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Jaime Diken

30 April 2019

Brian and his associates are really great. They are genuine, efficient and know what they’re doing. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them and I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their taxes and such. Thanks to their team, it was a very pain free process and I cannot thank them enough! More...


Trish Pearson

31 March 2019

I can’t say enough good things about Brian and his exceptional team. I value his professionalism and kindness and he has showed that he values all of his clients no matter how small. I highly recommend his services as he does exactly what he says he will. Don’t pass up a good thing! More...


Nicola Ellis

31 March 2019

Great experience and seamless process! I will definitely use services again!!


Samuel Graisbery

1 March 2019

We are new clients of Mr. Greenberg and we are very glad we were referred to his office. He has a wide range of financial knowledge which is important to our business.


Amy Batra

30 January 2019

Our family has been working with Brian Greenberg over the last several years. He has resolved many tax issues that arose from our previous accountant. Brian Greenberg and his team are amazing! I know that when he is handling our taxes, I don't have to worry about anything. He is knowledgable and very responsive. Thank you Brian and team! More...


Vivian Sottile

30 January 2019

I've known Brian Greenberg and his associates for over 25 years and to this day I am confident that whatever financial advice, including portfolio and asset management, accounting and any and all services his firm provides is the most professional and of the highest quality. In addition to their services, you will always be treated with respect and dignity. I would highly recommend Brian Greenberg & Associates. More...


james thompson

30 January 2019

Awesome, patient and extremely knowledgeable. I have a number corporate tax and personal returns that Brian has done for me. I would highly recommend his firm.


Cindy Grossmann

2 October 2018

So nice so accommodating and most of all efficient and good! I came from another accountant and was nervous where to go to but I know I made the right decision. I referred my family here as well! Ty Brian! More...


Christine Dougherty

23 September 2018

Brian had been our personal accountant for years and has been a tremendous resource as I’ve set up my business. Highly, highly recommend.


Tom Mc Cann

2 September 2018

Brian is the BEST! I have known him for over 20 years, but had my first serious conversation with him at a cocktail party several years ago. In a 15 minutes conversation, he gave me a few pieces of advice that saved me a considerable amount of money! A short time later I transferred all of my accounting work to Brian C. Greenberg & Associates. That was probably the best business decision I ever made. Brian is extremely knowledgeable, competent and actually has a personality. His staff is likewise competent and extremely helpful. I highly recommend him for all your accounting and business planning needs! More...


Nancylu Viviano

2 September 2018

Brian and staff are the best! They have walked us through conversion from paper to electronic accounting, guided us through complicated transactions having to do with estate planning, real estate matters and changing employment practices and laws; all resulting in economies for us and better understanding of complex business tax issues. Brian and the staff are extremely competent, coupled with their caring, I highly recommend Brian Greenberg & Assoc. More...


Mark Czajkowski

27 August 2018

Brian and the CPA team are friendly, genuine, and most definitely knowledgeable in many areas; couldn't recommend enough.


Patricia Sanders

31 July 2018

Brian is a great guy! :) I like him!


Patrick Colucci

11 May 2018

New to Brian. Exceptionally professional and talented. Very happy with his quick response and expert care!


Fedna Morency

17 March 2016

Brian is an AMAZING accountant. With his help, I saved on my taxes and maximized my income! I had a business proposition that would have caused me to lose money and put me in a higher tax bracket. Something didn't sit right with me so I called Brian and he worked out a deal to renegotiate my contract and maximized my income!!! It doesn't get better than that! He is honest, brilliant, and reliable. When dealing with Brian and Associates, I'm always at ease and trust them wholeheartedly. Ladies and gentlemen, put your stress to rest and leave it to Brian and Associates to take good care of you. They're worth it! More...

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