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CajunGypsy Arts

Atlanta, GA, DeKalb

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CajunGypsy Arts

Atlanta, GA, DeKalb


Accomplished graphic design professional with a proven record of experience in challenging and fast-paced environments. Career experience includes providing design and production support for companies of all sizes, from small local print shops and advertising agencies to famous global retailers.



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A sharp appearance is vital to a great website, but so is clarity, intuitive ease of use and catering to as many types of web user as possible (including older ones who may not have smartphones or see as well as they used to).

- What exactly do you need to have delivered at the end of this project? How many pieces?
- What is your planned budget for the project?
- Who is your intended audience?
- What do you want to achieve with this project?
- What is your planned timeline like? How soon do you need the work?

Any copy and images they want used, and information about any vendors they may use (printers, T-shirt makers etc.)

Almost any type of printed matter; you name it and I've probably designed at least one of it over the years.

One-on-one discussion with you about what you need and want (see answers to question #1 above). At least 24 hours later, first draft is submitted for review. Revisions are discussed and the work is refined. Once deadline has arrived or client is satisfied, they or their vendor are supplied with production files and invoiced.

I try to listen to what you want from the beginning. You are a part of the creative process as much as I am, and I want to be sure I give you more than what you expect.

This question is repeated; see my answer above. Any and all information you can give me about the project is helpful.

In no particular order: 1) The sheer variety of things I get to design, including the occasional new technical challenge. 2) Seeing my work in use after the project is put out. 3) Feeling that my skills and experience have been of value to someone.

I have had a number of staff and temp jobs, and I wanted to be my own boss. I never again want to be solely dependent on one company's payroll and good will for my entire income.

Because 1) I've worked with clients from here to southern Africa who think I'm pretty damn talented; 2) I go the extra mile and then some to help you achieve the best result; and 3) I aim to be the best and most satisfying person you work with all day.