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Bestworth Security Services (Bestworth Security), aka DDK Security Guard Service, is a fully licensed, bonded and insured security company operating in New York State to provide security services to private, commercials, and government agencies.


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5 June 2019

They have best people working for them


H. Nick

2 November 2018

When it comes to hiring someone to provide you with the unarmed security you need at times, these are the right people for you. They have been super helpful providing us with the services we need and at a price that is very reasonable and fair. Helpful and very patient! Thank you again More...


Bestworth Security love performing services that help clients resolving their security challenges. The feelings of providing our clients with exceptional services through our professionalism and resources to help them be more successful is at the core of Bestworth Security love about the business.

My experience as both Security Guard officer and Consultant to other Security Companies inspired me to establish Bestworth Security Services, LLC. I have over ten years of experience as a Security Officer and over twelve years as a Security Consultant for businesses that own security guard company. I found out that these security companies were very successful in the business while believing that they were being poorly run. I told myself that I could do way better than these companies. I have the experience, the management skills, and the work ethics that are needed to run a successful security guard business. Therefore, Bestworth Security was formed to provide quality and affordable services.

We are dedicated to always be on guard, providing the highest level of service and integrity. We challenge ourselves all the time to give our best by abiding to these below core values of our company:

1. Reliability / Dependability : We are a reliable company. We show up on time.

2. Professionalism: We are professional to the core. We dress neatly and address public in a courteous manner.

3. Hard Work: We work and give our best everyday. Our staff understand that they have to give 110% of previous day's effort everyday.

4. Integrity: Staff understands that personal integrity translates into corporate integrity and, therefore, must always be person of high integrity.

5. Consistency: Staff understands that it has to be consistently - reliable, professional, hard working, and maintaining high integrity.