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Enable others to make change and create lasting positive habits. Trained in evidence-based techniques and strategies: motivational Interviewing, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapies

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- Certified Wellness Coach (catalyst coaching institute)
- Dual Bachelors Degree: Sociology and Criminal Justice


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Exploring Perspectives- I love challenging myself and others to try on new perspectives. A new perspective can change a life.

My childhood and my family. As an child I had many obstacles to overcome; a learning disorder, eating disorder, and unhealthy mental state. Then a near death experience changed my life, I was suddenly enabled to make change. Over time I developed a process for change and was able to implement/incorporate many healthy habits into my life; eventually I regained my health, state of mind and restored a sense of control in my life. Since then I’ve never looked back and I want to help others find their path towards change.

Habits saved my life and they can save yours. I’m deeply committed to providing others the tools needed through a collaborative process that works to achieve a happier and healthier wellbeing.