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Kevin Blakley

29 June 2018

I have used Case Closed investigations several times in the past. These guys are very professional and deliver exactly what you expect. I would not use any other service in the area. Trust Case Closed, and you will not be dissappointed. More...


Ryan Akins

25 May 2018

Case-Closed is a very professional organization and goes above and beyond to find out all pertinent information and deliver to the clients everything possible. I am putting this review on Google because whoever the last 2 people were that commented are not representative of the service provided by Leroy and his investigators. I have worked for Leroy and with other investigations companies and Leroy demands results from his employees for his clients. I have personally used other companies for my personal needs and was sorely disappointed. Not-so with Case-Closed. For anyone reading these reviews, look and see what the other two have said about some of the other businesses. They have offered comments about poor service and lack of professionalism on businesses they have never even been to, always consider your source's credibility. More...

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