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Body Unlimited Fitness

Sherman Oaks, California, Los Angeles

2 hires on Bark.com
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Body Unlimited Fitness

Sherman Oaks, California, Los Angeles

2 hires on Bark.com


We are a private fitness training studio in which an elite group of elite trainers work together to bring each client the most efficient and safe customized fitness plan. We offer a wide spectrum of fitness modalities in order to accomplish any goal, including resistance training, boxing, calisthenics, plyometrics, yoga and more.


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Johnathan W.

14 May 2019

Even though I can only train for 30 minutes a week, I've already seen great improvement in my overall health. My chronic pain has gotten so much better these last couple months thanks to Demitris giving me great instruction, with exercises tailored to my injuries and illnesses. I'm feeling better with each week I train and I'm thankful this gym didnt turn me away for having so many medical problems. Couldn't have gotten my health back without the great team at BUF! More...


Edwin H.

30 November 2018

I work by Body Unlimited Fitness and had always been curious about stopping by. I finally stopped by one day and grabbed one of their fliers and decided to put my big boy pants on. So I called. Natalie answered the phone and we spoke for about 30 minutes. Natalie is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! In addition, she is very knowledgeable and very willing to share her knowledge.I was somewhat intimidated upon walking in because I just started working out on my own; but, there is no need to be afraid. Everyone here is so welcoming, so helpful and very very friendly. After my initial evaluation with Chris (who is also amazing) he referred me over to Julian. I would like to start off by saying, that Julian knows what he is doing. He helped me launch into my fitness adventure and helped me establish a strong foundation, taught me proper form, how to avoid injury and how to train smart. I haven't looked back since. Absolutely life changing!! BUF makes you feel like you are apart of a family and that your fitness goals are their goals. You do not get this anywhere else. Absolutely love this place, 10/10 recommend the BUF team. You will not regret it!! =] More...


Philip Walz

30 July 2018

Amazing vibe


Seth Daniel

23 July 2018

Expect to be motivated and appreciated when you work out here.


Benny Nieves

23 July 2018

Gem of the valley!!!
Welcoming Very clean, warm and homey. Must check out. You won't be disappointed. Guaranteed !!!!


Ofra Peters

23 July 2018

Body unlimited studio , is such a warm welcoming gym , with great equipment ,
Great team of trainers , and an atmosphere of ease and support , it is truly an exceptional one of a kind place ...


Anais Paronyan

30 July 2017

I've been working with Natalie for three years and, for the past few months, with Seth. Both of them are extremely kind, attentive, encouraging individuals, who constantly push me reach to for my outer edges, those distant galaxies that you can't fathom could possibly exist. They also teach me how to meet myself where I am in the moment, understanding and accepting my weaknesses, knowing that it's a matter of putting mindful attention on those parts of myself - body as well as mind - and they will grow and flourish.If I find myself getting discouraged or frustrated, I can always count on them to keep me going, to give me the wisdom and the insights that help me push through the pain! There's never a dull moment in the studio either! The atmosphere is magnificently positive and delightfully fun! All the trainers are lovely to talk to, as well as other clients! Always a hilarious joke, or an encouraging word from everyone around. I came to them with absolutely zero muscle, and a serious hatred for anything involving raising my heart rate. Through my time at BUF studio I've gained muscle I couldn't dream of having and normalized the feeling of an elevated heart rate. I feel confident in myself as a woman and love that I can lift heavy objects in my daily life!! Also if you have any pets they allow them to happily hang out :). My little French bulldog loves everyone at the gym and all the pets he gets!! More...


Jay Zuckerman

30 July 2017

Great place and people and awesome results!!!


Mark Haynes

30 July 2017

I've been training with owner Natalie for almost ten years and she's one of the most knowledgeable trainers I've known in both fitness and nutrition and has guided me through many different plans over that time, always customizing for my goals as well as my body type, metabolism, etc. This personal touch is also there with all of the BUF trainers but one thing that I think deserves a special mention is how safety conscious the team is - not only do they do a detailed assessment to customize your workout program to safely achieve your goals before you start, all along the way, they are checking in to see how you're feeling. I really don't see or hear this when observing trainers at other gyms (and I hit a few different gyms during the week depending on where I am). If you tell them you're sore, they change the workout on the fly to keep you on track for results - that, my friends, takes brains which these guys have. In addition to Natalie, I've worked directly with both Julian and Phil, also, and these guys are super smart and conscientious and just as attentive to supporting my goals issues - plus, they haven't heard half of the silly jokes that Natalie has suffered with a smile over the years! More...


Yarin S.

11 July 2017

3 month before I got married I was looking for a nice, quiet and great environment to start do something about the fact I want to lose weight and go back to be active.I was looking in Yelp and I saw this Ad of BUF and I said let's check this place.Same day I came For a Trial Lesson and some measurement with Joe !!!I was so bad that I couldn't breath after two minutes.A week after with Joe I was feeling so good I cant even explain YOU!!Long story short I had a Mission to lose 30 pounds for my wedding..4 times a week , 6:30am , 3 month I lost 30 Pounds exactly like I planed !! I had a Goal and with hard work and good diet that Joe made for me I did It !!Joe Is the best guy there and for sure the best trainer !! More...


Cheesy C.

2 April 2017

Been boxing for 22 years and from my experience here, they really have their stuff together here. Service, equipment,  and trainers are all on par with the top places in the country I've trained and worked at.


Dante B.

1 December 2016

I have been working out at Body Unlimited Fitness for 3 months now and have just started my second 3 month work out program.  I am a 45 year old man who wanted to lose some weight, tone up and get back into shape.  I have worked out at the big corporate gyms, Krav Maga and small groups in the past but I was looking to learn how to exercise smart and not just do endless reps, circuits or weights.  I checked out Body Unlimited Fitness as it was close to me and it was a small gym.  After a lot of research and thinking I decided to work out 2x a week for 3 months.  Working out with a personal trainer is more expensive than a gym membership, but I have found the personal attention and ongoing instruction to be worth every penny and a far better workout.  One hour spent exercising here with a personal trainer is equal to 3 hours doing it by yourself at a gym.I started with Ibrahim and was very, very pleased with his approach to working out and his style.  Ibrahim is exactly what I was looking for in a trainer.  He focuses on building and strengthening your core and improving your flexibility, and from there he builds on your muscle groups.  He is not the type of trainer who puts you through the routine circuits, pumping weights or boot campesque drills.  His approach when working with me is very focused on my specific areas in need of improvement and he does this with very unique workouts.  Ibrahim's approach is very holistic and focused on working my whole body from the core out.  He understanding that everything is connected and that a strong core is essential to improve flexibility and build and improve muscle strength and stamina.I often tell Ibrahim that he is the expert at making a workout that looks relatively easy to do actually very strenuous and challenging, which is awesome.  His approach and his exercises are low impact (easy on the joints) but require you to really engage your core and muscle groups to complete the exercise.  He takes time to ensure the movements are being done correctly and to ensure that I am not struggling or experiencing any pain.  Ibrahim is very good at pushing me a little past my limit and then pushing little further past that to build and enhance my strength and flexibility.  He prefers slow, correctly performed exercises, not fast and sloppy reps.  This is extremely important to me and the reason I chose to work out here.  I know how to exercise, but I want to exercise correctly and this is what Ibrahim brings to my workouts.  I cannot say enough about Ibrahim and how he has improved my core strength, my flexibility and helped me achieve my goals.  I highly recommend Ibrahim and Body Unlimited Fitness! More...


Emerald G.

28 September 2016

This is a wonderful gym. I have been training here with Julian on and off since April 2016. For only training once a week consistently for the past two months, I am amazed at the difference I feel in my posture, strength, and posterior chain development. Like many people, I have a quad dominance, and what I am most impressed by is the fact that Julian really focuses on corrective work - aka activating muscles that have been lazy because the big bad quads take over. Through this corrective work I've been able to slowly develop the backs of my legs and balance out - making me less prone to injury, and more balanced, with whatever I do. Aside from being an excellent/smart trainer and always giving much time + detail to our workouts, Julian is just a generally fun, nice, and professional person to work with. The owner, Natalie, is also so kind and awesome. This gym has a small feel and is really client-centered; I really recommend it for people who are looking to make a real investment in taking care of themselves. Thank you Julian, Natalie, and others! :) More...


Zika N.

8 September 2016

Heard a lot of great things about Joe from a friend of mine but did not know how good he was until I've tried. What he did with once a week workout is short of a miracle. He knows how to push you and the results speak for themselves. His routine is something I've never seen before. I had an issue with my lower back, which he adjusted with his infamous core exercises))) those hurt, in a good way. I can only imagine what  he could do with 2-3 times a week. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get in shape. More...


Becky D.

2 May 2016

I initially reached out to B.U.F. because I was interested in boxing classes to strengthen my hips. They offered me a free fitness assessment where I met with Ibrahim, who instantly understood my trouble areas and how to work on them one on one to reach my goals faster. He even went over some moves with me during the assessment (for free!) which had my hips and thighs burning in no time. From our first session, his training style just clicked with me. He really cares about his clients and just has a way of motivating you to give more than you thought you could without making it feel like torture. I genuinely enjoy every work out with him and the variety of techniques Ibrahim uses ensure that you'll never get bored. It's been two months now and the time has flown. The other great thing about Ibrahim is that he's real and realistic in what he expects from his clients. We both know I'm not going to give up carbs or cheese and he doesn't make me feel guilty about it. The entire B.U.F. team is super welcoming and their energy makes for a positive and fun place to work out. Natalie, the owner, has done an incredible job making this a safe space to reach your fitness goals. More...


Leonardo Z.

3 April 2016

Just went to my first class here for Sunday bootcamp with Phil and couldn't be happier! Kicked my ass in the best way and it was a smaller class so it felt like you had your own personal trainer. Great class with great people. Highly recommend to give it a try, you won't be disappointed More...


An L.

21 March 2016

I have being going to BUF for 2 weeks. Trainers (Seth, Phil)I work with are really friendly, professional and always motivate me to work harder. The owner Natalie really create a family atmosphere and I am excited to go back to my weekly session every time! I would definitely recommend this place to my friend and colleague. More...


Debby P.

7 January 2016

Best Gym in the Valley!!!I started at B.U.F. 4 months ago, and I have to say it has been an amazing experience.  I have major hip and back issues and I was gun-shy to start working out again after some bad experiences at other gyms.  Then I met IBRAHIM RENNO,my fantastic trainer, at my free assessment and he took the time to figure out the source of my pain and each time I come to the gym it's clear he has researched my issues and has figured out a way to deal with them in a safe and effective way.  I am stronger and in better shape, but most importantly, I don't hurt anymore!!  And Natalie, the gym owner, is a gem.  She has created a fun, safe workout environment where the trainers and the clients are happy to be.  Such a breath of fresh air in an industry that is so inundated with wanna-be's and corporate money grubbers. More...


Fin F.

5 December 2015

I have been going to B.U.F. Studio since October 2015. I was originally interested in taking some form of MMA or boxing, to change up my typical workout routine. I've been playing sports since I was 5 years old and continuously stayed active into my adulthood. I went in and did the free fitness assessment and signed up with the owner, Natalie, that day when they offered Mauy Thai. Unlike other gyms, this one is smaller and more focused on you. I don't have a normal schedule, but they are really flexible with their hours. My instructor is Ibrahim. After my first day I was immediately hooked! I changed my package from 1x a week to 2x a week after about 3 sessions because I loved it so much and time would just fly by. Ibrahim isn't just your typical instructor that just has you hit the mitts, sweat a little bit, and then you go home. He is passionate in what he does and genuinely cares about your progression.  He focuses on the little details, that speaks volumes when it comes down to technique. He changes it up every session and I'm never bored.  And boy! He finds those muscles that I typically miss, with exercises I've never seen before. It's awesome! I don't think a yelp review can illustrate how much I enjoy these sessions and how much it has changed my life as a whole. I feel happier and more motivated than ever. I you want someone with an extensive, knowledgeable background in Mauy Thai, Ibrahim is your go-to guy! More...


Norma O.

20 October 2015

Great gym and wonderful atmosphere to workout in! The staff are all great and really care about their clients! I have trained with Phil for over and he always delivers great results! He makes sure to listen to his client's goals and tailor workouts to their needs! Highly recommend Phil and this studio More...


Christina A.

7 October 2015

I have never been one to work out and lift weights, I usually used to just walk on the treadmill. But once I began training with Natalie, I started to actually lift weights and build a stronger core through many different exercises. I now have the BEST workouts! I workout at 7am and I have honestly never been more excited and pumped to work out, especially that early in the day!!! Natalie helped me get back on the right track, eat healthy and feel healthy. I definitely recommend everyone to try Body Unlimited Fitness Studio. Trust me, you will love your experience here, as well as, the RESULTS!!! All of the trainers are extremely friendly and motivating. More...


Mary A.

7 October 2015

I've trained with the owner of Body Unlimited, Natalie Joseph, for over three years now and my experience is nothing less than perfect. The trainers at BUF studio are super friendly and are there to only help you succeed and motivate you. Every day I learned to challenge myself with different weights and exercises. The workouts I did training with Natalie, have helped me get my life back on track and lead a healthy lifestyle. The atmosphere at the gym is always pumping and it makes it exciting and motivational for everyone to workout. There is no better place to train, because everyone here is like a family. Everyone is there to help you reach all your goals one step at a time. Thanks BUF studio!!! More...


seth d.

14 September 2015

This place is amazing and the training is top notch, the flexibility  with scheduling  and having the choice to train with any of the trainers on the BUF  team till you find your fit is awesome! The place is cozy and personal  unlike the corporate "give me your money and enjoy this  sterile box."  Each trainer brings their own personalized touch to their workouts so I recommend  you try each. The team members I've trained with thus far are Natalie, Anna-rose, Julian,Phill,Todd and Joe. More...


Allie Y.

11 September 2015

Just finished taking my first kickboxing class at Body Unlimited Fitness with Benny and boy was that a workout! I've taken a few kickboxing classes at other gyms in the area, but these other classes were always packed with people and I never learned any technique. The class at BUFS is in an intimate setting with a max of 4, although i was the only one in my time slot, so it was a private lesson :). Benny pays a lot of attention to detail and focuses on teaching proper form and technique. He's a brilliant instructor and encourages you to work hard and stay focused. Even as a beginner, you don't feel intimidated or stupid. He caters his class for all levels. Needless to say, there was a lot I learned and I got a great workout.   I would definitely recommend! More...


Layla H.

4 September 2015

This gym is the best place for your ultimate and personal workout experience. All of the trainers are outstanding and I get that tough love I need to work hard as well as genuine support. Great for my budget and my body. Bring your friends! Bring your family! More...


Frank G.

6 December 2014

I've been coming here since Aug 2014 (so a little over 4 months at the time of this writing). I train with Benny Nieves who has been awesome. The gym itself is small and private and has all the gear that you need to get your butt kicked by Benny.As for Benny, he's a blend of New York drill sergeant mixed with a real desire to see you improve your health and appearance. He's been instrumental in helping me craft a program that balances nutrition with a varied routine of exercises that are helping me achieve my personal goals. He's fanatical about technique and I've pushed myself to extremes without any injury. In short, I love the gym and would recommend Benny to anyone. He's worth every penny. I've lost about 20 lbs and put on a whole lot of muscle. I feel great and plan on continuing indefinitely. Give it a try. It's been totally worth it for me. More...


deedee c.

16 January 2014

"What started out as a one-month trial run at Jo's Gym has already turned into eight months and a whole new lifestyle that prioritizes a healthy body and state of mind. What's so great about Jo's gym is the personal attention you get from your trainer, minus the distractions of a typical gym like competing for machines and feeling like everyone around you is watching you plod through an unmotivated and ineffective work-out. Not at Jo's! Plus, since it's a private gym you can schedule a time that works around your own hectic lifestyle. It's efficient and effective. I get more out of one work-out at Jo's Gym than I do at 3 work-outs at my old gym.Take it from a cancer survivor who's back on track and ready to take on the world again. Jo's Gym is a great place to help you find a new lease on life." More...


Vivien D.

31 January 2013

I have been coming here for the past 5 years. This is a small friendly, extremely clean gym. I would never go anywhere else. Chris Riorden keeps me in great shape and I would definitely recommend him. More...


Lora T.

9 February 2012

You don't even need the gym if you want personal service - personal trainer Chris Riordon will come to you. He is knowledgable about fitness, nutrition, and health issues. You can get a routine tailored to your own level and he can even incorporate an amazing machine called 'Power Plate' to aid your progress. Highly recommend his services. More...


Deanna R.

28 October 2011

I worked out with Kamar, at Jo's gym for two months before my wedding. Kamar pushed me beyond my normal workout level and finally got me to sweat (which I never do).  I lost my goal of that last hard to loose 10 pounds. It was really great to have a trainer who cared and was completely focused on me and my form at all times, unlike the typical trainers at the large gyms.   Kamar was very motivating, always kept the workouts different and challenging.  The gym atmosphere is intimate and always immaculate.  I would recommend anyone at any fitness level feel very confident to achieve their goals at Jo's Gym. More...


Sonja P.

16 October 2011

Back in MArch of 2011 I was the heaviest I had ever been and really wanted to get into shape. Since I did not know the first thing about working out I decided to give Jo's Gym a try and work out with a personal trainer there. I was nervous walking into the gym the first day, but the minute I stepped through the door I felt at home. Everyone is so friendly and there is such a relaxed, intimate environment that right away all of my fears of being judged or laughed at went away. From the beginning, Kamar(the owner) set up a personalized fitness and nutrition regime for ME at a pace that was healthy for my fitness level. We never did the same workout twice so I never got bored. Also, he knows how to challenge and push me to do things I never thought my body could do. However, Kamar is very encouraging in his training so even when the exercises got hard, I never wanted to give up and I always wanted to come back the next day. Here I am, a girl who 'HATED" exercise and now I can't imagine living without it.     Before I knew it, the weight started coming off and now six months later I'm twenty-six pounds lighter and forty-five inches smaller. Most importantly, I FEEL better. I have so much more energy, stamina, and I just feel better about myself and life in general. Training at Jo's gym has taught me that I am capable of anything. I would suggest to anyone wanting to start an exercise program to go to Jo's Gym. There is nothing like working out with a personal trainer who cares and the trainers at Jo's will set you up for success. More...


Khrisna N.

12 September 2011

I've had fitness trainers in the past at 24h and Bally's gym, but it was never this good til i met my trainer Benny Nieves at Jo's gym. He's absolutely the best trainer ive ever had. And hes certainly the only trainer id ever go to or continue with because hes definitely very passionate at what he does. Id recommend him 100% if u really want a trainer who will help u with ur fitness goals, whether it be wt training or strengthening or wt loss goals. Ive even improved on my (bad) posture by exercises and techniques that he taught me. Hes very knowledgeable. Even with my health and eating habits ive improved with the information he shared. I was much more aware and better able to improve on my overall lifestyle. I feel great :)The gym is equipped and very comfortable to workout in More...


Arron N.

5 March 2011

My husband and I were trained by Benny Nieves for a few months before our wedding. After having worked out with Benny, I'd suggest that any person interested in getting in shape should seek the support of a personal trainer, if not long term, at least to kick off what will hopefully be a healthier lifestyle. We met with Benny three times a week at 7am. While I hated the early morning call time, shortly after the warm up, I was pumped and ready to go. I learned new exercise/types of exercise and became excited when I started to notice month to month my increasing strength. My husband lost a lot of weight from working out with Benny... 30 lbs I believe. The gym itself is small - compared to the chain fitness centers - but is perfect for personal training. They've got everything you need - a couple of treadmills, weights, space for stretching, sit ups, balanced balls, steps, outdoor space for boxing and more. All of the trainers there are very cool as are the other people that train there. Street/meter parking before 8 is free; after that the meters kick in.If you're looking for a personal trainer and are located in the valley, definitely check out Jo's Gym and ask for Benny. More...


Darwin B.

14 July 2010

This gym is under new management and was recently renovated.   Great environment to get fit with new equipments and a boxing area in the back.    They have classes and programs that are a great deal.  The trainers are knowledgeable and will really motivate you reach your fitness goals.  Benny has worked out with me with plyometrics, and boxing/martial arts training.  I'm a beginner in fitness, and they really helped me get started with their 4 week program.  They even gave me free avocados! This gym is as good as it gets!*they also donates a portion of their proceed to WeSpark a non profit Cancer support organization. More...

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Food is a major component in one's health. It can completely devastate someone's well-being and can completely heal as well. Food is not just sustenance, it is also medicine. If a healthy and balance diet is consistent then a person can expect their body to function properly. If a person is already battling an ailment or disease, however, food may or may not solve the root cause. In these cases, proper food consumption in addition to proper exercise and lifestyle changes are needed.

We first do a series of body composition assessments as well as a sit down consultation. This way we can understand where you are coming from and the state of your health and fitness now so that we can build the proper fitness training plan to suit your needs and goals. We continue to tweak this plan as you make progress and as we continue to understand your body mechanics and lifestyle habits.

The secret is consistency. It's not about pushing so hard that you throw up every workout and it's definitely not about focusing on just one aspect of your body. To achieve the body of your dreams we need to look at everything as a whole and we need to transition healthy habits including exercise , proper diet, proper sleep, alotted time for actual relaxation and so forth into your "normal" daily activities.

I become fluttered with joy when a client begins to not just see progress, but feel progress! There are no words to describe the sensation when I see that our clients are happy- that are clients are able to enjoy their own lives. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, but we strive to help people build the skills and strength to withstand and thrive in any condition. I love that we make space for each individual to be exactly who they are and not only help each client achieve their goals, but also become a support system to help each one maintain it.