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Boogie Nights Vintage is the premiere seller of vintage clothing in Garland, TX. We have a hand-selected stock, acquired from over 20 years of scouring all across Texas, looking for the best pieces possible. Looking for wholesale bulk clothing?


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Julie Hainline Falls

4 May 2019

Yes I love this store. Great buys on handbags and clothes


Loree O.

28 April 2018

Great selection of vintage clothing and accessories as well as other clothing. I was impressed by the large selection of male clothing as well. They have baskets of earring, bracelets and a good selection of scarves. I only wish they had a larger selection of vintage style shoes. They have a good selection of more current style shoes though. You can't beat the 3 for $2.99 bracelet baskets :) More...


Leah O.

29 January 2017

I love boogie nights!  I have found several unique items that I can not find anywhere else.  They have a fitting room in the back so I don't have to just guess on the fit.   They have each rack separated by the year it was from. They also have vintage shoes and accessories. More...


Melissa B.

18 November 2016

I enjoy this store a lot. The location in downtown Garland next to the coffee house makes for a fun afternoon between the two. I love looking at all the vintage clothes. I wish they carried hats. Hats are so great amiright? During halloween they had costumes for dirt cheap. If you could find your size and you weren't dead set on a certain costume, you'd save hella money by shopping here. More...


Jill W.

31 May 2015

Wonderful little gem in Garland. Fair prices, nice staff. They even have kids costumes/vintage! Will definitely be back!


Ruthanna H.

21 January 2015

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! They, by far, have the best prices for vintage clothes I've ever seen. I almost don't want to write a review because I want to keep this place a secret, but I also want them to stay in business so I can keep coming back. If you want a stylish outfit without spending much, this is the place to go. Need a cute boho ensemble? They got it. Need a chic party dress? Check. Want to dress as Madonna for Halloweeen Not a problem. Even if you just want a cute sweater Boogie Nights is the place to go. It was difficult not spending my whole paycheck here  Up front there are lots of contemporary, yet fashionable clothes in great condition from brands such as H&M, Rock & Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, Forever 21, etc. Towards the back there are racks full of vintage pieces. Then there's a small set of stairs that leads to a section full of men's clothes and vintage luggage. That's also where the fitting rooms are. Throughout the store there are purses, shoes, hats and jewelry. Gems I found: Faux leather jacket $12Boho fringe dress: $12Brand new lace bodycon dress: $14Leather purse $19My only complaint is that the racks are hard to look through because they're so full, but it's still worth it. More...


Emily G.

9 November 2014

This is my absolute favorite vintage store in the Dallas metroplex. (As I write this, I am kind of scared that too many other people will figure out how awesome this place is, and then they'll buy all the stuff I want. Is that irrational fear, or the sign of a good shopping experience I'm smelling?!) They sell the coolest vintage clothes for women and men. I especially appreciate the selection of women's vintage dresses that have patterns and fabric that you cannot find in stores today. I think the quality of clothes was just better "back in the day". Anyway, anyone who appreciates good vintage clothing will like this place, and Garland's downtown square itself is worth the trip. There's a nice small town vibe along with some good restaurants and a cool coffee shop next door. Coffee + vintage clothes shopping = amazing. Only tip: Check the hours before you head over. Right now, they are not open on Monday or Tuesday. More...