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Meredith McCormack

29 August 2019

I cannot say enough nice things about Charles and the Catering by LT staff. I meet with several caterers before I found Charles and Catering by LT and as soon as we spoke I knew we had to go with them. Charles goes above an beyond any other catering service. He worked with me on all the details, met with the venue on numerous occasions and made sure everything was perfect. All our guests raved about the food (especially the hummus). You cannot go wrong with Catering by LT! More...


Lee Manson

14 August 2019

Cheryl and her staff did a wonderful job catering an event at The Balcony on Church Street this weekend! Thank you!!



15 February 2019

We chose LT to cater our welcome party the night before our wedding and they were absolutely amazing. Charles, the director of catering, doesn't just make sure you have good food, he makes sure you have a good event (from timing, to linens, etc).


Hannah R F Hethmon

3 December 2018

Because I was planning my wedding from abroad, I picked them without tasting the food. My gamble paid off. There was about 2-3 more food than we could eat at the wedding (so the extended family ate well for days afterwards). We had their dips and appetizers and it was incredible. I would eat this food every day, but the display was so nice that it looked extremly elegant. They delivered on time and set it up really nicely. Highly recommend. More...


A D.

12 November 2018

Excellent food a vegetarians delightDeli style selection as opposed to sit-down is awesomeThe manager, Pedro, is tops.  I was late in arriving and he still had my food ready.  Thank you!


R T.

31 October 2018

I love the food here! Even if I were to remove the bias from my review (the love for Lebanese food), the market is cute and has a large variety of things. They have different kinds of rice and teas and even unique beer. I always take a look while waiting for my food. Parking is the only thing that isn't too great. It's usually full and the parking area is very confined and small. However, I've never had to wait long enough for a spot for it to annoy me. More...


Homayon K.

4 October 2018

I Love LT market. Great food and awesome staff! I'm a former employee and now a customer. The food is amazing, healthy and fresh. The staff are super friendly. You can purchase hummus, baba ghanough, tabulleh, avocado salad and much more by the weight. They offer a pretty cool wine selection as well as imported beers. Try the chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, falafel sandwich or their Mezza plater with some extra garlic sauce! Mouth wash in the bathroom so no worries! Check it out, I highly recommend this place! More...


Marian J.

16 September 2018

This review pertains to Catering by LT, which is Lebanese Taverna's catering arm, but I'll preface it by saying that I've never had a bad experience at any of the LT outposts (Pentagon City, Woodley Park, or the Market.) Catering by LT did our wedding this weekend and they were truly fantastic. Food was great but what really made an impression was the incredible service. We worked with the director of catering, Charles. He was responsive, listened to what we wanted, and took all the stress off of us by interfacing with the other vendors to make things run smoothly - our venue, our cake, our DJ, our florist, and our photographer. Exactly what we needed to make everything run smoothly and at a competitive price. If you need a caterer, hire Catering by LT! More...


Kenya Tucker

5 August 2018

This company is very professional and the food is outstanding!!!


Chantal Briere

25 July 2018

Eduardo catered our wedding a few years ago and did an outstanding job! I would recommend him to anybody if you wish to have a superb event with peace of mind.


John Bouras

25 July 2018

What do I think of catering by LT? That's like asking asking a lion how he/she likes raw meat. C'mon people, it's Lebanese Taverna. The food is awesome. The people are terrific. The atmosphere is transporting. And now they cater? It's a no-brainer (rhymes!) Can't wait to plan my next party... More...


Lamis K.

14 June 2018

A very convenient location to exit 66 after shopping Mediterranean Lebanese Food . Very friendly staff behind the food shelves counter . Daily special is tasty too and can be more varieties ... more demonstration of a mezze platter in a plate would be interesting too More...


Toya Webb

13 June 2018

CC’s Catering did a superb job for our wedding!. I cannot thank Mrs. Calhoun and her team enough!. The food was outstanding, and she keeps blessing me because it has been dinner for the past two nights �. You can always tell when someone is passionate about their work and it shows! Keep rocking CC’s Catering!! More...


Sharon Raine

1 May 2018

Nice catering service at a wedding I attended; the food was awesome #SaintLewis2Washinton


Paula S.

30 April 2018

I've been to the market twice at this point, to participate in cooking classes.  The classes are fun and the food is soo good.  The most recent class I took had falafel on the menu, which my brother loves.  I must say, after this class I'm now a fan of falafel.  The great thing is that they also give you the recipes for everything on the menu...the only thing is that the recipes aren't exactly complete, but pens are provided for you to write in notes.  The teacher also provides tips on knife skills and other cooking skills.  Also, as a tip, you can organize a private class if you have a group of 10 or more people. More...


Adriennia Lewis Washington

30 April 2018

My wedding was untouchable unbelievable spectacular so classy and creative CC's and her staff just did an amazing job. My husband and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else. We love you guys and thanks so much for making Our Day Rememberable. More...


DeAndre Brown

27 April 2018

Mrs. Sherri food is delicious and she is very professional


Shaunte King

2 April 2018

Awesome nothing less! Very professional! I loved everything at my wedding! From the fruit and cheese display for cocktail hour to the bartender and that amazing sweets table I loved everything � I would definitely recommend to any one!!! Mrs. CC played a big part in making my wedding nothing less than amazing More...


Rafael Hernandez

28 January 2018

Beef Shawarma and Falafel sandwich was great. Excellent option to eat at DBA airport. Was afraid of customer services because previous reviews but customer service was great, quick.


Rob H.

15 January 2018

Lebanese Taverna Market is one of my favorite places to go for lunch in Arlington. I usually get a Chicken Shawarma platter which comes with two sides. I like getting the rice and hummus as my two sides. The Shawarma is always amazing, and the hummus is so good it makes grocery store hummus seem flavorless. The cheese Fatayers and Grape Leaves are also some of my favorites from the deli counter. The market is also great if you need to bring an appetizer to a party. They sell their hummus in plastic jars along with pita and crackers. I've had the Tahini, Baba Ghanoush, Spicy Hummus and regular Hummus. The Spicy Hummus is definitely my favorite of the four. People are always excited when I tell them I'm going to stop by Lebanese Taverna Market to pick up appetizers before a gathering. More...


Nanda Morris

14 January 2018

What can I say! Professional, top quality and always puts out an elegant display. You nor your guests will be disappointed when you choose CC's ��


R Lytle

11 January 2018

Excellent for middle eastern style Tapas and drinks! Good dinner options as well. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly helpful wait staff. I have had better middle eastern food, however, the overall experience was quite enjoyable. The beef and lamb sliders and the artichokes were particularly delicious! More...


Tsuru J.

17 September 2017

I have been to the actual Tavernas a few times and this is a very different experience. It's like a deli and there are some interesting choices. If you are vegetarian, there is some option to get a plate at like $10.99 per lb but when things are like $7.99 per lb max you are just better off getting two or three things in small containers anyway. The mousaka (which is nothing like the Greek version- at all) is amazing. So is the arnabeet (cauliflower). I got an arnabeet pita because we were with a friend on a plant based diet with whom I wanted to share and I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. The stuffed grape leaves were great too. This is definitely worth a stop to stock up on a bunch of great Lebanese deli items. The staff are friendly (ish) and the prices are pretty good for the quality you get. More...


Terese Lea White

16 August 2017

Ms. CC did my wedding 2 months ago & people are still raving about how good the food was! She was also very sweet & professional. I am my parents only daughter so they were very overwhelmed w/ the idea of planning my "fairytale" wedding, but w/ the help of Ms. CC & Derrick Griffin, it was truly a dream come true! I would 100% recommend CC's Classic Catering for any event! �� More...


Kelly Johnson

9 August 2017

CC's Classic Catering did an amazing job catering my friend's wedding this past weekend! The food was absolutely some of best food I've ever had, especially at a wedding. From the mouth-watering lamb chops to the delicious crawfish orchid rice to the delicious sweet potatoes with praline sauce, Mrs. Calhoun definitely showed that she knows what she's doing! I HIGHLY recommend anyone who's looking for a catering service in Mobile, AL or the surrounding areas to use CC's Classic Catering. Can't wait to visit Mobile again just to eat some of her food! More...


Lexy L.

14 July 2017

I love the food here soooooo much!!! I love the chicken shawarma, the lentils,  the fava beans and the baklava of course. The workers are the best. Their food is healthy and tasty and the atmosphere is great! I love going here when i'm in the area. More...



30 June 2017

We had our rehearsal dinner at the Pentagon Row Lebanese Taverna and it was a real delight. The food was delicious and there was something for everyone in our large and diverse group (including children, older people, international visitors and picky eaters).

Everyone loved the food and there were lots of compliments from our out-of-town guests who hadn't eaten there before (and from one of our wedding party who had her own rehearsal dinner there ten years earlier!). Very reasonably priced for what you get and we couldn't believe how much food there was! Fortunately we had some teenage boy guests there to take home the leftovers. Although we were in the main restaurant space we felt like we had a sense of privacy and didn't feel at all rushed or hurried, it was very relaxed.

Alex from the Group & Private Dining team was extremely helpful in tailoring our menu and sorting out all the details (at quite late notice - we had left this to the last minute to organize) and all the staff on the night were great. Overall it was a lovely experience and we were so happy with our choice. Will definitely be returning!


Jenny D.

27 June 2017

The food is so good!  Their hummus and garlic sauce are the BEST I've had.  They also have a great deal on their rotisserie chicken.


phoenix t.

10 June 2017

Delicious middle eastern food and reasonable prices. Their hummus is out of this world!


D. R.

14 May 2017

The Baskin Robbins of nutritious dishes.  Pick you dish; any dish; any size.  Take it home!  Comes in convenient containers for refridgeration: eat some now and save some for later!  I love this place!  A roller coaster for my taste buds!  A true culinary adventure! More...


Carolyn C.

10 May 2017

Stopped in for a quick lunch - had a selection of appetizers for a reasonable price. Was delicious - Had to buy some to bring home. Will return.


Molly R.

8 May 2017

Stopped in here hoping it would be a fast version of the pentagon row restaurant. It isn't, but it also is good in its own way. I was hoping they would sell their fantastic bread for take home, I didn't see it.. but they had bread from the wooden bakery, (now that's another review) the bean salad is wonderful. Falafel pita.. generally good. It doesn't come with salad on it like the restaurant, but they use a small pita.. not a wrap. So there is no room. Still good. Husband wasn't to thrilled. He ordered the Shawarma. Just know.. it's fast, it's a deli version. It's not the same. It is good if you don't compare. More...


Catherine M.

28 December 2016

This place rocks!! I've always been a fan of the sit down restaurants but was excited I could still get some of my favorite items at the market. While they may not have all my favorites, their chicken swarma salad was amazing and fresh and their lentil soup was to die for! I got some spicy hommos and baba ganoush to take home and the hommos was a hit. It was a different spiciness I've never experienced in a hummus. I will definitely be sure to make this my to go spot. More...


Angela Clark Hall

26 November 2016

Another great presentation from CC's at the Magan Crum-Sanders Wedding. Food was delicious, service impeccable and your staff was professional yet personable. Excellence! Congrats to Magan and Anthony Sanders. Thanks go out to CC's. More...


Layla Hatchell

3 September 2016

CC's catered my daughters wedding last month and they were absolutely wonderful! Everyone was still raving about the food days later. They were so great I had to get on my other daughter's Facebook and write a positive review. This mother highly recommends them!-Sonjia Hatchell More...


Tom F.

6 August 2016

This is one of my favorite places for take out.  I love the shawarma sandwiches and the garlic sauce.It was a sad day when I moved from Arlington and this place fell out of my regular rotation.



26 July 2016

Catering by LT was delicious and I highly recommend them. They are very reasonable priced, worked smoothly with both Select Rentals and our wedding planner and the food was delicious. Shawna was great to work with and was very accommodating to a few guests with very unique food requirements. They were wonderful. Everyone kept telling us they appreciate good interesting food instead of boring dry chicken! More...


Yasmin U.

19 July 2016

Always fresh and tastes great! A little expensive but worth it after a long day. My kids love LT market night. Give them a try tonight!



14 July 2016

I'm a wedding planner, and Catering by LT catered one of my recent weddings. They were wonderful! Working with Shawna was easy from start to finish, she was beyond helpful, and the food! Wow. So delicious. The guests loved it too! I can't wait to have another wedding with Shawna and the Catering by LT team. More...



6 June 2016

The LT rep we worked with was helpful, generous, flexible, and the perfect mix of personable and professional. Everything came together wonderfully for our reception -- we got many compliments on the food and the space was decorated just as I had hoped. The other LT reception staff were very kind and helpful. More...


Kirsten P.

26 May 2016

The food there is amazing, I would eat there everyday if I could. However $8 for a sandwich is a bit much for a college student's budget, nevertheless it is totally worth it. The staff there if really nice and remembers you even if you haven't stopped by in a while. Definitely recommend this place for a quick lunch or dinner idea. The parking lot fills up fast at certain times, I normally go in the late afternoon and I've always gotten a spot. More...


Morgan S.

19 May 2016

This place is great. I live right across the street and love the convenience. I always get the chicken shawarma with extra garlic sauce on the side. It's awesome, but it'll leave your breath smelling raunchy after you eat it. Worth every bite. They also have really great spicy hommos here that's the perfect mixture of hummus and spice. It's great to come here and grab food real quick if you're in a hurry. The parking lot can be a little difficult, but hey, at least it has parking. 10/10 recommend. More...


Steve A.

29 April 2016

Really liked this place.  The food was very well done.  They also deliver when in a pinch.  Was able to feed my team during after hours work.



18 February 2016

Ours was not a wedding -- but we were exceptionally pleased with the job that Catering by LT did for a birthday party at our home for 50 people.

First, the food was amazing – everyone loved it! There was something all of our guests could enjoy, including vegetarians and vegans, picky eaters who don’t like anything spicy or unusual, and people with allergies to nuts, eggs and gluten.

Second, staff members Oscar and Silvia were incredibly professional, efficient, warm and welcoming. They arrived right on time, set everything up beautifully, made sure everyone got what they wanted to eat and drink, cleared away plates and cups, refilled serving platters, and left the place spotless at the end. They were just the right combination of being available and being unobtrusive. And just lovely people to deal with.

Finally, Krystyn in the sales office made everything quick and easy. She offered great suggestions, responded to all our requests in a timely manner, and ensured that all the details were taken care of.

We loved using Catering by LT and would definitely hire them again!


Becky T.

19 January 2016

This is my favorite Leb Taverna location. I love the market set up, it's a great place to shop for Lebanese food to take home! I would say this is much more of a take out location if you do order food here, although they do have seating available. The parking lot is a bit of a pain. More...



2 January 2016

Lebanese Taverna catered our wedding in September and we can’t say enough about how great the experience was from start to finish. The restaurant was already a family favorite, and after a tasting (which they set up on a holiday weekend when we were in town) we were convinced they were the right choice for us. The team there, particularly Toni, who was our point of contact, were incredibly responsive, diligent, thoughtful and patient throughout the planning process. We took advantage of their full-service options, and they helped us think through everything from where to set up a bar to how many portions of various dishes to get for our buffet-style meal. Our (many!) questions were answered quickly and thoughtfully, both by email and through phone calls that they were happy to set up throughout the planning process. We were able to have an in-person consultation which was extremely helpful.

For delivery, set-up and pick up their team was on time to the minute, and were a pleasure to work with. The table settings and other setup was precisely what we’d envisioned and discussed.

And the food itself was fabulous. We were told my more than one guest that it was the best food they’d ever had at a wedding, and we agree! It was beautifully displayed and absolutely delicious.

We felt very lucky to work with LT and recommend them very enthusiastically!


Skar K.

2 January 2016

My partner and I randomly decided to check out this place while on a trip to the suburbs (we live in DC). I am blown away at how AMAZING the food was. I couldn't decide what to get so went for the mezze platter and got some bulgar pilaf, couscous, m'saka, loubieh, and shakshouky. Everything was delicious. In fact, so delicious that I got all the same items to go because I'm not sure I can wait until the next trip back there :) My partner got the lamb kebab sandwich and said "it's out of this world". We'll definitely be returning! More...



22 December 2015

I'd eaten at Lebanese Taverna restaurants before so when I saw them listed as an approved caterer for our venue, they were the first group I contacted. When my fiance and I went for a tasting at the Lebanese Taverna bakery we knew this was it. They gave us a ton of food to try and it was all amazing and on top of that sent us home with a lot of delicious baklava. Toni was great through the entire process and brought on Aubrey for the venue walk-through and day-of coordinating. The food was amazing, everything looked great and Aubrey and Toni made sure everything went smoothly the day of and were so patient when we had some technical difficulties getting the final payment to them! These guys were all truly wonderful and our big day would not have been the perfect day it was without them. I would highly recommend them! More...



3 November 2015

UNBELIEVABLE! Shawna and her team were beyond amazing. They went out of their way to make sure that we got the food we wanted (especially their artichoke appetizer) and the food was phenomenal. People ate so much food from LT that they barely ate our late night snack! From the day we met with Shawna, we knew she was "the one"! Cannot recommend enough! More...



2 November 2015

As mother of the bride, I appreciated Shawna’s professionalism, sound advice, & warm support throughout entire time of wedding planning. Even with our delays in decisions,, she was always understanding & helpful. She was flexible & responsive to requests for changes & for special dietary needs of guests. She fulfilled the wishes of bride & groom for a Peruvian menu (a great success!). The wedding luncheon was served buffet style & was beautifully presented, with menu & cards describing the wonderful variety of dishes. Many, many guests complimented us on the delicious food.
Always positive, Shawna supported us through a change in reception venue only a month before the wedding. She was up to any challenge & ready to make things turn out as the bride & groom hoped.
Shawna was both creative & practical with her ideas & advice. She presented lovely options for linens -- perfect for the venue & my daughter’s color preferences. She arranged for any needed special equipment & furniture, including high chairs & booster seats. Catering by LT also provided the wine, beer, a varied selection of non-alcoholic beverages, plus champagne & sparkling cider for toasts.
Toni joined us the week before wedding & gave us great support. I don’t know what we would have done without her! There were things that just wouldn’t have gotten done without her creativity & hard work. She was an important presence at Church on day of ceremony: getting us all to the right rooms, pinning on flowers, encouraging us , helping with photos, & more. Toni & Shawna dealt with DJ & other vendors & made sure that everything went smoothly for reception. There were many thoughtful & generous special touches made by Catering by LT
Servers & other staff were terrific & an important part of the smooth flow & enjoyment of reception.
Shawna is a lovely, very special & very capable person & did so much to make wedding dreams come true. Many thanks to her, Toni, & all the staff of Catering by LT!



25 October 2015

Shawna Bates was our point of contact with LT and she was absolutely amazing. She re-worked our proposal about 17x for all of our little adjustments without ever making us feel bad about the requests, and even provided a free hor d'ourve for our cocktail hour. She also helped us figure out how to cut corners here and there to bring the price within our budget, from hunting down very nice looking compostable disposable tableware items, to giving us tips on where/when we could buy things cheaper on-line than rent them. She was a font of useful information about how to appropriately time out the events of our wedding day, and made sure that we ate on the night of the event. She was an absolutely lovely person. Oh yes, and the food? More than 10 guests told us it was the best food that they had ever had at a wedding. We ended up deciding to have the salmon because of the rave reviews online, but otherwise we had a buffet that was a vegetarian dream: unbelievably tasty rice with lentils, eggplant, salad, you name it. All the catering staff were professional and kind - they even hunted down safety pins for us when I had a dress malfunction! I would recommend their service to anyone. More...



21 October 2015

The food was delicious, and both Erica and Toni helped me with a plan for day-of coordination. I grew up going to LT Market and was very excited to have Lebanese food at our wedding. Thanks to the great staff!



13 October 2015

WOW! Let me start off by saying, I have worked in restaurants and have a small personal chef business so I know what goes into an event. Shawna met with me and my now husband to set up a tasting, discuss different options, and was extremely positive and professional. I had some very specific asks (because I love food so much) and they were met with a smile and her team doing whatever they could to accommodate. We are a couple on a budget and Shawna was able to make some suggestions to help meet us where we were. The food was excellent and LT has some great dishes for meat eaters (whole lamb and shrimp kabobs) and vegetarians (stuffed vegetables and m'saka). My only regret is that I missed the hummus bar because I was taking pictures!
The space where we were married was an old barn with one sink and they made magic happen there. I forgot an ingredient for one of our signature cocktails and without one second hesitation, she turned around and whipped up a replacement. Her staff were extremely professional and left the space spotless.
I cannot recommend catering by LT enough to any couple looking for an outstanding experience.



12 October 2015

Oh my God, what a phenomenal experience. Toni was incredibly responsive, answering every silly question I had and helping me make decisions. We were a little panicked when the crew arrived, but they immediately started putting everything together and making decisions. They were flexible with my requests and had a lot of good ideas. We loved that because they took care of the food/drink setup, serving, plate-clearing and tidying, we were able to focus on our wedding and our guests. Guests raved about the food, and the bar was well tended. Truly worth every single penny we spent. Thank you all so much!! More...



14 July 2015

Oscar and his staff were extraordinary. As soon as they arrived and took over from us novices our stress levels melted away. We were able to relax and enjoy the event without wondering if things were being set up and organized properly. They were a special crew.

The food was delicious. The food was plentiful and just great. So many compliments were heard during the evening and the following day.




13 July 2015

Just a quick not to thank you for a superb catering crew and a fabulous reception meal. Oscar and his staff were extraordinary. As soon as they arrived and took over from us novices our stress levels melted away. We were able to relax and enjoy the event without wondering if things were being set up and organized properly. You have a special crew.

The food was delicious. It helps that I love Lebanese and happen to like Lebanese Taverna very much anyway. The food was plentiful and just great. So many compliments were heard during the evening and the following day.



5 July 2015

LT catered our large rehearsal party the night before our son's wedding, and it was a great experience. We were planning this from out-of-town, and Shawna made it a breeze. She provided suggested menus and was completely flexible with making changes and substitutions. The food was wonderful. Shawna coordinated all our needs - linens, extra chairs, etc. and understood the kind of dinner we wanted. Her proposals were much more comprehensive and specific compared to other caterers we contacted. Everything was taken care of so we could enjoy the party. I recommend LT Catering with no hesitation! More...


Melanie N.

22 June 2015

How lucky am I to have such a fantastic place so close to me. The food is always fresh, interesting and delicious and Mousef Abutaa and his team make you feel like you are one of the family whether you are there once a year or once a week.


Bob M.

21 June 2015

Here's the deal. I am a DC native and lover of all ethnic cuisine, Middle Eastern, in particular. Trust me, when I say there is no dearth of Good, solid choices in that category. Lebanese Taverna market is the only one you should ever consider. Any of them. Arlington location is my favorite. In college, I voluntarily took a class at a satellite campus, just so I could get my beef Shawarma two nights a week. You can imagine my sadness that upon graduation, I left the area. I've only been a couple times since Then. Today, we got to visit while in DC and was so very happy to find them open on a Sunday!!!. We loaded up on hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Cheese fataya, Tahini, Taboulah and baklava. Brought a cooler and brought it all home. My beef shawarma was amazing. The tahini was perfect. Nice selection of international beers, tea and soda, spices and candy, It's the very best. You haven't lived until you've had a beef Schwarma. No lie. I once drove all the way from Dulles to Arlington and then back out to Haymarket bc I was only in town a day and had to have it. It's my favorite meal in DC hands down. More...



17 June 2015

Lebanese Taverna provided DELICIOUS food for our wedding. After eating bad "chicken or fish" at other weddings, we desperately wanted something that tasted good! We called 8 of the "big name" DC caterers and were turned off by price and attitude. LT wasn't on the approved caterer list for our venue but LT did the work to make sure they got approved.

They put together a great buffet that pleased the vegetarians, vegans, gluten-avoiders, and meat lovers. They handled the rentals, helped out with some of the decor, helped us find an alcohol vendor, served strong drinks, and were accommodating to our many revisions to the menu throughout the process. Erica was a joy to work with!

Bottom line--they're real professionals, the food is delicious, and it was half the cost of a big name DC caterer.



17 June 2015

We had a casual, pool-side welcome the night before our wedding. Catering by LT provided passed appetizers and a hummus bar. Both were incredibly tasty and created a perfect atmosphere for the event. Thank you!! More...



28 May 2015

We were very pleased with your catering. Many of the guests commented on how seamless everything seemed, and the food was absolutely delicious. Thanks for contributing so significantly to one of the most beautiful days of our lives! More...


Tanya S.

8 April 2015

Was looking for a specific spice for a new recipe.  Lebanese Taverna did not have it, but Yusef called another local market, checked to ensure they had the right spice and made sure that the market owner was ready to take care of me when I arrived.  Yusef and the other folks at Lebanese Taverna were interested in making sure I got what I needed, not just making a sale!  Great experience...oh and the food is great too! More...


Molly G.

28 February 2015

Where do I begin?  I'd crawl over glass for their hommos!  Kibbeh is amazing and Shwarma is fresh and delicious!  Go now!!


Julie C.

27 February 2015

We attended the cooking class and definitely recommend it. It started with heavy appetizers and Lebanese wine. We did some light chopping and preparing for several of the dishes but the heavy lifting was done by the instructor, which was fine by me. There was lots of interaction, and he was not only incredibly patient with all our questions but really welcomed them. After the class, we went upstairs and enjoyed a group sit down meal of everything we made. They were VERY hospitable.  There was also a 15% discount after the class for anything we purchased at the market.  All in all, it made for a fun evening. More...


Gina J.

3 February 2015

Great little casual spot for a good, fresh, meal.Stopped in for dinner right after work. We got the chicken schawarma bowl and chicken kabob plate w/hoummus and salad. We also got a side of veggie soup. Everything was delicious. Service was also fast and friendly! Seemed like a great place to pick up a few items for dinner, decent selection of wines, pita, cheeses, sides, etc. More...



13 January 2015

Eduardo and the crew from Lebanese Taverna were wonderful - they made our wedding celebration for 110 people (at our house) very smooth for us. We had a great time with our family and friends and the food was delicious and beautifully presented. The bar tending was awesome and the clean up was very clean and tidy. More...


Eleanor C.

29 November 2014

The chicken shawarma and the falafel and both incredible here. The chicken shawarma is garlicky and perfect. The falafel are nice and crispy on the outside and very flavorful. You can also pick up a lot of other things, including Middle Eastern cheeses and bread and pastries, as well as prepared food like dolma and hummus and tabbouleh. The place is for carry out but has tables to sit at if you want to eat there. It's a little pricy but it's definitely worth it. More...



25 November 2014

My husband and I were so happy to have Lebanese Taverna cater our wedding. Eduardo and the team at LT were terrific and flexible in helping us plan our event and ensure that everything went smooth on the day of the wedding. They also ensured that we had options for our gluten-free and vegetarian guests.

Our wedding included the ceremony followed by a cocktail / buffet reception for about 120 people. The food tasted wonderful and looked beautiful. We continue to get compliments on the catering -- a few months post-event!

I would not hesitate to recommend Lebanese Taverna for a wedding - or any other catered event.

Thank you so much, Lebanese Taverna!!



17 November 2014

I would strongly like to recommend Catering by LT - A Division of Lebanese Taverna to anyone looking for a competent, reliable, and reasonably priced catering service.

In October 2014, we hired Eduardo Carrasco and his team from Catering by LT for a wedding party with 85 guests. The party was held at a private home, and LT prepared and served food and ran a bar service.

No small thanks to Eduardo and his team, everything went absolutely perfect. Early on in the week, we had a productive meeting at the location, where Eduardo made numerous excellent suggestions, playing out his long-term experience. At the day of the event, Eduardo and his team showed up early, diligently prepared the event space and were prepared for every eventuality.

During the event, the catering team was everywhere they were needed, but never in your way. I was deeply impressed by the level of professionalism; the team was responsive, discreet, courteous, and humorous. Eduardo and his team took care any problem preemptively, such that we as hosts were not confronted with them, and did not have to bother. That way we could focus on having a good time, knowing that Eduardo and his team were taking care of the logistics. Needless to say, the food was excellent and plentiful.

I can whole-heatedly recommend Catering by LT for any type of event, and would not hesitate a second to hire them again soon.



23 October 2014

My now-husband and I have major food intolerances, and Lebanese Taverna was very willing to work with us so that we could both eat almost everything on our menu. The staff is very personable, and they did a great job day-of. More...



21 October 2014

Lebanese Taverna provided the catering, along with all the linens and such for our wedding. The food was absolutely amazing. We had dinner buffet style and the food was of great quality and the staff did a great job managing the tables so there was never a long line. Everything was extremely affordable. The best part was our event coordinator, Erica. She was professional, organized and assured everything that day ran like clockwork, including coordinating with other vendors and making sure we ate. The whole experience was outstanding and allowed me to relax and enjoy our day. More...



15 September 2014

The entire Catering by LT team, expertly led by Shawna Bates, was simply exceptional. Shawna was a true joy to work with, full of creative ideas and responsive to every question or concern. The evening went off without a single hitch. The food was spectacular. The service was flawless. Weeks later our guests are still talking about what a fabulous job our caterers did. We will be forever grateful for their tireless efforts, which they magically made look easy. Shawna personally oversaw every last detail; her professionalism, optimism, confidence and competence ensured that we had a truly unforgettable - indeed epic - night of joy and celebration! More...


Kj Robinson

4 September 2014

I was very impressed she delivered the bride request for hog head cheese!!!!!!!



21 August 2014

Erica was amazing to work with for our wedding reception! She was extremely fastidious, professional, and personable. She was so attentive and detail-oriented - really able to anticipate our needs and think of solutions for issues we hadn't even considered. We didn't have a traditional wedding reception and needed someone who could be flexible enough to adjust to our unique event. She really was able to offer us individualized options instead of just a one size all approach. Everything was fantastic, highly recommend her! More...


Meryl G.

10 July 2014

I really loved coming here for lunch! The chicken shawarma sandwich was delicious and filling. The tabbouleh is some of the best I've had, anywhere. I enjoyed the grape leaves as well. I would definitely come back here again if in the area. I also enjoyed the sunny glass window seating. More...


Holly B.

17 June 2014

I have been going here for years and the food is consistently delicious! There are so many options that it can be a little overwhelming your first time.  Most everything is priced by pound so you get as much or as little of something. The line can get very long during the dinner hour but they are pretty good about keeping it moving. The parking lot can be tricky but I can always find a spot. More...


c c.

6 May 2014

I had a major hankering for take-out arabic cuisine and I also wanted to stock up on a few ingredients to cook with at home.  It has been a while since i visited the LT Market, so I thought I'd check it out on Yelp first to see what the latest recommendations have been like. I was a bit concerned due to mixed reviews on the sandwiches (some ppl raved about it and others complained about it), and I found a consistent theme about grumpy and rude staff members at this place, which made me think twice about going. But in the end, I opted to just go because my cravings were intense, I needed some hummus and labneh from the deli, za'atar and some pomegranate molasses.  Furthermore, the location is convenient. I agree with the reviewers about the awkward angular parking lot, but as long as you don't go at peak hours, it's tolerable. As for the staff, I was pleasantly surprised that no one was grumpy at all.  Perhaps I went on a day when all of the happy people were working.  The lady behind the counter was friendly and helpful, she gave me generous samples to try, and the other workers in the store gave me advice on which brands to choose, and someone in the aisle even gave me some cooking advice.  I found all the ingredients that I was looking for.  I read on some reviews that the prices here are not as cheap as other ethnic markets, but quite frankly, I still found the prices for spices to be much better than buying them at whole foods or even the regular super market. As for the sandwich debates that I saw among other Yelpers, the chicken schwarma was not dry like others complained about, and the bread is super soft and yummy, but there was some over-powering spice in the chicken that was too distracting for me.  All in all, this was a positive experience for me.  With the convenience factor, and their hummus and labneh from the deli, this place will definitely keep me coming back. More...



24 April 2014

Shawna was amazing, very professional and flexible, great food, helped out with our own desserts and were able to serve our own alcohol. reasonably priced. Staff was also very fats and experienced. More...



6 March 2014

There are simply not enough kind words I can say about Lebanese Taverna, especially about the manager, Shawna. My husband and I are both Lebanese and were nervous about finding authentic Lebanese food in buffet form to serve our families. Though it is usually difficult making Lebanese food at a high quality for large groups of people (such tedious care goes into every dish especially tebooleh) the food we had at our wedding was flawless. In addition, we had some guests allergic to gluten at our wedding and Shawna and LT accommodated them by placing gluten free versions of all of the food on their table. Thank you Shawna and LT for making our wedding one to remember!!! More...


Gina C.

2 March 2014

I always start with the hummus special that includes hummus ground lamb and pine nuts with oil. Very healthy and delicious and a great way to enjoy the fabulous fresh bread, wheat or white warm from the oven. There are few places to get an authentic shawarma so that is my staple here, and it's the best you'll find this side of the planet! The baklava is very sweet and too generous for me alone but good to share for a finishing touch. Service can be slow during a busy lunch so allow more time to enjoy it. More...


R H.

18 January 2014

Best place to buy Lebanese wine and nice hookas. The price is cheaper than other shops in the US especially for good Lebanese wine. I also got the goat feta cheese which was super tasty and not very expensive either. More...



13 October 2013

We had Lebanese Taverna at a friend's wedding (and loved the food) so when we were planning our wedding, they were on top of our list. The food was again wonderful and everyone raved about it that day. They make ordering simple and had many vegetarian/fish options (we didn't have meat at our wedding). Their recommendations for food amounts were perfect and many people went back for seconds and thirds. Our guests really liked the hummus bar, which was served in individual cups that you could add toppings to. The salmon was a huge hit (we got multiple comments the day of the wedding). They also provided a bartender and equipment and they were great. Everyone from Lebanese Taverna was professional, efficient, and friendly. The cost was great for the food and service provided and a huge plus is that they didn't charge us a cake cutting fee. We loved their food before and we love them even more now. More...


Kashif I.

23 September 2013

I used to live in Fairfax, I went there about 2x a month for their delicious beef shwarma!  I considered it as the BEST Shwarma in town!  The atmosphere was amazing! It is family owned!  Their prices are reasonable!  Just FYI that their parking lot is pretty limited so it depends on the time you go there and be prepared.  Shwarma More...



20 August 2013

Couldn't be happier with the food and service provided by Lebanese Taverna. Shawna was incredibly responsive, supportive, helpful, kind, and wonderful wonderful to work with. The food was not only delicious - it was unique, and all of our guests said they were so glad to not just have the regular old stuff you get at every wedding. I am so glad I went with Lebanese Taverna!!! More...


Ryan W.

12 August 2013

I like LTM.  Great Lebanese food of quality similar to that in their restaurant locations.  They have a number of other foodstuffs for sale as well, though some are unique and some not-so-much (Nutella, anyone?)  LTM is also a little pricey.  My only other beef is they don't have the correct oven to bake their excellent puffy, pita-style bread like the restaurants, so you have to settle for "store bought" pita.  Still, it's a go-to place for dinner takeout for our family. More...


Alex K.

7 August 2013

Always terrific service and delicious food. They catered my wedding in July, and we couldn't have asked for more! All the guests commented on how great it was to have a choice besides rubbery chicken, and they were super easy to work with. Would recommend it to all my friends. More...


Elle E.

8 July 2013

I highly recommend them for catering or for a quick meal.  You can find me stopping by on a regular basis for baklava, meat-stuffed grape leaves, baba gnouch, olives, taramasalta, fresh pita, and dried banana chips.


Nicole W.

21 June 2013

Love this place... The staff is very friendly and they sell a variety of goods that are usually hard to find. Their deli counter has convinced me to give up trying to make the food myself because it is affordable and absolutely delicious!


Sharon O.

16 March 2013

Great place to come for a casual lunch.  Take home food for dinner or tasty apps for a party.


Donald C.

16 January 2013

My family and I highly recommend the cooking class here.  We took the class as a group, picked out our own menu and participated in its preparation.   Had complimentary appetizers and wine, then ate the (delicious) meal we had prepared, and took leftovers (and recipes) home.  Chef was great and we learned a lot.  Great fun and a good value More...


Ray C.

22 October 2012

I used to live in Fairfax, I went there about 2x a month for their delicious beef shwarma!  I considered it as the BEST Shwarma in town!  The atmosphere was amazing! It is family owned!  Their prices are reasonable!  Just FYI that their parking lot is pretty limited so it depends on the time you go there and be prepared.  Shwarma RULZ! More...


Joey K.

13 September 2012

Amazing place for a great price. I had the Chicken Shwarma, my wife had the Lamb Kebab. First, I would highly recommend getting the platter, because the salad is fantastic. That salad dressing is so delicious... And YES, they do sell just the dressing. But the shwarma and pita were fantastic. Two platters came to just under $20. A great deal! More...


S P.

28 August 2012

To those who recommended getting just about anything and adding extra garlic sauce, I thank you.  Everything I've had here has been quality and the atmosphere is charming (although there ain't that much seating).It's a nice little market-style place, of course, and as usual, you can be easily deceived when ordering food by the pound. More...


Howard R.

13 August 2012

High quality service and food.  Consistently excellent.


Alexander C.

17 June 2012

Need a Middle Eastern feast on the cheap?  Go here.Lebanese Taverna Market rocks.  Simply put, they have the best variety of prepared vegan-friendly Mediterranean food in the Arlington, VA area.  Go in, grab a ticket, pick what you want and be on your way.  Their Falafel is far from awful, their hummus is delish and the selection of salads and other assorted staple foods is quite impressive.  Sometimes the staff can be a bit ... well not as friendly as they should be to customers.  The wait can be bad at peak hours (see: lunch), too.  Other than that I think this place is worth checking out. More...



9 June 2012

Lebanese Taverna was an awesome caterer. Colleen was so easy to work with and she helped us get our budget under control for a wedding of about 90 people. Because we provided our own alcohol and beverages, we saved a ton of money and were able to have the open bar we wanted. Lebanese Taverna provided the bartender, ice, and equipment and we were good to go!

And the food! Oh my. We had a summer outdoor wedding, and the food was excellent- delicious, refreshing in the humid DC weather, and beautifully presented. One of the staff members made beautiful designs on the hummus, for example. It was so pretty I felt bad scooping some up.

The groom and some of the guests were vegetarian, so the fact that Lebanese Taverna has such a wide variety of veggie-friendly food was also appreciated. We never felt like the vegetarian options were an afterthought.

Overall, I would highly recommend Lebanese Taverna to other brides. Especially if you don't want to have the same chicken or fish dinner options that you always see at weddings, and you don't want to have a crazy catering budget.


Mohanad B.

28 March 2012

After craving for some shawarma and falafel , I came here with my wife to try this place . And maaaan , we were not disappointed :)The falafel tastes excellent , just like back home in Saudi ... Flavor is amazing .The sandwich is filled with falafel , tomatoes , reddish , humus and MINT .. Yes Mint  !! The kicker and perfect complement :)The chicken shawarma tasted excellent as well , juicy tender and flavorful ... Combined with lettuce,tomatoes,garlic paste ... One of the best if not the best shawarmas we ever tasted here in VA The pita itself is on the thicker side but tasty ... I would have preferred if it was a bit thinner ... That's my only observationYummmmmyyyyy goodinesssssssss :D More...


Caroline f.

27 February 2012

This is an incredibly convenient kind of place to have in the neighborhood with great to-go options.  There's a variety of delicious counter selections; this last time I got chicken shawarma, stuffed grape leaves, pita, baba ganoush, some tasty fried cauliflower that I ate immediately in the car despite my best intentions, and tabbouli.  I was having people over that night and felt very pleased with myself for having come up with an easy alternative to cooking - and all of my guests seemed very satisfied, with both the grape leaves and the tabbouli getting rave reviews.  Also, one of my guests was vegan and I was very impressed by the range of selection that adhered to her dietary restrictions.  In general I love lebanese cuisine - it is very tasty and seems relatively healthy.  In addition to the counter selection, there are some imported packaged foods and wine, but to my mind that is not really the allure of the place.  Service is friendly, patient, and helpful. More...


Lindsay D.

10 February 2012

Love this deli! Delicious food, it's a must go. Their prices are high, but worth it.


Joanne M.

30 January 2012

My sisters threw me a surprise birthday dinner here this past weekend (the biggest surprise being that my birthday isn't for another week) and it was delicioussss.  I'm getting hungry again just thinking about what I'm about to write in this review.First, because this matters to me, this restaurant has a great atmosphere whether you're coming on a date, in a small group, or for a large group dinner.  The decor is so warm & pretty - makes for a great dining experience (I've only been to the Bethesda location, haven't checked out the one in Woodley Park). Not sure if this was bc it was Restaurant Week or because we were in a large group, but we ordered from a group menu that had a set price per person and everything came out family style.  We got the Rotisserie option ($23/person), which included hummus, something wrapped in grape leaves (this was the one thing I wasn't a fan of), chicken and beef shawarma, fried lamb meatballs, eggplant, and more deliciousness that I can't even remember/would butcher the name of if I tried.Everything was so good but my favorite of the night was the fried lamb meatballs - this is a big statement coming from me considering I don't really like lamb and will usually try to avoid it if I can.  They were crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, and came with a delicious white sauce (sour cream based maybe?) that complemented it perfectly.  You could taste the lamb but it wasn't too strong at all.The chicken & beef shawarma was also pretty good - the beef was a liittle bit dry but still yummy.  It came with this thick garlicy sauce that even garlic lovers should beware of... it is delicious, but seriously like eating a clove of garlic straight.  Non-garlic lovers, do not get confused and think it is butter!!!  Use in moderation and maybe rinse with the mouthwash they provide in the bathroom afterward.  You can thank me later when your date/everyone in your vicinity doesn't cower every time you open your mouth to talk.My sisters' favorite was the eggplant, and the hummus went so quick we hardly even knew it came, except for the delicious garlicky aftertaste in our mouths... Hungry again just thinking about it.The price is reasonable, esp compared to other places like Zaytinya (not knocking Zaytinya - I had my bday dinner there last year), and the quality of food is comparable.  As my 4 star rating suggests, Yay! I'm a fan. More...


Andrea N.

7 November 2011

I love this place, and have been going there for years. A great place to grab a quick bite, or to take home a selection of delicious things for lunch/dinner. I often take my 2 kids with me (aged 2 1/2 and 8 months) and the staff is very helpful as I navigate my way through the store with the little ones. The dining area is also pretty kid-friendly, and it's easy to make a quick exit in the event of a meltdown. I also like the fact that there are often a few samples of food out for you to try as you wait your turn at the deli counter. More...


Scott G.

25 August 2011

Used to go here all the time for lunch when I worked in Arlington. When I come back home from Los Angeles, I frequently stop by.LOVE the beef shawarma.Grab some kibbeh and fatayer while you're at it.Pretty interesting selection of drinks and many other things. More...


M B.

25 August 2011

I always stop here to get a rotisserie chicken for my family.  It is delicious and juicy and they wrap it in homemade pita bread and throw in a side of unbelievably tasty garlic/yogurt sauce.  The sides are great, especially the hummus--  very creamy with tons of flavor.  The only downside is they tend to run out of chickens so call before you go. More...


Darren D.

4 August 2011

I've taken three of the cooking classes here - two with friends and once by myself.  They are incredibly fun.  Even when i went alone i made friends with the people around me and had a great time laughing and joking with everyone - ended up talking to my dinner mate late into the night before realizing we were the last ones - so don't be afraid to go it alone.  You start off with appetizers, wine and beer.  You don't do too much cooking or cutting, so make sure to take good notes on the recipe sheets they provide.  I've found that the measurements and instructions are not always correct.  After you make everything you go upstairs and eat what you made.  The food is served buffet style with more wine.  They also provide containers to take the left overs home.  Then you get 15% off anything you buy that night from the store.  It's fun and i'll do it again when they have schwarma on the menu. More...


S D.

12 July 2011

Colleen at LTM did the catering for our wedding.  It was FANTASTIC!  She and her team took care of everything, the guests raved about the food, and we were able to be relaxed and happy and enjoy the day.  Cannot recommend LTM more highly if you are looking for a great caterer and wow food that your guests will love! More...


Ryan W.

27 June 2011

Really great food for lunch or dinner. This is the Lebanese Market where they also sell grocery items as well as conduct cooking classes. Only downside is parking. It's in a weird location and parking is limited. More...


Aaron D.

19 June 2011

Everything here has been good.  Plus the beer selection is solid.


Tamaro T.

10 June 2011

It's right around the corner from me but even if it were an hour away, it would be worth the trip!I can honestly say that everything I've tasted is delicious ...and I've tried just about everything they serve! They're quick and good! A good choice for inexpensive eats. More...


Silvia C.

1 June 2011

Had a quick lunch here with a friend after hiking on a nearby trail... and I absolutely loved it. The portions are perfect for me! I ordered a falafel sandwich and it was absolutely delicious. We ate - in just because we were both so hungry after hiking, its not somewhere you'd take a date but its a great "fast food" type place, better quality of course. Anyways, they have a huge self serve mezza bar and a little grocery store inside where you can find Lebanese food, wines, and tons of foreign candy. Its a little over priced for the grocery items, but hey you're paying for convenience. Definitely recommend if you have a craving for Lebanese. More...


Carolyn B.

7 March 2011

This place should be considered a landmark in Arlington. It's been around since I was a wee child. I had never been inside but it's a gem. Their food is great. Delicious. Quick. Good service. Vegetarian Selection. A lot of pluses. They also have a little market area that has some European goods, wines, wide selection of interesting tea, cookies, Lebanese snacks, cookies, and so much more. OLIVES! type of salad bar that i believe was $5.99/lb but I am not 100% on that.Check it out if you have never been. You know it's been there forever so it's one of those places that you should try out at least once. I don't think you would walk away disappointed. More...



5 January 2011

Lebanese Taverna did a great job catering my wedding. It was expensive, but they set up everything I asked for and they were extremely flexible with our needs. Our guests LOVED having Arabic food (which was delicious!).

The only thing that was somewhat frustrating was that a few months prior to the wedding it was difficult to get in touch with them and it took a week or two sometimes to get a response.


Dawn M.

18 November 2010

I can't believe I live right by this place and have never been there!  I went for a quick dinner, and ordered the filafel pita and a piece of baklava.  I like that there are several tables for casual dining.  The deli staff was super-friendly, and I loved my pita (minus the mint).  I'm interested in the cooking classes they host every month.  Sounds like fun! More...


Gene S.

31 August 2010

OK...this veggie guy loves this place!!!  A fantastic selection of vegetarian dishes and all are so good! So experiment and try something new!  I get their falafel sandwich and enjoy the sides as well!  I'm addicted to their loubieh (green beans simmered in tomato sauce, whole garlic, cloves, lemon juice and olive oil)...aaah man it's the best!  I recently went there to pick up a bunch of sides, hommos and pita bread, threw them in a cooler, and headed to Wolf Trap for a great picnic!  My friends loved it!!! More...


Suzanne M.

20 August 2010

I had never had Lebanese food until I went to this restaurant, so therefore was unsure of what to order. Every time I come in, my waiter/waitress suggests a wonderful dish/item and I have loved every one of them. I have told them what I don't like and they think up something that would work. I absolutely love this restaurant. More...


Vishal S.

27 July 2010

Great selection of Lebanese grocery and food items.Have shopped here plenty of times and have even enjoyed their food offerings in the cafe too. Love the cafe atmosphere and staff is very friendly and helpful. Have had to take their advise on numerous occasions and they have always steered me in the right direction!Lines can be sometimes long specially on weekends. More...


Meg B.

28 April 2010

Next to my house and I go here a lot. Super friendly staff.  I like the falafel, although the patties can be dry.  I love the market and the laid-back cafe style of the place.  Great selection of foodstuffs to buy, plus the deli counter is excellent.  Tough to park, but mostly because its so popular. The turnover is really quick, so just be a little patient in the lot (I'm talking especially to you lady who gave me the stink eye the other day). More...


Ross R.

22 April 2010

Great for take out. They also have some indoor seating. They have most of the classics from the regular restraunts, but its much less expensive. Their deli counter serves by the individual unit (falafel, kibbeh) or salads and shwarma by the pound. $30 probably feeds 4. More...


Clara L.

6 April 2010

My friend's bridal shower took place here, so we all signed up for a cooking class in the downstairs section.  The instructor (I forget his name) was very nice, helpful and entertaining, since he shared anecdotes of his own or from cooking classes he's taught.  The class itself wasn't too hands on, but it was a nice setting for a bridal shower (it was easy to talk to one another).  The food we were served for dinner was probably not what we made (it looked nicer! haha) but all was quite delicious.  I am intrigued by the items available in the market.  I think I'll have to check it out on my own (sans bridal shower) sometime in the future :) More...


Nick F.

9 February 2010

I dearly miss the Lebanese food I was able to get in Detroit and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food we ordered.  While it's not quite up to Detroit standards, it's a very good value.  The dining area was very clean and nicely appointed.  If I lived in the area, I'd probably do some grocery shopping there as well.  It seems like a good little spot for lunch.   The only thing keeping me from 5 stars is the parking situation.  It's on a little island that seems somewhat removed from decent street parking, and even at 7 PM we weren't able to find a spot in the little parking lot in front. More...


damon n.

26 November 2009

we were told to order one thing...we ordered wrong...it was amazing, i have been going back ever since.  hookahs available!


Nikki J.

16 November 2009

I finally had a chance to stop by this place instead of driving right by on the way home in the evening. I loved it, the staff is very nice and welcoming, and the food was just wonderful. I'm in love with that garlic sauce, and the kibbe. I intend to frequent this more in the future. More...


John N.

18 October 2009

I like this place a lot better than the formal restaurants with the same name.  You can see the food (which is a big help, if you don't know much about Middle Eastern food) which is always freshly made.  Since it's carryout, if you order too much, you can always save it for leftovers.You can have a satisfying, healthy vegetarian meal for not too much money. More...


Heidi M.

1 September 2009

I am a huge fan of the restaurants... (although I would go to the one in Tyson's II if you plan on having an audible conversation)... I am literally OBSESSED with their tabouleh... seriously nothing better... grape leaves, lebneh and artichoke salad... yumm.... My one complaint  The AMAZING bread that they serve at the restaurant isn't readily available.  When I ask, they always point me to the pre-packaged bread. ARGH!  That's not what I want!!!  But still... everything else... soooo tasty... More...


Eden M.

16 August 2009

I love this place. It's quick, easy and fairly cheap. The food is always fresh and is never too oily. It's a wonderful place for vegetarians -- I love their  selections of salad (especially the couscous salad) and I'm addicted to their spinach pies.The staff is also always friendly and upbeat and I always feel good when I leave here. I agree that the parking lot is a little treacherous, but since I walk to here, it's not a big deal to me. More...


Derrick L.

20 May 2009

This place is a local find. It's really hard to find good Lebanese take-out in the area. This is one of the few places, and I find it better than the closeby Tarboosh. The homemade babaghanoush and hummus are awesome.Big downside--they don't make their own pita. SIGHI would eat here more, but got spoiled by the cheaper, tastier Lebanese food in Dearborn MI. More...


R F.

15 April 2009

I'm a little partial because I love Meditteranean/Lebanese food.The chicken shwarma sandwich and whipped garlic are amazing.  Great little market, you can get out for cheap, but it's really easy to spend a lot. More...


Kadian F.

9 March 2009

Great for lunch or dinner. It's a better value than the Lebanese Taverna restaurants but with the same quality food. The chicken shawarma sandwich is great and you can purchase breads and other items.


Jeremy B.

8 March 2009

This location of the Lebanese Taverna is quite different than other locations in Arlington and Fairfax. It is more of a short order spot with smaller dishes available. There are no waiters and everything is sort of ad hoc as far as ordering goes. The main thing keeping this spot from being a 5 in my book is that the cooks dont always follow the number system that each customer is supposed to pull when they arrive. I have been the only person in the store, only to be looked over for a person entering the Market who was more of a regular than myself. I have learned that breaking a line and being aggressive here is almost a necessity. Otherwise, the food is tasty, though the kafta kabobs take about 10 minutes to make. More...


J H.

15 February 2009

This is always the place I go to when I want to grab lunch in a hurry!! Its close to work and had the healthiest, tastiest food one can get!! I love their soups, salads, and falafel sandwiches!! Being a vegetarian, this place is a delight!! For once I have more than two things to choose from!! Highly recommend it! More...


amanda b.

8 December 2008

This is a really great place to grab a quick meal or snack- you can get either a sandwich or a plate of prepared foods, paying by the pound.  I opt for the latter- there's too much deliciousness to spend on just one sandwich.  The market's fun to poke around in as well. More...


Lindsey R.

26 June 2008

When I was going to school at Marymount, this was my favorite place. They have the best hummus in the world and the rest of the food is great. The staff is really friendly and the prices aren't bad either. The only draw-back is the tiny, dangerous parking lot. I think the saddest part about moving to Alexandria was that I was moving away from their chicken shawarma. More...


Kevin C.

8 April 2008

When you want lebanese food on the Go in the D.C. Metro Area this is the Place !  the lentil soup is awsome!


Jen N.

2 October 2007

They sell the best hummos on earth, some fantastic (if unusual) cookies (try the pistachio mahmoul -- they are *awesome*!), and have a super collection of mideastern spices, coffees and products.  The only drawback -- their prices are HIGH, plus they charge some insane Arlington entertainment tax (yep, it's legit, dangit...)  It's worth the trip, even if it's a bit of a splurge. More...


Jennifer S.

1 August 2006

If you like dining in any one of the Lebanese Taverna restaurants, you'll LOVE this convenient little market for more of the same in their prepared-food case; shopping for Lebanese provisions, including: herbs & spices like sumac and za'atar, Lebanese wines, Lebanese cheeses, Lebanese desserts, oils and more; or just for sipping the selections at the juice bar while you wait for your order (they do takeout and catering too).I'm addicted to their chicken shawarma (with extra garlic whip and lebneh - divine!) and little deep fried feta cheese pies called fatayer b'fibne. The garlic whip (or garlic puree, as they call it) deserves a shout out all on its own. I'm still trying to reproduce it at home 5 years after my first visit! A close second is the falafel sandwich (spicier than most places I've had it) with yogurt salad. Try eating it with the tabbouleh (very cooling with just the right amount of zing! They have a little section of about 10 tables and chairs if you choose to dine in and sell wine by the glass along with a host of other beverages. I cannot leave without getting these little Lebanese cookies called Ghraiebeh (at least that is how some people spell it) that just melt in your mouth. And my newest passion is their pistachio baklawa (the Lebanese apparently spell it differently), which has this undescribable gooey goodness (maybe rosewater syrup) that is out of this world. Is it lunchtime yet?**OPINION PRINCESS HOT TIP** If you get tired of spending all your time at the market trying to figure out their cooking secrets on the sly, try taking their cooking classes instead. The schedule and menus can be seen at lebanesetaverna.com/cook… More...

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