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1 September 2018

We were happy that they were able to start training our dog ASAP as we were moving in a month and a half to two months. We also really were appreciative of Maritza coming out every single week well past the 3 to 4-week mark that we were under the impression our dog would be better trained by then.

However, after about a week of training I wanted to go with the trainer to see how my dog was doing - he was being trained to tame some aggression. I understand that obedience is a basic element that he needs to know before this and this is what the trainer and he were working on. What was upsetting to me is that the trainer said she was unaware that she was training for aggression and that she did not see any signs of aggression, but as soon as I was present he was uncontrollable. I understand that maybe he is protective of me. However, weeks passed by and he was seeming to do worse each session? They did have an expert come to our house for about an hour who ran me through the process of the E-collar and the proper way to give commands when the dog is distracted. This is the only session that I feel was helpful. However I never received any follow up for webinars like I was guaranteed, and after over 6 weeks of training there was virtually no improvement - we are still working with our dog and the e-collar and he is improving a lot however I really feel like the amount that I paid for the training he received we could have watched a video on how to use an E-collar and been in the same place.

The trainer was amazingly sweet and never late, came very often and even went weeks over what we were quoted - but I got the guarantee that I would have an obedient dog that could be off-leash and that is certainly not what we had after our last session.