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Falls Church, Virginia, United States

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Boundary Jumpers

Falls Church, Virginia, United States



Our Mission Is To Grow Your Business!

Boundary Jumpers is a results driven Sales and Marketing group that specializes in helping small businesses and non profits grow. We want you to be great! Whether you need someone to map out your sales strategies, write a marketing plan, or re brand your company’s image;


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1 February 2019

Alex is highly creative and manages her client’s project from beginning to end with upmost professionalism. She works in either collaborative team environments or independently. She creates strategies for both internal and external PR opportunities to maximum her client’s marketing experience. More...

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1. Company Identity, industry, field:

2. Company Name (Legal):

3. Company Name (Branding):

4. Company Tag Line:

5. What is your Brand Messaging?

a. What is your mission?

b. What is your vision?

c. What are your values?

6. Company Phone Number:

7. Address:

8. Other contact information:

9. Domain Names/ website:

10. Business hours of operation (store hours / when phones will be answered, if relevant)

11. How long have you been in business?

12. Briefly describe what your company or your product does:

13. What social media outlets are you on?

14. Who is your Target Audience?
a. What range of annual revenue do you want the organization to make before doing business with them?
b. Number of staff, does with matter?
c. Who is your key decision maker, usually?
d. How long is your sales cycle, usually?

15. Who is your Secondary Audience?

16. Where is your audience / target market online?

17. Who are your Competitors?

18. What are your three top business goals for the next year?

19. Do you have a sales process you currently following, if so what is it?

20. Are you currently using a CMS (Customer Management System) and is it affective in tracking your data?

21. Do you have a list of prospects you are currently looking to approach?

22. How have you been acquiring client so far?

23. What marketing campaigns have you been doing?

24. What Marketing Strategies would you like to implement to reach your target markets?

25. How would you like to get more business? Referrals, web, networking

26. List your Products / Services

27. Pricing of your product / services

28. What market research have you done?

29. Are you mass producing this product currently?

30. What makes your product different within you market?

31. What are your products best-selling points?

32. What are (your) best-selling points, your best talents?

33. What do you believe are your Client’s goals?

34. “WHY” do you do what you do?

35. “WHY” should people buy your product?

36. What do you want Boundary Jumpers to help you with for your business?

I love making other people and companies happy. I want to free them of having to do the marketing and just be able to run their business.

Not sitting in an office, LOL. I like the freedom to pick the clients and teams I work with.

I like to think of myself as an outsourced marketing team. I support non-profits, small businesses owners and mid-size companies with project management, design, research, marketing, processes, prompt service, strategic thinking and implementation.