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Kurt S.

8 June 2019

Took the kids in this afternoon and they had a blast. Great customer service and the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend!


Summit Chamber

26 March 2019

We had so much fun getting our photos done. The costumes are high quality and the props are hysterical. Our whole family had a blast and now we have a great photo hanging on our wall to remind us of one of our favorite places!


Kendal Wright Vaille

22 November 2018

Our family had a blast taking pictures at Breckenridge Old Time Photography. Chad and Julie were patient and fun.


Tracy Dodds Larson

22 November 2018

Great experience! My kids- who don’t usually love having pictures taken- had a great time. The pictures came out perfect and we really appreciated that they could frame everything right there!


Garret G.

11 March 2013

This Place was Pretty Sweet.I have been to places like this a couple times when I was younger, I always loved dressing up and pretending to be someone from the Wild West.I was walking around town and stumbled upon this place and knew that no matter what I was walking away with a Photo.The only drawback was that the place was a little small but it didn't really draw away from the experience, more like a warning for larger parties.There are tons of outfits to get dressed up in and a couple different settings for smaller groups. OK now what makes this place worthy of 5 Stars.2 Stars for how nice Craig is, he was not pushy at all and all around a nice/chill guy to go through this experience with.1 Star for how simple it was. Pick out an outfit, pose, and most importantly have fun.1 Star for the fact that he gives you so many options of photos because he just "Goes to Town" taking multiple photos in multiple scenarios because in the end you have already paid for one of the Photos.The Final and 5th Star has to go for price, the sitting fee wasn't Horrible but it was his packages that were really worth while, anything but wallets are really always great, you can give them out to your Family and I can almost guarantee you that Grandma will be grateful just because you took the second to think about her.Thanks Craig, It was Fun!!!!! More...

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