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Bollywood Grill

Bollywood Grill locationShrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA

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Fine Indian Cuisine, with catering service to the surrounding areas and neighboring states such as NH, CT, RI, MA.
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Bollywood Grill Reviews

Bollywood Grill Reviews

Review of Bollywood Grill by Brianna Ramsey
3 06/06/2018 Brianna Ramsey

Nice people and variety in the buffet, but I found the food to be a bit bland. Chicken meatballs in the marsala are delicious though!

Review of Bollywood Grill by Roy Christoph
5 27/05/2018 Roy Christoph

The best food and atmosphere around. Friendly waiters too! Can't beat the buffet!!

Review of Bollywood Grill by Carl B
4 17/05/2018 Carl B

Awesome Biryani, Disney-esc atmosphere, somewhat inattentive staff. 4 stars mainly for the biryani.

Review of Bollywood Grill by nitish mp
1 13/05/2018 nitish mp

Had been to one of their lunch buffet's very very bad food and service. The food is very bland and no taste at all. The funniest part is when I said the same thing to the manager he knew the food is bad and dint seem to care at all. Please remove the fine Indian cuisine from you tagline guys.

Review of Bollywood Grill by sam boston
1 01/05/2018 sam boston

Catastrophic Picked up an order to go last night The Kabob was Rock hard maybe a week old , the Raita Yougurt was spoiled , the Tikka chicken we reheated from some buffet earlier
really dry and even the Naan was mushy and soggy to make matters worse I took back the food and the chef wouldn’t even come out to defend this un edible garbage he served will be reporting this to the health department GO AT YOUR OWN RISK

Review of Bollywood Grill by Clayton Wood
5 04/04/2018 Clayton Wood

Love the lunch buffet... good price for all you can eat

Review of Bollywood Grill by Ritesh Patel
5 01/04/2018 Ritesh Patel

Best indian food adjustable to how spicy you want it.. close to my work..

Review of Bollywood Grill by Jennifer Racine
3 23/02/2018 Jennifer Racine

I used to love this place, but the food has changed over the years. I went yesterday for the first time in maybe a year, and I was pretty disappointed. Everything I got from the lunch buffet (the vegetarian items) was much too salty, and not very spicy. I only had one small plate. But I was there for the kheer, one of my favorite foods ever created. I'd been craving it for weeks and was okay with not loving the main dishes as much as I used to. But their kheer seems really blah now, much to my disappointment. I'm not sure what's different, maybe less cardamom or rosewater, but it doesn't have all the flavor it should.
I'm revisiting another Indian restaurant right up the street from Bollywood today in hopes of getting the delicious food I've been craving.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Misty Williams
4 13/02/2018 Misty Williams

Tasty Indian cuisine. Great place to enjoy ethnic fair with friends.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Sherry Butler
5 29/01/2018 Sherry Butler

Delicious buffet
Try a mango lassi to start your meal.. it coats your stomach so if you are not use to spice you will still enjoy any and all foods..
Remember half a spoon of each food will let you decide your favorites

Review of Bollywood Grill by Jacob Berezin
2 26/01/2018 Jacob Berezin

Had a bad experience here. When we went they were plagued by environmental issues. Broken heat and a massive leak in the ceiling dripping down. The food was average but I actually choked on a small chicken bone that should not have been there. Very unpleasant.

Review of Bollywood Grill by .
3 04/01/2018 .

Not a good time to order take out at 2:45 pm and expensive, for very small portions. Containers not marked to what food within. Will go to NH in future.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Richard Tibbetts III
5 25/12/2017 Richard Tibbetts III

The buffet (daily 11:30am-3pm) is amazing. To be honest, it is so good and affordable (12.50) that in the 17 years I've been visiting this location, I've only had dinner service once and the buffet probably 300+ times easy.

Go for the buffet. You won't regret it.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Daniel Chase
3 21/12/2017 Daniel Chase

Basic Indian buffet. They could do a few things to make a tremendous difference. First is make 'real' naan. They have sliced pitas which they call naan. The second is the chicken paste stuff they use in the tikka masala. The sauce itself was tasty, but the texture of the meat left me wondering what exactly I ate.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Stephanie Thomas
4 21/11/2017 Stephanie Thomas

First time and food was good but avoided the buffet. Waiter was friendly and accommodating but didn't seem like he was used to (or comfortable) actually waiting on guests. The buffet must be what the masses choose, but it didn't look fresh when we arrived later in the day. Lamb saag and chicken were the dishes chosen for lunch and both were tasty. Garlic naan is outstanding.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Gregory Hylton
5 21/11/2017 Gregory Hylton

The staff here is great and very accommodating. I love there spicy chicken dish but I just wish they had an option to substitute rice for veggie or soup on the side.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Jeannette Cardozo
4 Jeannette Cardozo

Love the afternoon buffet
Variety of foods
Good service

Review of Bollywood Grill by Kelly Allen Waugh
5 Kelly Allen Waugh

Food was excellent!! Staff was super friendly and very attentive!

Review of Bollywood Grill by Kaylee Arduini
5 Kaylee Arduini

Absolutelyyyyyy delicious and good for the soul �

Review of Bollywood Grill by Chelsea Mariah Vieira
5 Chelsea Mariah Vieira

Food was awesome!!!!! Service was also awesome ! They gave us a couple mango drinks complimentary very nice and fun atmosphere

Review of Bollywood Grill by Zarina C. Puckneedle
5 Zarina C. Puckneedle

Had a great meal at Bollywood Grill. The food was delicious, the wait staff friendly and helpful, and the ambiance was perfect. Planning a return visit soon.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Jessica Ann Gallant
5 Jessica Ann Gallant

Good service, fresh food, and the buffet is always great for $10pp.

Review of Bollywood Grill by A. Frederick Telschow
5 A. Frederick Telschow

Great food, service and atmosphere. Definitely coming back

Review of Bollywood Grill by Holly Ewart O'Neall
4 Holly Ewart O'Neall

We love it here. We've been coming here for fourteen years and always had great food and wonderful service.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Ismael Rivera
1 Ismael Rivera

The food was good but very disappointed with the portion and price. I paid $15.00 for four Cubs of chicken in the curry. So mad I refused to say anything and paid for it and left.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Arsim Monika Paljoji
5 Arsim Monika Paljoji

The are the best that food is amazing you have to visit this restaurant and see low at

Review of Bollywood Grill by Gerard Cardinal
5 Gerard Cardinal

Bollywood Grill is a fantastic restaurant, I recommend trying everything twice! But seriously, the buffet in the early afternoon is awesome, the staff is friendly and attentive, and the food is outrageously good!

Review of Bollywood Grill by Brina Leigh Ocnos-Tolman
2 Brina Leigh Ocnos-Tolman

I come to Bollywood Grille at least twice a month for the buffet and though it is expensive I really enjoy it. Tonight I decided to get take out to share with a friend. The portions were incredibly small and most definitely over priced and the nan was not as crisp or as large as it has been during the buffets. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Maryjane Berger
5 Maryjane Berger

I'm a vegan my kid takes me or he goes to there.. and it really amazing food doctors love there food thank you Bollywood grill.💝💝 Kingtut is my discovery 1847 from empire State building new York City the origin of jaimaca because jaimaca queens Kingston Massachusetts.and jaimaca plain Dorchester Massachusetts....not from the presious metal ufo. Somebody from ufo from Italy his name navanod eygpt in Africa usto be part of Hawaii back then not now...I'm cucomunga means Hawaii or I can say I'm alohian I'm on Facebook thanks*

Review of Bollywood Grill by Dennis Arsenault
4 Dennis Arsenault

Indian's have perfected the art of cooking vegetables � This place brings their game!However it is not strictly vegetarian because they serve chicken and goat. It is a good place for vegetarians though because the selection is wide as many Indians are vegetarian. The customer service is great and the food is pretty good. As for the price on the buffet it is excellent. With Indian food expect that your portions are heavy because most of the items are stew meats.

Review of Bollywood Grill by John David
5 John David

Absolutely an amazing if you haven't tried Indian you don't know what your missing!

Review of Bollywood Grill by Nicole Lopez
3 Nicole Lopez

This is the first time I can say I was a bit disappointed with their selection. I’m not sure if the conditions were caused by the extra business brought in because it was a holiday, but the buffet was very light and when they did replenish it was still pretty slim pickings. Food was delicious, as always.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Jan Blain
5 Jan Blain

We went to Bollywood to celebrate my daughter's birthday. We all loved our meals and service was very good. We will be back


Review of Bollywood Grill by Nona Cabrona
3 Nona Cabrona

Sorry! I really wanted to like this place! Indian cuisine is my 2nd favorite and I always try every Indian restaurant I come across.

1 star- Service was pretty good! �
1 star- Wine selection and prices. �
1 star- Music/set-up/restaurant & cleanliness

I leave out 2 stars for the food. The chicken in the vindaloo had a lot of fat and chewy parts. I get that it's dark meat but most of it was inedible. The potatoes were undercooked and were also inedible. � The chicken in the tikka masala was decent (white meat/lean) but a bit overcooked and dry. It was edible though and we all ended up sharing that dish. I feel that for $80 we had 1 dish that we all shared, 1 glass of wine and 1 soda (daughter also didn't like the mango juice and didn't drink it-I didn't try it). For that amount of money I was hoping the 3 of us ate our meal and enjoyed it. �

Review of Bollywood Grill by Ivelisse Delgado
1 Ivelisse Delgado

I'm not sure what's going on if there's new management but today I was completely disappointed. Food guard over the buffet was taken off not sure if this is a permanent move. I always look forward to their rice pudding but today was like drinking milk. Had to wait for them to bring more chicken. Anyways, I don't think I will be returning.

Review of Bollywood Grill by Christopher Podolski Mirara
1 Christopher Podolski Mirara

Why did you change the pricing for take out lunch? I work as a nurse and barely have time to come in and sit for the buffet although I would love to do that. But I had to walk out today hungry because I was so disappointed by the price change. $16 for a small box is a lot and by sitting in the restaurant and paying $10 for the lunch buffet I would eat more. Please explain the rational for the price change, don’t want to leave after being a customer for so many years.

Bollywood Grill

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97 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA 01545, USA

Bollywood Grill Q&A

Bollywood Grill Q&A

What’s your signature dish?

Chicken TIkka Masala, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Shahi Panir, Malai Kovfta, Pistachio Korma, Lamb Shankh, and many more

How do you go about creating the perfect menu for your clients?

We work with each client to understand what they like and what the type of event they are planning and according to that we provide our input and create a menu to there liking.

What do you love most about your job?

We like to make our clients remember there event in a way that is joyful for them and there guests.

What inspired you to start your own business?

As coming from a family of Chefs, it grew in me to take it to the next level.

Why should our clients choose you?

Quality, Experience, and best of all our relationship with our clients is forever and all our clients come back to us.

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