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Travis R.

14 August 2019

I had to take my dog here for a hematoma on her ear.  My funds weren't exactly in the right place to pay for it all the way.  The vets and staff at this location assured me that it would be ok and it was.  They offer payment plans and future billing if needed.  This was a huge blessing. I had to come back the next day because the ear after being drained filled back up. They waived the fee aside from meds and corrected the issue.  I will forever recommend these life savers and you should too! Great rates, exceptional service and you feel like family. More...


Megan Slp

21 June 2019

I have a 12 year old cat who I felt was not acting himself, so I took him to Care First Animal Hospital. He has been a patient there for years. I saw Dr. Riego and vet tech Garrett. They had impeccable bedside manner, were thorough and honest, they clearly love their work and animals, and they answered all of my questions with patience and comprehensiveness. I felt like they listened to my concerns and gave me the time I needed (and more). If every medical professional was like Dr. Reigo and Garrett, the public would be much more trusting and less hesitant with the medical community! Thank you, Dr. Reigo and Garrett! More...


Morgan Gardner

11 June 2019

Our dog Titus was hospitalized for 5 days after a routine surgery and bless his heart he was pitiful. This place truly holds a special place in our hearts. They took special care of him, called daily with updates, and so much more. They all wanted to see him at follow up appointments. I couldn't imagine a better facility. More...


Tracey Pelton Micham

14 May 2019



Leanne K.

17 April 2019

We took out Great Dane puppy here for her spay and while they are VERY busy during drop off they handle it well! They kept me informed throughout the day and her procedure went great.


Karyn Bragman

23 February 2019

I started taking my cat Chloe to this vet (Glenwood Ave location) when I moved to Raleigh in 2013. All of the staff are so nice and personable and they all took amazing care of my cat. Chloe usually saw Dr Stone and Dr Ford. When she recently passed away they sent me a flower arrangement and hand written note, such a sweet gesture! I would highly recommend them! ❤️ More...


Terri Atkinson

13 November 2018

Absolutely the best! Caring staff!


Nicole Vacca

18 July 2018

Great staff but JUST WAY TO OVERPRICED! Their pricing is crazy expensive! I was just there twice in the last 4 months aside from today and they still charged me for the office visit aside from everything else. They need to work with their customers! Thank god they didn’t charge me the 23 dollars for my dogs nails to be cut! I will be looking at other vets in Raleigh from now on!! More...


Mary Catherine Hunter Smith

30 June 2018

We have been going to Care First for over 10 years. The Doctors and the staff are great! They have worked together with NC State Vet School as our dogs have aged and started to need specialty care. Thank you for all you do for our babies! More...


Allison Sullivan

20 June 2018

Mugs has been going to Care First on Oberlin since she was 8 weeks old. She goes for the vet, school, camp, boarding, and grooming. Everyone there knows her and she is always so excited when she realizes where she is going! It is so comforting knowing that she is in good hands when she is there. The trainers, Devon, Alexandria, and Brandon are so talented and she loves to work with them. She has even tried her hand at painting! April always does a great job making her look beautiful (especially with the bows on her ears!). Rebecca and Mary made sure that she had a great birthday. I could go on and on about all her friends at Care First! More...


Kimberly Cash Cox

28 April 2018

I used to work for Dr Gordon when I lived in Raleigh. Awesome group of vets and staff


Madina B.

21 March 2018

PLEASE NEVER BOARD YOUR DOG AT THIS PLACE! 1) They damaged my dog's paw. 2) He came back without piece of fur on his neck. 3) They charge me 5 days of day care but he was only in for 4. Full story: I boarded my dog for 6 nights and 5 days of day care for my vacation. I called them everyday to ask how is he doing. On his 4th day of boarding I got a call from them that something was wrong with his paw and that they need to do X ray of his paw. They asked my permission. What? My first question is WHAT HAPPENED? They said they don't know for sure what happened. He didn't step on his paw. Of course I gave the permission to do it. I called them back in an hour. Still no X ray for my dog and still no clear explanation what happened. Some lady said that my dog was trying to put his paws under the door or something like this. It is 100% his fault.  Really?  What about responsibility you took and money to take care of my dog? What about your environment that can damage animals. Change cages, change staff who walk around with a closed eyes. This situation is just negligence to me. So, I talked later with a manager. She said that X ray went well and he didn`t break his paw (thank GOD). They gave him a painkiller. You guys just ruined my vacation. Because since that call I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. I was crying knowing that my dog is in a very bad place.Check all the reviews about boarding on google maps. Lady wrote about her 10 years experience with them and one of her dog died. Unfortunately, I didn't read every review to understand that their rating is high only because of vet clinic.  I also want to hear explanation about piece of his fur on his neck. What did you guys do to him? You seem to be an abusive and neglective place. I will do everything to tell about my experience every person that I will meet. Photo of his neck attached. He came home hungry, dehydrated, scared, upset, and without voice.  And I also want to hear why did you guys charge me for 5 days day care if we all know he was only in for 4 days. Thats it! People please don't board your dog here! More...


Deanna D.

12 January 2018

I have never been to your clinic but I must say I am very impressed with the kindness that you showed my friend Susan Carroll and her kitty Ash.  Ms. Maria I spoke to you today, and thank you for your kindness as well. To be so thoughtful by sending flowers and doing a paw print for her really means alot and shows me that there are people out there with a loving compassion for others. We are sad that Ash has crossed the rainbow bridge but he's not hurting anymore. So again sincerely thank you for your kindness and attention to the needs of others and their furbabies.   God bless you!!!Dee-deebelle More...


Rob Southern

27 December 2017

Best veterinarian services in Raleigh. Dr. Wages is phenomenal. Compassionate and one of the most knowledgeable vets I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They offer so many wonderful services. Their groomer Barbara is the best in town. More...


Kirste B.

4 December 2017

This vet has been a godsend.  My 2 year old cockapoo was attacked in a dog park last year and I arrived in hysterics holding my hurt pup and was immediately ushered into a room and seen by a nurse and a vet.  They were insanely calming and re-assuring and my dog was taken immediately into surgery.The whole process took maybe 2-3 hours tops including my dogs surgery and in-office recovery time. We also take our 5 year old boxer mix here and she absolutely LOVES it -- despite the fact that she is getting a check up or shots, etc.  The employees are beyond nice here -- in person or on the phone.  They are super sweet with the dogs and the vets have incredibly bedside manner, answering all of your questions and staying with you until you feel assured you have covered everything. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! More...


Melissa F.

2 October 2017

My five month old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix LOVES Carefirst. She goes here for vet care As well as puppy training and day care. She get so excited every time we drive up and everyone remembers her and loves on her! I do wish the dogs spent more time outside rather than in crates...but I trust the people she's with and I like that she's at a vet while at daycare. The prices for daycare are higher than those in the area that provide webcams and more play time so that is something to determine on your own what works best. But I do love this vet and the puppy plan with a monthly payment I HIGHLY recommend, it's already saved me money after two months. More...


Philicia Loving

27 September 2017

Carefirst is an amazing facility that truly cares about every animal that walks through the door. Not only is the vet staff and vet techs phenomenal, but the receptionists, trainers, camp counselors, groomers, and animal care technicians are also just as caring and dedicated to the care of each and every animal they encounter!


Rebecca Myers Schubert

26 September 2017

Best ever Animal Hospital and group of compassionate people! :)


Reba P.

22 July 2017

I thought a lot about this before posting a review.First, I will say the actual staff/doctors are great for the most part.However, the set up is just wrong.  The volume is too high to give any level of personalized attention.  Despite spending thousands of dollars there in the last month I realize that logistically they simply cannot do a good job; they are stretched way too thin.Our pet has a terminal illness that came up suddenly.  It was shocking and emotionally hard on us.  I don't recommend going through an end of life experience at this practice.  My reasons are the following:1. None of the staff remembers you.  Even when our pet was hospitalized and we were coming daily we had to re-explain ourselves to the same people.2.  There is never a room available for your "appointment".3.  You will always be told they are busy and be made to feel like you're burdening them if you have questions (they're in a rush because they're overbooked but did I mention we spent several thousand dollars?)4.  You will be shuffled between different doctors making you wonder how much care is slipping through the cracks.5.  They don't call you when they say they will (even though we were waiting on life-threatening information) and they don't call you back when you call.  I recognize that this could make me sound needy but I'm not.  I'm cognizant of wasting their time and try to ask only crucial questions.  More often than not I felt myself pressured to leave because they don't shy away from telling you how many more patients they have.  I do not believe that is proper conduct.6. You will still have to take care into your own hands and do a ton of research on the internet Again, I'm grateful for the highlights of the care we received but it was extremely inconsistent.  I know vets struggle to make money but that is not the case here.  They are raking it in by quadruple booking.  Its a sound business strategy, but not very comforting when faced with the impending death of your beloved pet.Finally, we know we're facing the end and believe me its hard.  I think clinically, when a vet sees such a high volume of animals they're unmoved and say hey, this animal is dying.  But as a pet owner, I need a bit more compassion.Overall, they have talent on staff.  Unfortunately, that talent isn't superhuman and can't give adequate attention to each pet because they simply see too many of them in short time frames.If you need a dental cleaning, or day care or a routine vaccine, this practice might impress you with their scheduling gymnastics.  If you need palliative end of life care, go somewhere that has enough time to care. More...


Megan Moore

6 July 2017

They are super friendly and truly care about their furry patients �


Shari Kramer Bentzel

28 June 2017

Care First is unmatched in caring for their patients and families. Towards the end of our 14 year old dogs life, Dr. Mendise called me twice to discuss his quality of life and assured me of their care for our personal decision. On that very difficult day, Olivia and Dr. Wages handled our family and our ole pup with the utmost respect and love. The staff set up a room for us prior to arrival, so that we didn't have to "check in" amid the busy waiting room, brought numerous boxes of tissues to us, and gave us as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes. We left with a complimentary paw print of our precious dog which helped ease the grief of leaving alone. After a long day of grieving, they sent us a beautiful bouquet of flowers to our home expressing their condolence. We were overwhelmed! We are so grateful for the wonderful team of staff, doctors and groomers ( Barbara) over the years and will return if our family embarks on a new future, furry friend! THANK YOU!!!! More...


Jason Lynch

7 June 2017

Friendly/caring/concerned staff, clean facilities, knowledgeable vets. Thor always enjoys seeing Dr. Ford.


Karla Anne Lineback

14 May 2017

Care first Oberlin is family. Thank you for all you do; front desk staff are angels and the doctors are amazing. I don't know what we'd do without you! ���


Patrick F.

10 May 2017

The Drs are skilled and the staff is friendly.  However, this office is EXTREMELY expensive - they definitely apply the "ITB Tax".  I took my dog there recently for a snake bite.  The office did very little and sent us to an emergency vet.  We received a bill for $122 for an office visit.  It's cheaper to take my child to the pediatrician.  Sadly, I dont think I will go back. More...


Trish Ward

30 April 2017

Professional and compassionate are just a few words that describe Dr. Peterson and Dr. McConnell. I trust and value their advise; I know they have Ollie's best interest at heart. I highly recommend them and all the staff at Care First. More...


Blessing Arend

23 April 2017

Dr. Peterson and her assistant were amazing to work with when my 8 week old puppy got a little stomach bug! I was super paranoid and she was so sweet and reassuring! She has even followed up with us a few times! Can't thank her enough! More...


Candace Seagroves

22 April 2017

The doctors and staff are so caring and attentive. Carefirst Oberlin exceeded my expectations in Darcis care. She is treated like their own and I trust them entirely!! So thankful for such a great team! More...


Christi Pilson Foxworth

22 March 2017

A big thank you for the absolute respect and compassion that my sweet Yorkie and I were treated with yesterday. I took him in knowing it was likely the end, and it was. Dr. Stone explained my options. I was not rushed, and I felt confident that we were making the right decision. I was offered a paw print of my dog before he passed, and I cannot say enough about what a lovely and sweet gesture that was. I will treasure it always. Later, as I sat at home crying, flowers were delivered the door. Imagine my surprise that they were from the staff at Carefirst. I was floored. Thank you for your competent care, professionalism and compassion. A special thanks to Dr. Stone. More...


Sydney W Sidon

2 March 2017

Not only do I bring my babies to Care First, I work there and I couldn't ask for better people to work with or to take care of my girls! Care First Animal Hospital is an amazing place with amazing people working there! I've never met a more animal loving group of people and I am lucky enough to call them my friends! � More...


Belinda Hoover Thompson

27 February 2017

When your vet just stands up....and says you look like you need a hug...and gives you a real hug...you know they are good people. They also helped me reunite a lost pet I found out in the rain with their owner! They scanned the puppies chip, contacted the owner for me, and made sure there was a happy reunion. Their actions, not just their words, show you they really care about both the pets and their owners. More...


Susan Tegtmeier Casey

8 February 2017

Professional and caring as always. Our pets have been cared for here for over 20 years.


Kasey Davidson

29 January 2017

Care First is where I take my dogs and have been taking them for many years. They have always been outstanding and have gone above and beyond on many occasions when it has come to diagnosing and treating my animals. I know that whenever I have to leave an animal in their care that they are in the absolute best hands possible and I have total faith and confidence in the entire staffs ability to handle whatever may arise. Care First is truly a blessing! More...


Debra Pugh

27 January 2017

They are wonderful and caring people.My little people are healthier in the last two weeks than they have been in the last two years. I wish we had gone here sooner!�


Hannah M.

26 January 2017

Absolutely love this vet! Dr Gordon is so wonderful with all my dogs. Everyone is very personable and so sweet.


Debi P.

26 December 2016

We have been going to Care First since moving here 6 years ago. They have been with us through difficult times (the loss of 2 older pets) and through happy times (the addition of 2 puppies). They are caring, have excellent doctors and staff, and are there for you in good and bad times. We wouldn't go anywhere else! More...


Heidi Cramer O'Connor

26 October 2016

Care First has been caring for my pets since 1998 and I love the staff and doctors! Excellent care, very friendly, attentive to my Fur babies -


Cody H.

28 September 2016

I have been taking my German Shepherd, Ada, to Care First for about 4 years now. Recently my dog has been dealing with an immune disease that ultimately resulted in needing to take Ada's spleen out, and the people at Care First have been there to help through the entire ordeal.  I'm not going to say it hasn't been stressful, but they do such a good job at making themselves available to you and keeping you in the loop that it really makes this whole process a lot easier to handle. I can't recommend them enough. More...


Suzy Newsom

25 September 2016

We love dr. Wages, dr. Gordon and the entire staff. We are lucky to have such knowledgeable and kind people to love our fur babies as their own.


H S.

25 September 2016

Never once was an interaction with Care First short of EXEMPLARY. Before bringing my dog to Care First, she had seen four other vets. None of them were able to definitively diagnose her or sufficiently treat her symptoms. Within ten minutes, the experts at Care First had a hunch what was wrong and tested to confirm it. Thanks, Dr. Wages and Dr. Peterson!They were not inexpensive, but I never felt exploited. And for the expert knowledge and high caliber service we received, it was worth every penny. Once when I was away and boarding my dog, she refused to eat. At my request, they drove to McDonald's and bought cheeseburgers for her. They put in the extra effort and I know they treated my baby like she was their own.Can't recommend them enough. More...


Helen Winslow

10 August 2016

I have been taking my dog to Grace Park Animal Hospital for the last few years and our experience has always been extremely positive. The doctors and staff are friendly, compassionate, and answer all of our questions. They are always genuine and kind and the quality of care is outstanding! More...


Kelly R.

30 July 2016

30 July 2016Hello Heather and thanks for your reply.I did get an estimate, and thanks for that as well. But I think many people don't visit a vet often, and so might not be sure what their options are after they're given the estimate. I'm not suggesting you recommend your competition, but is it possible to tell clients their options after the estimate? "We can proceed with tests, or can hospitalize your animal until you can pick him/her up, if you'd like to get a second opinion" would be fine. When my mom was dying, this cat would sleep with her every night and give comfort. Obviously it's more than just an animal to me.Now that the cat is in her older years, I want to make sure she has as good of a life as possible, but am aware she may only have so much time left. So I'm already a little worried when I get the call from the hospital with the estimate. If I think it's outside my budget, but I'm told my options, I could just say I'll get a second opinion. Because if I make $100,000 a year, I just spent 2 percent of my annual salary on one visit.Thanks again for the good work and I appreciate your team's thoroughness. More...


Stacie Cox

27 July 2016

For three years we have been going to Grace Park. They always provide great feedback for our questions and notice the small things that might go overlooked in our dog. I continue to drive to Morrisville from North Raleigh for our dog just because I love the care they provide. More...


Aquarius Tehuti

17 June 2016

We are very pleased with the care given to Buddy and feel comfortable knowing that all his future needs will be met.


Michael R.

14 June 2016

First of all my cat does not enjoy vet visits. Taking her to the vet is about the most stressful experience I deal with as a pet owner, especially since it is usually already associated with her illness. This is where Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin and really Dr. Mendise earned their five stars.The staff was about as patient and caring as one could hope when you have a growling cat. They usually let me into the room right away as my cat is distressed by all the dogs in the waiting room. Everyone who looked at my cat complimented her coat and said she was behaving so well (she wasn't); it doesn't sound like a lot but for someone who is close to hysterics with a sick animal the little things count.I first saw, and have continued going to, Dr. Mendise. Her caring attitude toward my cat and immediate knowledgeability (I probably use Dr. Google for my cat a bit too much before going) puts me at ease right away.  I first went there for a checkup and because my cat's chin was bleeding. She diagnosed it correctly as irritated chin acne and gave me detailed steps how on to heal the irritation and prevent it in the future; more importantly it all worked. Weeks later I received a card with a coupon and a hand-written note from the doctor wishing her well.I will remark that they are a bit pricey and do not hesitate to offer a myriad of different services, should you so desire. However, I have always been told the price up front and been advised truthfully, in my opinion, on the necessity of a service/procedure. They also seem to be able to schedule an appointment for me very quickly and sometimes same day, though I don't know if I've just been lucky. More...


Sherri Grantham

6 June 2016

Our fur family has always been cared for by CareFirst (even before the name change). Two big labs, one loving newfoundland, and now two "ankle-biters." The staff is excellent in scheduling us around my work hours, and the vets' attentiveness assures me they are in the best hands. The two little ones just came home today groggy from teeth-cleanings, a perk included in their Care package. (I'm also pleased CareFirst is so active in giving; for example, matching-funds programs with Wake SPCA, caring about all pets, not just those with families.) More...


Liz Grimes Droessler

1 June 2016

Care First @ Glenwood provides exceptional care for my 16-year old (Lenox) and 8-year old (Mackie) pups. Each staff member is compassionate and professional - they always take time to explain the best course of treatment and I am confident that my boys are receiving the best support possible. I enthusiastically endorse them!


Gen McGlothlin Peterson

24 May 2016

Our toy Pomeranian is 18 years old, and has been a patient with Care First Glenwood since his birth. They've gotten us through puppy, juvenile, adult, and now senior issues with our fur baby. They have done this with patience, professionalism, and great care for this ever so important member of our family. I do ask specifically for Dr Ghneim, not because the other Veterinarians aren't as qualified, but because he knows our history and he always takes the time to explain to us exactly what is going on and has been a such a huge source of support as we have traversed some serious condition treatments and care. We travel for our work, and live all over the country, but I always use this location as home base, require that all other vets in other states include them in care strategy when we are away from home, and always come back here for status updates and check ups. You simply cannot go wrong with these wonderful people. Believe me, I've had to use Veterinarians in 5 other states over the years, and I trust no one as I do this group of dedicated and bright individuals. I wish I could post a picture of my little guy because at 18, he looks and acts like a young pup. That can be directly attributed to the care of this team More...


Emily K.

23 May 2016

Care First at Oberlin has been such a great place for us to take our 2.5-year-old doberman, Ilsa! We chose the location because of its proximity to our house, but can't imagine ever taking her anywhere else. The first year or so we had Ilsa, we had a number of issues (eating cat toys/mulch/anything she could get her jaws on, heat exhaustion, running into things like a picnic table at the dog park and hurting her leg, slipping while running up our deck steps and pulling a muscle in her back), and the technicians and doctors at Care First took such great care of her every time. Ilsa also has a sensitive stomach, where she'll vomit a little if she has an empty stomach for too long, so Dr. Wages suggested feeding her small snacks in addition to her meals to make sure she has something in her stomach. This has helped tremendously and it makes us feel so much better knowing that this is just a part of Ilsa that we had to get used to, and that there wasn't something seriously wrong with her.Ilsa has also been to daycamp frequently (about once a week) for the past couple of years, and really enjoys it. She gets so excited when we pull into the Care First parking lot, and really loves all the technicians and doctors who say hi to her and play with her. The technicians and doctors also don't judge or make us feel like "bad parents" when something does happen, and they take time to really explain what's happening. When Ilsa was still very small and had a problem after eating a cat toy and had to stay overnight at Care First, I felt weird calling and asking if I could visit Ilsa before I went home for the night, but they said it was no problem and let me hang out with her in one of the rooms for a little bit. It's a great facility, and I recommend it to everyone with pups or cats! More...


Jay Hendricks

2 May 2016

Great service and the entire staff provides the very best care!


Libby Leerberg Perry

17 April 2016

We love the cary location! They are always upfront about costs and they clearly care for the animals.


Nelson Betancourt

8 April 2016

George & his team are the finest in the triangle. True professionals. Thanks for always taking care of my pup.


Bj H.

6 April 2016

Staff and vets are caring and professional. Beware of services tacked on or encouraged but not necessary. They nickel and dime, including statement fees of $3.00 per month, even if you don't want a paper statement, and add service charges on unpaid balances. More...


Linda Davis

21 March 2016

Shiloh is the second dog that I've taken to Care First, so we've been faithful clients for many years. The staff is always friendly and accommodating when I need to schedule an appointment. All the vets at the Oberlin Road location are so caring and knowledgeable, I don't feel that I need to request a specific doctor for Shiloh. Although there are other vets closer to my home, I wouldn't consider anywhere other than Care First. More...


Jennifer Tremblay Gloc

29 February 2016

I have always been a pet owner and I have never experienced the level of care and compassion as I have at Care First Animal Hospital. Dr. Ghneim and his staff have done more for our family than they could ever understand. Thank you so much. More...


Cristen Pickell

29 February 2016

This place is amazing! So many locations but I drive to the Cary location cuz that family has captured my families heart. We love all the girls and the vet so much. Murphy is so comfortable with all of them I can't go anywhere else. Thank you all for your help, knowledge, and experience. You have made a new mommy so proud. More...


Deb J.

26 February 2016

We had been taking our 2 dogs to Carefirst Animal Hospital on Oberlin Rd  for 14 years. Dr Wages was our most recent Vet and she is absolutely amazing. It's like she can talk to the dogs and understand everything they are going through and feeling. The care she provided a second to none. She even came to our home when it was time to say good-bye to our little furry child.  Dr Gordon was also wonderful. We traveled extensively with our dogs in our motorhome so had the opportunity to visit many different vets in the country along the way as our dogs aged and their health deteriorated. I can confidently say that Carefirst Animal Hospital is truly one of the great ones. The entire staff cares and is special. Should we get another dog, this will be one of our first stops. More...


Crystal Elaine

24 February 2016

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Riego (Glenwood location) for taking extra time to ensure Hamlet was well cared for yesterday. We've been very impressed with the care he's received from all of the staff! And the follow up has been amazing. We're lucky to have great vets and staff so close. Thank you all! More...


Melissa Gard Crespo

29 January 2016

Dr Wages is WONDERFUL. You can tell she loves what she does and really cares about the babies.


Shelby B.

26 January 2016

This is primarily a vet and as far as those services go, I will continue using them. The staff and doctors are very nice and helpful. I had my boy neutered here and was VERY pleased with his recovery and how his suture healed. I also had him micro-chipped which wasn't cheap, but comparable I suppose. However, this is not a place that I would like to regularly keep my dog for the camp or the boarding. My fiance and I work full time and prefer our puppy to have more exercise than we can offer. The day camp is rather pricey considering the yard size and time he gets to go outside. I was also promised a report card and have yet to see one; for all I know, my dog is a butt hole and they would rather not have him there! Would recommend the vet but not the boarding facility! More...


Susy Spencer

6 January 2016

They are very helpful. They take the time with you. Thank you!


Christine Walker Harrell

13 November 2015

Well, as far as I'm concerned..wouldn't take my precious dog, Monkey anywhere else! They are all wonderful folks and REALLY care about your pet! They care with love...❤️❤️


Jill K.

29 October 2015

Joe Gordon is the kindest most skilled vet you could find. He cared for my small dog during several bouts of back trouble. He was generous with his time and managed to relieve my dog's misery utilizing different treatment modalities depending on the severity of the problem. When my poor little guy had a different fatal problem Dr. Gordon once again ended his suffering.  He and his staff were immensely kind. I could not have been happier with this vet and his office staff. You will not go wrong choosing them to care for your pets. More...


Amanda Lujan

28 September 2015

I have loved the vets and staff at Grace Park for just over 4 years. Dr. Elisa has seen me through the loss of a kitten due to FIP and bringing home 3 new kittens. She and the staff guided me through bottle feeding a 17 day old kitten and have always patiently answered any question that I may have about being a good cat mom. I highly recommend them to anyone and have recommended them to several friends. I truly can't imagine taking my cats to any other vet. More...


Catherine H.

12 June 2015

We boarded our dog for three days here and we were "patient" of record.   My dog had been vaccinated for Bordatella.  A week later I woke  up to my dog's  constant gagging around 5AM.  Nothing would ever come up and by 8AM I called and got him in to be seen.   He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  He is our only pet and the only contact he had with other dogs was from the weekend before being boarded.  Dr. Wages told us that this infection was like the flu, you can still get it even if you've had the flu shot.  $700 later and a overnight stay we got our dog home.  Maybe I'm overreacting but I felt cheated that we had to pay for treating an infection my dog contracted at their facility on their watch.  Also, Dr. Wages took my dog in the back to examine him because she said he was "a wimp" and always does better when I'm not in the room.   What vet calls your dog a wimp   I think I'm more upset over the comment than the bill. More...


Maria Blanco Zeinstra

31 March 2015

Dr. Joe and Dr. Wages are awesome vets!! We have been taking our fur babies to them for years. They show genuine care and concern for each of our pets. We highly recommend them. Wonderful staff, wonderful facility, wonderful vets!! More...


Eileen Marie Maiolo

21 March 2015

I really like Dr. Thames and the entire staff at CareFirst Animal Hospital Heritage location. Dr. Thames is very knowledgeable in veterinary medicine, and really cares for the animals he sees. The staff also shows how much they love my pets. I have used their location for boarding. They took great care of my dogs, who did very well while there. Knowing that they are being happily spoiled when I can't be with them, is the next best thing. On top of all of these things, the doctor and staff consistently show me that they care about me and the other pet owners. After all, we are an important part of the team that cares for our animals. More...


Joanne Langan

19 February 2015

The doctors and exceptional staff at Grace Park are like Punkin's and my second family. Punkin loves daycamp and my work day goes smoother knowing she is well cared for and happy.


Devan W.

7 January 2015

I got a puppy for Christmas and have never had one before so I was full of questions about what all my puppy needed. I got her from the breeder with no shots yet. I schedule a visit with carefirst. It was an amazing experience. I was at ease and they made sure my puppy was too. Dr. Sawyer was extremely informative and Sara was great as well. I'm glad I found this vet. Plus the puppy program is a huge help with all the cost a young puppy runs. More...


Larry G.

1 January 2015

I haven't had a human baby yet, but speaking for the fur kind I cannot imagine caring for a creature more on this earth than my english bulldog.  If you own a pet, you know the feeling.In terms of daycare and vet appointments, we initially thought we had it made.  Dr. Wages specialized in bulldogs and that put us at ease.  CareFirst was no more than a quarter mile from our apartment and we would just walk him over in the morning ahead of work.  The report cards were great when we would pick him up from daycare and find out who his friends were and what he learned that day.  Of course, I probably have the most food-motivated dog out there (like father, like son) so luring him with a treat would get you best results.Everything was going well enough the first 2 or so months, until our pup threw up a massive amount of food on a Sunday morning and was aspirating.     We rushed our pup over in a panic and x-rays were taken.  This had happened before and this time when the Dr. ran x-rays, she said the x-ray showed that our pup had swallowed a foreign object about 3 inches long by 2 inches wide and he would need surgery to get it out.They had to keep him overnight because the team couldn't perform surgery until the next day.  When surgery was over, we got a call from another vet that had performed the surgery (not Dr. Wages) who informed me that there was no foreign object, just a lot of poop.  In other words, our pup was constipated.  Upon hearing this, my wife and I made an appointment with the vet to better understand in what logical world it is ok to cut open a dog for poop?My wife asked if they were a teaching hospital and when we were informed that they weren't, my wife asked why such a ridiculous, seemingly almost experimental and thoughtless approach would be taken for such a simple matter.  She also asked why we were not told to give our pup some oil to pass the constipation before cutting him open, to which the doctor replied that they do not administer oil treatment at CareFirst, to which my wife responded ok, but we could have done this at home and avoided major surgery.At the end of the day, we got stuck with a $3,000 bill for these services and talked them down to around $1,300, the x-rays were a couple of hundred dollars and I threw in some more $ in case we may ever do business with them again, which in retrospect was too nice of me.  We were fine with paying for the x-rays, but we were not fine with the misdiagnosis.Another thing to add is that the monthly insurance bill just for CareFirst services is overly expensive and very difficult to cancel.  It required multiple phone calls and red tape.  It also only covers basic things, not emergencies and medication.After this disaster, we did our own research on daycare and vets in the area to make a better informed decision on where to take our pup, with convenience not being at the top of the list.  For vet services, we like Magnolia and overnight we use Dogtopia and have not had any issues.  I would say that the staff is very nice and it is a bunch of good people that I think mean well, but I have heard stories similar to mine from people I know personally which concerns me. More...


Laurie V.

13 December 2014

I've already felt at ease here, but this morning was the hardest day of my life and I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and humane experience.  Dr. Mhoon is so gentle, kind, and soothing.  I came in sobbing and she was so sweet and wonderful to me, my kitty, and my friend Doug, who came to join me. She held my hand and hugged me and talked to me about how hard it is to let a pet go.  She has had to do it too and I immediately felt at peace, as we shared our experiences.  She brought my kitty to me in a soft blanket and I held him as she euthanized him.  Thank you for caring so much for me in my darkest hour, and mostly for being so kind and gentle with my pet. More...


Heather Hartzog

21 October 2014

The doctors and staff at CareFirst on Oberlin have been so kind and helpful to little Tina Turner after she broke her arm. They are compassionate, down to earth, and true animal lovers. Much gratitude for taking such good care of the little rock star. More...


Kylie C.

5 August 2014

It's overpriced. The assistants haven't received formal education and really don't seem to totally understand everything they're talking about. The staff has this...cliqueish feel and isn't very welcoming. They seem pretty stuck on themselves. I liked Doctor Wages, she's pretty fun and seems very compassionate with both animals and owners.The medical care itself I believe to be fine, but not so much on everything else. Don't go unless you have a lot of money. More...


Katherine Dickens

19 July 2014

Great first appt with my kitty at the Falls location! Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly and so good to my big boy. Will definitely be back! :)


Catherine T.

28 April 2014

This is the best vet practice! They love my dogs, understand how much I love and care for my dogs and go above and beyond even when they are closed to make sure that I as an owner am satisfied and feel comfortable about my pets' well being.  Everyone knows me and my dogs and treat us so well. It is a great comfort to know my dogs are in great hands when they are not with me. More...


Hugh Grist

24 April 2014

Dr Gordon has saved at least three of my cat's nine lives! His staff is fantastic and I always recommend this office - they're the pros.


Tracy Scott

15 April 2014

I love the staff at CareFirst! I took my Betty in for her 3rd ear infection in a year, and as usual, everyone was very helpful in explaining her treatment options and taking excellent care of her. And they even know her by name when she comes in. Dr. Riego was so compassionate a couple of years ago when I lost my dog to cancer, and she was genuinely thrilled to see and treat my new dog today. Everyone there really makes her feel safe. The service is amazing. More...


Meaghan Goldberg

4 April 2014

We couldn't be happier with the care Blackjack is getting at CareFirst. He is always so happy to go there for day camp and loves the staff and Dr. Wages. We know when we're not with him, he's in great hands! More...


Chad Hough

9 March 2014

THE Best staff. Very compassionate. I highly recommend.


Shannon Sisell

4 March 2014

Very understanding and cooperative staff. Being my first experience, I walked out satisfied.


Quinton M.

26 February 2014

I couldn't ask for more from the kind folks over at CareFirst! My dog Duke is a relatively new patient and so far the level of service has been outstanding. Dr. Joe Gordon and Dr. Page Wages have both been great, and yesterday I came in at 5:35pm with a small emergency and instead of charging me for the after-5:30 emergency fee (which they had every right to do) they rushed Duke right in and were able to get him fixed up in 15 minutes. It is apparent from the entire staff that they really care about your animals and are not just their to pay the bills, but because they want to deliver great care, which they do in spades. The costs are reasonable, the care is 1st class, and the whole staff are kind and accommodating; I can't imagine how they could be better. More...


Carissa W.

25 February 2014

Best vet in town, hands down! Dr. Page Wages takes amazing care of our 2 dogs and 2 cats! I trust this practice implicitly. The quality of service is worth every dime. All the staff at CareFirst show genuine love to my pets (who are like kids to me)... and it warms my heart to no end! :) I've never had a vet that my animals WANT to go to... okay...and maybe "want" is a bit of a stretch :) ...but they are certainly given a plethora of attention and amazing care when they go. :)Dr. Page Wages is so good - she has a sixth sense when it comes to animals- she just KNOWS them- she GETS them- she LOVES them. Dr. Wages has saved my best friend (Rue, the dog)'s life at least twice now and I am indebted to her for life for that! The CareFirst facility provides a clean, professional, and welcoming environment. They have a shop with necessary as well as fun products. They also have training, grooming, and boarding. (I don't have personal experience with those services, but my sister's dogs always look and smell great when they come back from the groomer there). :)Long story short- I dig this place. CareFirst definitely lives up to its name! More...


Ardath Weaver

13 February 2014

What wonderful and compassionate care our family has received - we are so touched by your kindness and personal attention. Thank you for being there for us and for our friends. More...


Kristen Karpowicz Smith

1 January 2014

Dr. Wages is amazing and we are so thankful for finding such a great facility with wonderful staff.


Dennis Littke

2 December 2013

Dr Wages is the best! The staff there is the best! They took care of Avery for many many years until recently we had to let him go. I got a card in the mail recently from all the staff expressing their comfort and love for Avery. I cannot express how much it meant to know that still cared about me and Avery even after he was gone. More...


Ann Rollins

7 August 2013

They know their stuff!


Dawn Yates

2 August 2013

love it !


A K.

4 April 2013

Not only did they fit me in for an appointment the day after my Great Pyrenees got off a cargo plane from South Korea, but they were so amazingly sensitive to her state of mind that I came back for grooming services.  Here's how it went.I get back to the US from being stationed overseas with my husband, and realize that I have left all the important dog records/Heartgard/treats/collars, etc in a bag, on the kitchen table... in Korea.  Most of it I could do without, but not the Heartgard--not in the Southern states! They not only made time for me to see one of their vets within half an hour of calling for a checkup (required for the prescription), but also gave me a $40-off first visits coupon.  The whole thing, checkup, Heartgard, and a flea-and-tick dab pack only cost me $30.Moreover! My dog is 90 lbs and was very nervous of EVERYTHING, coming straight off the plane.  (Plus which, she was a shelter dog... from Korea.  It's kind of like Lord of the Flies over there, for big dogs.)  Jumping at her own shadow does not begin to cover it.  Not only were the vet-techs sensitive to her situation, but not one of them made her jump, flinch, or cower the entire time we were there, and she warmed right up to them.  If you knew my dog, you'd know how improbable those last two sentences are!So I made an appointment to get her groomed the following week (today), because after all, she did just get off a plane!  ;)  They handled her wonderfully, she looks great, and the little pink bows in her hair (which she can't reach) are killing me with cuteness.  I had called grooming places all over the city before my pooch got off the plane, and most quoted me over $100.  CareFirst did it for $60.  That's less than I pay to get MY hair cut.  I love these guys!  Definitely will be back. More...


Lisa R.

1 September 2012

I have had only one experience so far with CareFirst Oberlin and it has been fantastic! They gave our newly adopted, adult Great Pyrenees his first bath and nail trim, and did a great job - he is so soft now and smells great! And so cute with his purple bandana! I was impressed with the customer service from start to finish - from scheduling to pickup. Not to mention they were able to get him in on short notice, their convenient hours, and I felt the pricing was more than reasonable compared to some other places I had checked. We will definitely use them again in the future! More...


Lola L.

26 July 2012

Ridiculously expensive!!!  Basic vaccinations for 2 dogs was just over $400. They try to sell additional services during entire exam as well and now keep clogging up my inbox with emails suggesting additional unnecessary services. Silly me for assuming that something as basic as vaccinations would be similar pricing at all vets- I guess I learned the hard way to call and price check everything along with looking at reviews for services. More...



17 October 2009

This is a good hospital. I have tried other vets in Cary and was not happy with the service and a good groomer is hard to find and their groomer is very good.



17 October 2009

I have taken my dog to Wellington Animal Hospital since he was a puppy. He is now almost 13 years old. We have always received excellent care for him. He also goes to Wellington for grooming every eight weeks. The new groomer who started about a year and half ago does a great job and he really seems to really like her. They had another groomer before her and she was OK, but I think this new groomer is much better with my dog and does a better job grooming him. If you are looking for good hospital to take your pet to I recommend Wellington. More...



3 August 2009

I took my very long haired Maine Coon kitty to get groomed. After telling the office ladies that I would be in my office all day, and not accepting phone calls, I told them how I wanted the cat to have her hair cut, and wrote a letter to the groomer (which clearly never made it to her) -- the groomer called me at work, and acted like she had never gotten the note. Regardless of that, the groomer did an excellent job, which has to be hard to do for on a cat that is fat and fluffy. She even put a cute little bandana around her neck! They only have the long hair cat groomer come in 2 Fridays a month, so the availability kind of stinks, But I will be taking my cat back for sure. More...



3 May 2007

When I first got my puppy three years ago, I took him to Wellington Animal hospital for his vet care, as well as for grooming. The Vets there are very nice, as are the groomers. I have a Shih Tzu who requires grooming about every 6 weeks. I have tried multiple groomers, and have only found one who did an outstanding job for the money...she was not at Wellington by the way. The grooming job that was done on my little fur baby was just ok, nothing exceptional. Also, I've noticed the ladies at the front desk don't listen to instructions very well. I once told them that I wanted to wait a month on renewing his vaccines, and they vaccinated him, and charged me anyway. More...