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Allison L.

7 June 2019

Incredibly impressed with the customer service!! I called because I was referred to by one of the restaurants in our area for delivery. I wanted to recreate a meal my husband and I had on our honeymoon for our anniversary dinner. When I called to place the order the restaurant no longer served the dish. About 10 or 15 mins after we hung up the dispatch girl in the office had called around and found the food I was looking for!!! She had gone out of her way to help make our anniversary special and I just thought it was very thoughtful and I appreciate the excellent customer service I received. It arrived sooner then expected and was also very good. I will be a returning customer and a big thank you to the girl in the office!! More...


Bill B.

9 April 2019

Ok this is my first time I have ever left any kind of review about any company but I was surprisingly shocked and pleased with the service I received from this delivery service. With all the other companies emerging I wanted to let y'all know this company is legit!!! First of all no service charges and all the extra nonsense grub hub and all those othet delivery service has. Just the small delivery fee and of course optional tip. That's not even the part that had me wowed by this company though, it was actually the customer service that made this experience what it was. The little girl in dispatch was the sweetest little girl Ashley she took my order explained the process and about the company and how they deliver from lots of different restaurants in SD and helped me choose what exactly I wanted she went through the whole menu with me and was very polite patient and pretty funny! My food arrived on time and hot!! I would give Bring It to Me a 10++ More...


Andrew Rost

6 April 2019

Exceptional service & business in general


A T.

19 January 2019

Love love love BringItToMe. We use them whenever we visit San Diego. I so wish they covered the Inland Empire. Have yet to find any other delivery services half as good as them. Their website/app is great to use. I can easily sort by food type and ordering is easy. There were a couple times they forgot to bring my drink, but they immediately credited my account (not credit like DoorDash). One time, the restaurant was running slow, someone called me to let me know -- person, not a machine or someone in another state/country. The delivery person calls the restaurant directly to order, so there isn't the middle man issues like other delivery services. If they are out of anything or have questions, they call me directly and relay it to the restaurant.Oh and they keep you updated all along the way. "Your order had been confirmed.  Your order had been placed.  Your driver has arrived at the restaurant. Your driver is on their way." More...


Andy H.

10 December 2018

Well I'm very impressed with their excellent service !! From the time I ordered sushi on the bring it to me website, till I got the food delivered, it was only about half an hour ! I'm only a few blocks away from Zen5, but WOW ! Awesome time-saving & the low delivery fee is much appreciated.. of course, the Inari, Shrimp & Chicken was amazing too !! thanks guys, Bring it to Me again soon ! More...


Andrew Harris

8 September 2018

yes This company fixed an incorrect order//missing item - by getting a refund applied back to credit card.. fast efficient delivery and correction.. POWER On !


Leonard Marty Helton

30 May 2018

easy service to use, fast on time..Food delivered hot and tasty!! Loved the updates on progress


C W.

2 June 2017

I have been using BringItToMe for over two years now.  We are located in the Sorrento Valley area and my company orders dinner through BringItToMe about 4 days a week.  I am impressed with their service and delivery time.  The drivers and the dispatch has made it stressless for me.  They are the only company who takes care of my order and notify me when my deliver will be late.  They are the only one that doesn't charge for the service fee.  They only charge for deliver fee and tip.  I've used grubhub and eat24 and they sucks and expensive.  I've used Meal Man for their third party deliver service and they demand a 18-20% gratuity.  I got so mad and complained about their service yet they did nothing but to ask me to pay for it.  Will never use Meal Man ever again.BringItToMe is the only third party service company that doesn't require much yet deliver the meal and wonderful service that I expected. More...


Kim G.

21 August 2016

Alright so if I wrote this review a couple months ago, I probably would have given them 1 Star. By my my my have they improved and now they are at the top of my list! I am the worst person when I am hung over. I lay in bed all day and just want to eat carbs. Bring It To Me gives you a whole list of restaurant options to order from and they are at your door within 30-45 min--- LIFESAVER!!!! Thank you Bring It To Me for being my savior... You rock! More...


Dulce Vasquez Mayorquin

17 May 2016

Food was deliver in less time then expected .. Everything was still hot .. Not driving for food ever .. Fav new discovery


Franco C.

26 April 2016

I'm impressed. Was very to easy to order. Food was delivered within 30 minutes. I'll try this again next time.


Melissa B.

6 April 2016

After leaving my review I was contacted by the owner. She explained to me the issue (an oversight) with my coupon and gave me a direct number to reach her at in case I had any future issues with contacting them. she also provided me with a new coupon code. This time everything worked great and my order was delivered promptly and hot. I'm very impressed with the great customer service, clearly my initial experience was not a typical one. I would love to see more options and smaller minimum delivery fees from this place in the future. This was a much better experience than I've ever had with Postmates or any of the other big competitors. Clearly they care a lot about the customer experience More...


Justin D.

8 March 2016

Loved the experience with Bring it to Me. I've used other services and have been let down. I loved that I got emails and texts as each step was completed keeping me informed. The driver was a little earlier than estimated and very courteous, and the food was delivered hot. I used Bring it to Me on the recommendation of Bayside Landing (great food!) and would definitely use them again. More...


Judy R.

19 July 2015

I have yet to order through Bring It To Me, however I want to commend and praise Sherry, the owner for responding to an incident with one of her drivers. My car was damaged because the driver had parked illegally. Sherry apologized, dug in, did the research and promptly came to a mutually satisfactory resolution. Thanks for being a resposible business owner Sherry. I wish there were more like you out there More...


Holly C.

14 July 2015

My boyfriend and I have ordered from bring it to me several times and they've been awesome. We started using them after having several bad experiences with eat24. Tonight we ordered sushi using BITM. Our order was supposed to be delivered at 8:30. At 9:15 we called and asked about the order since they are always on time. We were told that the restaurant was very busy at the time we ordered and to complicate things the driver had mistakenly locked their keys in their car. The restaurant was closing in the next 15 mins but they sent a new driver to get us new food then comped the entire order. Then I got a phone call from them personally apologizing for the issue and they gave me a credit to my account. That is fantastic customer service! Thank you so much! We appreciated everyone working to make things right. We will definitely order from them in the future! More...


Israel P.

14 May 2015

I just had a very bad experience with this company in association with Eat24. I ordered food from a local restaurant for delivery and the estimated time was 60 minutes. After an hour and a half, I contacted Eat24 to ask about my order. 2 hour total time later, I get a message saying that my order had been canceled because when the delivery company had gotten there the restaurant was already closed. No one reached out to me to let me know that I would not be receiving my order. The payment went through, but the order never got to me.Update: I'm changing my review to a 5 star based on their customer service. As it turns out, the miscommunication was caused by Eat24. Bring it to me was unaware of the mess up but they were quick to fix it. Thank you! More...


mitchell l.

13 May 2015

Love the service, and I'm glad to see it expanding. Usually they are spot on with delivery times, and my food always arrives hot and ready to eat.


Ryan P.

13 January 2015

My new years resolution to eat healthier has been a little tough with all of the traveling I've been doing for work lately.  A lot of bad hotel room service and pizza and Chinese food. BringItToMe food delivery service is awesome though!  I got some awesome spring rolls and and a vermicelli chicken salad from some Pho place. I could eat Vietnamese food 5 times a week!  #pholifeFood arrived in an hour like advertised, but the driver or restaurant forgot napkins though so I had to wipe my face with a rough motel towel. More...


Youa Vang

12 December 2014

I love it. They always bring me my food right on time and excatly how I want it!!!


Cathleen R.

23 November 2014

After talking to sherri I feel better about using this service again. She really does reach out to every customer when there has been a problem with delivery or the person working dispatch.


Cressan T.

31 October 2014

Always on time, food is still hot or cold, depending on what is ordered.  Good options from various restaurants although I would like to see it expanded a little more.  All in all, a great service.  They give you points each time you order which you can trade in for free delivery.  That, I love!  Thanks for always keeping our office fed! More...


Brad B.

16 June 2014

I'm a creature of convenience. You know, the kind of guy who pays for valet, fluff and fold, Uber rides and yes, food delivery. So when the week from hell hits me in the face, it seems that my only option is to spend dinnertime solo on the couch, laptop open, working away with an episode of The Bachelorette on the tube... don't judge me! What the hell is Andi doing with some of these jerks anyway?! I digress. But seriously.When pizza won't cut it you need to broaden your boxed food horizons and upgrade to something with a bit more character. Thai? Pho? Indian? Take your pick because Bring It To Me has a decent selection with a really simple interface to place your order. The predicted delivery times are incredibly accurate and my favorite part of the process is definitely the text updates that come through as your order progresses that go a little something like this...Your order has been confirmedYour order has been placedYour driver is heading your wayYour order has been delivered. Thank you for using Bring It To Me. More...


Sarah C.

7 May 2014

Tried this place while visiting friends in Ocean Beach.  Perfect service for visitors since I didn't know my way around - they just brought the food to me!  So great that this exists and it was super easy! More...


Veronica C.

16 March 2014

Love the concept, super helpful when your hung over...or just feeling lazy. I am duducting one star for the last time I ordered they took over an hour from the time I received my confirmation text to when I actually got my order. The variety is nice, and food always delicious and hot. More...


Kristil S.

21 February 2014

We've been using this service for several months now. The owner really cares about her business and truly understands the meaning of customer service. If you don't live where you can access Bring It To me, be VERY jealous! More...


Tina P.

16 February 2014

Not a bad concept. Deducting a star because they always forget my drink in their car. Would like it if they could repeat my order upon delivery to be sure they don't forget one of my purchased items.


Javier S.

19 January 2014

I do like that fact that the menu has more varieties of what you can eat on those lazy days when you don't want to go out. They are professional and prompt. Of course they are a bit more pricy than your local delivery food. I have used them multiple times and trust me i will use them again! More...


Veronica W.

9 July 2013

GREAT SERVICE! I order online and you can customize everything you order. The first time I ordered I was skeptical of how fast and warm the food would arrive. My boyfreind and I ordered from BBQ house in OB and live in PB. Everything was hott, large portions and delicious! We also got up to date emails form when the driver picked up to when their ETA was. (So convenient, forget calling asking, "when is my order going to be here?" GREAT! And they quote an hour but I've received my stuff each time (on a weekday granted) in about 30-45 minutes. (Way to over deliver!) I am a fan! So today I ordered sushi from Zen 5 here in PB. It came so fast and it was so fresh. I even customized a roll to have suace on the side and it came perfect with sauce on the side. The online system is legit!! Thank you bring it to me for the convenience! Oh and delivery fee is like $3 its nothing and they provide a great loyalty program where I've received 10% off both my next orders and after 6 deliveries next one is free of charge. Excellent! 5 stars!! More...


Rick V.

8 May 2013

Love this service.  Makes life so much easier.  We have used them and Expressly Gourmet both and they are fabulous.  Tip these drivers!


S M.

28 April 2013

I love the fact  that you don't have to limit yourself to cheap Italian places and boring pizza joints anymore. What's great is that they offer many good restaurants for food delivery like Sushi Ya, Local Habit, Busalacchi etc. We order our food from Busalacchi and we loved it! Polenta with mushrooms and Gorgonzola sauce, pesto crepes with cream sauce and seared Ahi tuna-everything was delicious! From the moment I put my order in and until it was delivered to my door we waited only 35 min. Impressive! Girl that delivered it was very nice. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. Highly recommend this food delivery service! More...


Christian P.

22 January 2013

Awesome concept, and thus far, perfect execution to date!From the moment I entered my zip code, I was impressed with the great variety of food I could order for delivery, ranging from sushi, salads, pizzas and burgers - all the way to Indian. When you click on a restaurant -  the entire menu displays and you click on the specific food items to put it into your "delivery cart".  For your first order, you'll have to enter your credit card information (or paying by cash is an option - good, good), address and such, but it's stored, and by your second order, you simply put things in your cart and hit order to submit.Thirty minutes later (more or less, depending on who you're ordering from), you should have food at your doorstep.I love it! More...

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