pathetic

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Fernando Vela
5 30/04/2018 Fernando Vela

Best SEO Guys Ever! Seriously, they killed it. We asked for a few keywords and within a couple of months we ranked for over a hundred. Could not be happier with the whole team at Clickflame, thank you so much guys!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Jasbir Kaur
5 27/04/2018 Jasbir Kaur

Our website was a few years old and needed a re design. Now our website looks like it’s from a few years in the future lol.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Joy Gonclaves
5 24/04/2018 Joy Gonclaves

Search engine optimization can be hard, but not for Clickflame. Best in their space for sure, we’re up over 400% on new revenue since we started just six months ago.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Elijah Angel
5 19/03/2018 Elijah Angel

Searching for a digital marketing company online wasn't easy. Seriously... there were a lot of them. But once my friend told me about Clickflame , I was relieved. My business needed dynamic web pages that were customer-friendly. They helped me create a full digital marketing plan for my biz and they were unbelievably good at it. They gave me the website design service I needed and implemented it with ease. I didn't know a company could do all this stuff... They had the whole package.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by raju yadav
5 16/03/2018 raju yadav

My traffic increased by 30% in the first 3 weeks. Justin provided me with alternate solutions, we ran adwords to keep up with the ROI. These strategists really know what they are doing.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by LUIS LEON
5 16/03/2018 LUIS LEON

Justin is amazing, best marketer I have ever met, always fixes any issues works hard and improved our rankings .

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Fouji Mun
5 16/03/2018 Fouji Mun

I love the work their staff is extremely professional. I recommend them anyone to work with Justin.... Thank you

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Liz Whiting
5 13/03/2018 Liz Whiting

I had a pleasure working with Clickflame! The team is extremely knowledgable and takes the extra time and effort to explain the inner workings of SEO. Their report meetings are extensive and the team is quick to answer any and all questions you may have about the complicated topic. We saw quick results and they exceeded expectations.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Harrison Baum
5 13/03/2018 Harrison Baum

Awesome experience, ranked us so quickly and willing to put in time to explain complex things.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by KushClean Pipes
1 25/01/2018 KushClean Pipes


Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Smile More
1 25/01/2018 Smile More

scammer, make sure to do a BACKGROUND CHECK ON THE CEO, ANTHONY LIMPERT from Akron ohio, lived in Orange County, Akron Ohio and Arizona. the details help make sure you are reading about him
he has 26 ARREST and citations up the ying yang

he blackmailed our company and then HE SPAMMED OUR CLIENTS WITH HATE MAIL because his blackmail demands were ignored

he is a little child acting like he has a business. he quoted us 500$ and when he say we cleared over a million$$$$ HE LOCKED US OUT OF OUR OWN SITE WE BUILT LONG BEFORE HIM and proceeded to blackmail us

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Ahmed Rabo
5 11/01/2018 Ahmed Rabo

This digital marketing company killed it for us online. Our website looks great and gets us calls. Our business is all over the front page of search engines like never before. We have never had it this good!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by James Johnson
5 10/01/2018 James Johnson

We had hired Clickflame to do our local seo. I think what made it so easy was that we found them searching for the best local seo company right on top of Google Search. Working with Raelynn and Michael at Clickflame really built our brand online. Now we show up for hundreds of keywords in Google search and could not be happier about their service. As an ecommerce company digital marketing is the backbone of our success or failures. Take it from us, work with the best and you'll be the best in no time.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Mzd Mariyan
5 06/01/2018 Mzd Mariyan

These guys ran an excellent seo campaign for me. They got my black car service to show up all over Orange County and Los Angeles. Great customer service and the best technology in the United States for sure!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Anika  Longmire

This review has been reported. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Uriah Beauchamp
5 19/12/2017 Uriah Beauchamp

Don't believe the Phillip/710aroma/peeemzee/kushclean shills trying to save their dignity. Phillip did in fact make a bunch of racist threats via text. Ignore the multiple bad posts below by this deleuded mafioso wannabe.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by 710 Life
5 15/11/2017 710 Life

great service great guys.... cant thank them enough. they really pushed my brand and helped make us even more winnings than we had before!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Daniel Cerda
5 02/11/2017 Daniel Cerda

Clickflame has done an excellent job at doing all my online marketing from seo to ppc Clickflame is the company to call to get the job done right.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Damin Halum
5 30/10/2017 Damin Halum

Clickflame is by far the best SEO company out there by a mile. I have been burned in the past by others SEO company so I was very hesitant to sign up but to be honest it was the best choice I made. Clickflame exceeded my expectations and made my business double in revenue in six months. Anthony delivered and I will recommend Clickflame to all my friends.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Kaan Guner
5 28/10/2017 Kaan Guner

Have you wasted your time and money on so-called SEO companies in the past? Well, I've got burnt so many times I can't even count anymore. However, Clickflame managed to rank my highly competitive keywords within a month. Trust me, I'm still in shock. I thought we had no chance. They are truly the best local SEO company in the United States.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Andrew Hale
5 27/10/2017 Andrew Hale

I've worked with Anthony on projects from Development, SEO, SEM, and Adwords he's always provided options and communication I would recommend

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Mac
5 27/10/2017 Mac

Great website design quality, helpful customer service, easy to work with, delivered as promise.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Cary J
5 27/10/2017 Cary J

I have worked with a lot of SEO companies. Always tell me what they can do for me in a couple months with ZERO results. Clickfame actually pulled through and made it happen! Anthony and his team have gone above and beyond the call of duty. They are in constant contact with me with ratings and reports that show me the progress that has been done. I always refer him to people I meet in my business. Thanks again!!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Ruben
5 27/10/2017 Ruben

I am so thankful for Clickflame! We have tripled our call volume in just a couple months of working with them! If you are a business owner looking for online marketing, Clickflame should be your 1st choice!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Andy Lampson
5 27/10/2017 Andy Lampson

It was amazing. They did every single thing they said they were going to do and more!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Richard Sanchez
5 26/10/2017 Richard Sanchez

Click flame was a great experience. Staff was kind and courteous and very helpful. I must say I was pleased with Anthony's service. I would recommend this to any company that needs an increase in business.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Sidney
5 26/10/2017 Sidney

Clickflame is a great company to work with. My ratings have boosted so much over the past 6 months. It's affordable and the website they built me was top-notch! Looking forward to the future with this company!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Bob Kinsey
5 26/10/2017 Bob Kinsey

Improved my campaign CTR and reduced monthly spend. Great Company.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Jeremy R
5 26/10/2017 Jeremy R

Great experience working with Anthony and Clickflame... He helped me identify some issues with my site that were affecting my SEO and since making those changes my ranking has improved significantly. They know their stuff. Highly recommended!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Christopher J. Looney
5 20/10/2017 Christopher J. Looney

The Best! I highly recommend this company, Great Pricing, Great service Really took my business to the next level. The level of service you get from clickflame is amazing, great company

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Kaan Guner
5 30/09/2017 Kaan Guner

Clickflame is the best local SEO company I've worked with so far. Anthony has a deep knowledge of local SEO and he has given me incredibly valuable & actionable on-site SEO tips during our consul. Highly recommended!

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by vicky sharma
5 25/08/2017 vicky sharma

"Working with Anthony at Clickflame was the best decision my company ever made. With clear reporting regimens they showed me month after month for the last two years exactly what I was spending per lead and how effective my visibility was online. These guys are the best digital marketing company you could get for your business"

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Maher Aderob
5 18/08/2017 Maher Aderob

These guys are THE BEST LOCAL SEO COMPANY. As a result my roofing company is dominating in the Phoenix market. We saw our revenue for the entire business triple in the first 3 months with these guys and now were going to get a new website and start running AdWords. Many thanks to the team at Clickflame.

Review of Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company by Aaron Smith
5 29/07/2017 Aaron Smith

We had a new website built in Los Angeles to generate roofing leads. We had our concerns but after the first month we could see we were generating better leads than our previous arrangement with Home Advisor. Highly recommend this company for any contractor looking for a steady supply of quality leads.

Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company

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Company Location

Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Videos from Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company

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Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company Q&A

Company Q&A

What makes a great website?

The areas that we consider make a great website are:
User Experience
On-Site Search Engine Optimization
Valuable Content

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What are your short and long term goals?
Most profitable products or service?
Why does your website deserve to be on the front page of Google Search?
How involved do you want to be with your digital marketing?
Are there any areas that we can help you be more effective in like social media?
Are you open to free digital marketing training from us?

Describe your creative process.

Our creative process looks like this:
Outline Scope of Project
Gather related content both written and graphic
Put together a rough draft or proof of concept
Get client feedback on project
Final audit by creative design team
Launch project and do social polls to further gather market research

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

Name of business
Goal of campaign
Website URL
Other web properties or contributing traffic channels that preexist
Defined expectation of our work

What do you love most about your job?

We love making an impact. Personally, I've worked with many clients who appreciate the hard work we do to bring them results. Nothing makes us happier than celebrating the wins with our clients.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I'd worked with many digital marketing companies over the last decade and none seemed to even want to be the best at what they did. Highly competitive I will not settle until we have given every single client the best digital marketing they could have within their budget.

Why should our clients choose you?

Because we are the best. We don't stop. We meet client expectations and go on to exceed them for every single client. From reviews, backlinks, citations, website design, pay per click campaigns and social media we stay current with the most successful strategies and retrain often. We offer a full service digital marketing team that consistently outperforms our own competition online. You will get the best digital marketing in the United States if you choose us.

Services provided by Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company


Local Search Engine Optimization

Clickflame is able to consistently drive powerful local rankings for your business. Search phrases like "best locksmith in Las Vegas" or "Long Beach Landscaper" will pull up too of our clients for this service. Grassland Landscape & Lawncare Silver State Locksmith Local search engine optimization can be a powerful way to grow your local business.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic seo is the process of getting your website to rank within the organic section of search engines. Oftentimes, these campaigns are done regardless of geographical location and are targeted to cover whole states, countries or internationally. Tactics we use include: -Backlinks -Content Marketing -Social Signals -Video SEO -Guest Posting - & More!

Pay Per Click Management

We fully manage pay per click campaigns and apply data science to your campaign data. With the right information we can improve almost any campaign in regards to click through rates and conversions.

Work history from Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company

Work History

Director of Strategic Marketing


From January 2015 to September 2016.

Hire, train, and manage the sales and marketing departments.


Clickflame | Best Local SEO Company

From September 2016 to present.

Directing the growth of an awesome advertising firm. With our expansion into several different verticals within the last year, we are excited to see what the future holds. Our recent efforts have been rewarded with excellent client retention and the creation of jobs with two new call centers as well as a full service moving company in Orange County.


Jolly Green Oil

The creation of the website and marketing of this web property. Currently it is the end of October of 2017 and they have received over 5k in sales within the first three weeks.

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