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Blue lion fitness

Blue lion fitness locationAnn Arbor, Michigan

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Blue lion fitness Reviews

Blue lion fitness Reviews

Review of Blue lion fitness by Liza Moskowitz
5 08/03/2018 Liza Moskowitz

Blue Lion is the BEST!! I wouldnt choose anywhere else to workout while in Ann Arbour!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Michael Hammer
5 31/12/2017 Michael Hammer

Great workout with friendly folks and helpful coaching.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Justin Ferriman
4 18/10/2017 Justin Ferriman

I recently had the opportunity to attend Blue Lion Fitness. Below is my honest review of the gym and the experience.

If you just want a summary then here you go…


Very welcoming gym with high quality equipment. It resembles Crossfit in some aspects. Rigid course schedule with little explanation. Strong sense of community.


I work out at multiple gyms in Ann Arbor. As a former college soccer player, I look for high intensity interval training. I regularly attend Final Round MMA gym, Title Boxing Gym, and Liberty Athletic Club. I run a few times a week as well.


Gym is clean and welcoming. As soon as I walked in a trainer greeted me and was kind enough to show me the facility. It’s small but definitely equipped. He informed me that this first session was “on the house” (much appreciated). I signed-up on the computer, stretched a bit, and got ready for the hour long session.


During the week Blue Lion Fitness runs group fitness classes. They are broken up into four parts. Forgive me as the names and times aren’t exact, but they are roughly as follows:

Warm-up (~10min)
Core (~10min)
Strength (~15min)
Circuit (~15min)

The warm-up is nice. Consisted of some calm, deliberate movements like lunges, stretches, and slow rowing. Nice to get the body moving.

Core was okay. Typical stuff like Russian Twists (while holding weights) and crunch movements. It’s as hard as you want it to be. The core routines at Title Boxing are better so if that is your priority then I’d have to recommend trying Title out.

Strength is focused on weights. Each day of the week has a different focus. The day I attended was lower body whereas the next day was upper (chest if I recall). This schedule is the same every week.

For me, this is where things got too… “crossfit-y”. The typical Olympic weight lifting stuff. Squats with weights (our workout that day), deadlifts, bench press, etc.

You do a set and take a break while your partner does their set – and just keep hammering them out.

I did one set and then did some cardio instead during this section of the workout.

I have participated in athletics (at a high level) my entire life and never once have I needed to do this stuff. I’m not used to it, and frankly I prefer exercises with kettlebells or my own body weight as they are more natural with less risk of injury.

As I did my cardio I watched a number of people with atrocious form (and no correction from the staff). Good thing these people were young because otherwise they'd be liable to blow out a knee.

I get it, these kind of exercises are very “in style” now, so from a marketing standpoint I understand why Blue Lion uses them in order to appeal to that segment of the population. They are clearly competing with Crossfit.

The Circuit segment (last one) was my favorite. On our day it was as follows:

Run 200 meters
12 kettlebell squats
Row 200 meters
10 pullups
Run 200 meters
10 wall ball throws (throwing medicine ball up the wall)

This is the kind of circuit stuff that I really enjoy. Got a good sweat in.


Despite the 4/5 stars, I will not be back to Blue Lion Fitness.

The course schedule is too rigid. Each day of the week is roughly the same. If you can only get there on Tuesdays then you are doing the same strength focus exercise every single week.

Secondly, I did a bit of reading on Blue Lion before going. There was a lot of talk around the program being designed for athletes. I quickly realized that it was just marketing hype. The program is pretty generic, using ‘en vogue’ exercises to compete with other popular gyms (Crossfit).

In the end I recommend that you take Blue Lion up on their “first class free” offer to see if it’s something that you like. I can appreciate their efforts, it’s just not a good match for my fitness goals.

Review of Blue lion fitness by sammie chamberland
5 06/08/2017 sammie chamberland

Visited this gym from out of town. These owners/coaches really knew their stuff as former athletes and certified trainers and made interval training with a huge group of athletes really enjoyable, even on a Sunday! Wish I lived near there so I could go back again and again. They have some great equipment and a really awesome set up.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Kevin Black
5 16/06/2017 Kevin Black

Awesome staff, real quality equipment, great location, and you leave feeling amazing!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Jerry Kozak
5 04/11/2015 Jerry Kozak

Excellent facility - everything you need. The staff is dedicated and invested in your success. The workouts are small enough that you get a lot of personal attention, and they push you to achieve. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, and focused on success without feeling like a cult. There are a ton of classes throughout the day to choose from.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Jake F. L. Davidson
1 Jake F. L. Davidson

Staff unwilling to discuss the reasoning behind their programming when faced with critical dialog.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Michelle Jacobs
5 Michelle Jacobs

Thank you for putting us CHAARG girls through an amazing workout tonight! I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Emily Vercammen
5 Emily Vercammen

If you're not working out at Blue Lion Fitness, you're doing it wrong.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Paige Baranowski
5 Paige Baranowski

Absolutely love Blue Lion!! I am always excited to be there and look forward to my future workouts! If your not going to BLF you are missing out!!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Colleen Brophy
5 Colleen Brophy

Super great time everyday! Hard work made fun! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️For sure GO BLUE!! ����

Review of Blue lion fitness by Jeanne Geskes
5 Jeanne Geskes

Excellent gym! Great staff and clientele. Push you to work and have your back. Learning so much.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Danielle Winalis
5 Danielle Winalis

Awesome workout today!!! Great staff, great equipment, great group of people overall! Excited to check it out again soon!!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Heidi Haite
5 Heidi Haite

BLF is fantastic! A great atmosphere, incredible coaching and endless support to help me reach my goals! I am thankful every day for my BLF family!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Jessica Johnston
5 Jessica Johnston

Loving this place-kicking my butt in the best way. Love the vibe and the great trainers.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Lisa Mattison Roberts
5 Lisa Mattison Roberts

Best part of my day! Amazing facility, people/community, staff and workouts. Everyday I'm pushed harder and further than the last and some how through every challenge it's super fun. Love it!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Katie Mary
5 Katie Mary

Walked in as a beginner and walked out feeling like I could do this. When my arms are able to lift to an normal range, from my fantastic workout, I'll be back. Great gym, great equipment and knowledge of what is required. I can't wait to look as stacked as some of these dedicated people of Blue Lion Fitness.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Megan Tannenbaum
5 Megan Tannenbaum

It's been about 1.5 months since I joined BLF. I have loved every second of it. I am pushed to my limit and I have a TON of fun doing it. Love the people and community.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Kevin Black
5 Kevin Black

A real gym on all accounts. Knowledgable, no-joke staff... all the equipment you could ever want, great location, and you leave feeling like a BOSS. Keep on crushin' it Blue Lion Crew!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Joni Friedkin
5 Joni Friedkin

Workout that kicked my ass: check
Community that made me feel welcome: check
I’m in .... love this place.

Review of Blue lion fitness by April Fronzoni Bertin
5 April Fronzoni Bertin

This place will change your life for the better! I have been a member from day 1 and seriously can not wait to walk through the door each day and become a better person both mentally and physically! I ran my first ever marathon on Oct. 11th and the only reason I even considered doing it was because of the gains I made working out at Blue Lion! I not only did I exceed my expectations but during my first marathon I qualified for Boston! Blue Lion is more than a gym -- it's a way of life -- it's family! Check it out, because you are missing out!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Katie Dortch
5 Katie Dortch

After 2 kids and super stale gym routine my husband and I took the plunge and I can honestly say I will never look back. The competitive spirit coupled with awesome community and expert staff was exactly what I needed. I was a runner and always turned up my nose to strength and conditioning, this was a huge pill to swallow but i am so thankful I did. My body has never been stronger, the baby weight is gone, and I am encouraged and pushed daily by a great group of people that have now become friends.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Matt Newhouse
5 Matt Newhouse

The community is great, workouts are intense, the facilities are excellent. There's not much I would change or could ask more for in a gym, all for a great price too. Take a test class, you won't be disappointed.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Jen Bean
5 Jen Bean

So so so amazing. I highly recommend Matt. He’s the best trainer ever.

Review of Blue lion fitness by Dayna Mager
5 Dayna Mager

First class today, Daniel and Matt were very informative and nice, making me feel comfortable for the first time. Workout is TOUGH but can be tailored to your needs. Small space, but intimate and great workers. (and I loved there was a little pup running around!) Great first time experience, thanks!

Review of Blue lion fitness by Mika LaVaque-Manty
5 Mika LaVaque-Manty

Two and a half weeks in, I am more than sold. I came to Blue Lion after ten years of CrossFit, and Blue Lion's approach fits my personal needs better. The workouts are tougher (though scalable), but safer. The time in class is used fantastically: regardless of the day, I feel I get more than my money's worth. The atmosphere is awesome: friendly and supportive, regardless of who you are, how fit, strong, or old you are.

Blue lion fitness

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