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Zaneta Oviasogie

11 May 2019

Ron is an amazing trainer. He works with Athletes that want to compete and train at the highest levels. My daughter was in a track program but was having injuries while competing because her body was weak in some areas. Ron worked with her to find and strengthen these weak areas. With a better understanding of her body and how to stay healthy, my daughter has been able to compete in the sport she loves on a higher level. working with Ron won't be easy but if you put in the work, you will be amazed how strong and healthy your body becomes. More...


Nicole Woodford

23 October 2018

Ron has been instrumental in my daughters training. When she began working with Ron she had minimal flexibility and a tremendous amount of pain that had impacted her swimming. Through proper training and focus on strengthening training, Ron has helped to eliminated her pain! As a bonus we have witnessed her achieve her personal bests in every event this season. More...


Tracy Meyer

21 October 2018

Absolutely the best trainer you can get for your athlete!! He has been working with my daughters for at least the last 6 years and we have no regrets whatsoever!! It says something when your children go away to school and Ron is the first one they want to see and go for a work out when they come home for a visit. After working with many other trainers he is definitely their first choice. Ron is extremely knowledgeable and his first priority is training without the risk of causing injury. Can’t say enough positive about him!! More...


Alyssa Zirnheld

21 August 2018

Couldn't thank this man enough for everything he has done for me these past 5 years. Wouldn't be playing college volleyball if it wasn't for all his help!!!!!


Tom Cowan

21 August 2018

Ron has worked with my son for the past 2 years, my son has learned a vast number of exercises for strength from Ron with emphasis on proper technique to avoid injury. Ron is the most knowledgeable trainer/physical therapist an athlete at any level could work with. More...


Pauline Sarcinelli Guenther

22 July 2018

Ron makes sure what you are doing to get in shape is the right thing for you. I have been working with him for 2 months now and I have to say I feel better, stronger and more motivated then anything else I have tried in the past. If you need a push in the right direction give him a call. You will see the difference. More...


Larry Hawk

5 March 2018

Ron is a professional, focused on improving health and performance, offering great assessment, treatment, and follow-up care. Ron has helped my son recover fully from an ACL tear and numerous other bumps and bruises over the years, worked wonderfully with my son’s soccer teams, and even helped an old guy like me with all manner of knee and ankle problems. More than a trainer, he’s a fierce patient advocate and evidence-based clinician dedicated to the long-term health of his athletes. I’ve known Ron for years, but I decided to write this review this morning after a set of stretches that left me acutely aware of how I’m more flexible than I’ve been since my youth and the recurring realization that when I follow Ron’s encouragement and advice life is just better. Thanks, Ron! More...


Jim Cunliffe

29 October 2016

I've known Ron for many years and can honestly say he has a passion for what he does. If you want to improve your performance, endurance, ability or need rehab for an injury, you need to talk to him. Ron's knowledge exceeds that of your ordinary coach. He understands that sports training is very different from conventional or fitness training and his programs prove that. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention his PT on staff, Lisa R., who did an outstanding job helping me rehab a broken/repaired ankle. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again if needed. More...


Alyssa Zirnheld

17 October 2016

Ron Brissette is the best sport's trainer in the WNY area. I have been working with Ron for 7 years now and the improvements I have made on and off the court are tremendous. I have had 3 major knee injuries and 2 severe ankle sprains and with Ron's knowledge and patience, he helped me gain my strength and confidence back on the court and in the weight room. I wouldn't be playing DII volleyball at Mercyhurst University if it wasn't for him. I owe all my success to him. I highly recommend anyone looking for a trainer for their son/daughter to check out Brissette Sports Performance! More...


Kim Cutre Windschitl

9 September 2016

Ron has done a fantastic job getting our daughter ready for college athletics. She is int he best shape of her life and it is all do to Ron.

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