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Beijing Restaurant

Standiford, California


Beijing Restaurant

Standiford, California


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Maureen S.

18 October 2019

This is hands down the best Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. My family has been coming here for over a decade and it is consistently wonderful. Our favorites are the Manchurian Beef and Lemon Chicken. Both are beyond compare. More...


Erica M.

15 October 2019

Only 4 stars because I wish they had more options on the menu. Really good food. Good portions. Very good service very friendly people. I will be back.


Denise H.

5 October 2019

Always fresh and my new favorite since Minnie's no longer serves food. The service is great, as is the food. Hard to pick what to order. Pot stickers, mo shoo pork, chow neon. the salad! All so delicious. More...


Denise Neto

22 September 2019

Delicious as always


Erika W.

6 September 2019

Awesome food and great service! Thank you Scott, Maria and Jim for always taking care of me. I'd highly recommend the sizzling rice soup


David Rodriguez

1 September 2019

The staff here are very friendly, we've been going here for years. We love their food and service, my kids love their Beijing salad too.


Nancy Phipps

29 August 2019

Only place i will go to eat chinese food.


Tim La Rosa

29 August 2019

This place is awesome! I've never eaten this kind of food before, so I was a lil nervous! I'm glad I did. Nice selection of some Amazing food, friendly staff, huge portions, and hecka fast service !! Parking kinda sucks, but it didnt matter. More...


Yesenia Hernandez

29 August 2019

1st time here.. I agree the garlic chicken was phenomenal.. great service too..


Kristin B.

20 August 2019

Always great! Always hot and fresh... best Chinese cuisine in Motown... hands down the finest Chinese food Stanislaus county has to offer


Leander T.

19 August 2019

This was really good. I wish they had more tofu options because I really hate eggplant. But still, really good. The egg rolls have a weird smokey flavour in the background. My companion really liked their bbq pork chow fun. The cream cheese wontons were good too. Decent prices. Plentiful sauces and fortune cookies. More...


Scott C.

17 August 2019

We live in the Modesto area and feel we have 30 or more choices to enjoy Chinese food...although I must say Beijing surpasses them all with great food, excellent service and relaxing atmosphere! You won't be disappointed!!! I am certain! More...


Jim J.

30 July 2019

This restaurant is located near the Walmart Store on McHenry St. Did not expect to see what I saw when I entered. I was greeted by a very friendly lady dressed very classy, black bow tie and white blouse. The restaurant was impeccably clean. Very relaxing music was playing in the background. The atmosphere was really nice. All that being said we went there for lunch. The food was outstanding. I didn't expect less. I will return many more times. I don't give a five star rating very often. This restaurant really deserves it. More...


John Moses Browning

29 July 2019

Best chinese food in the entire city.


Roy McKenzie

29 July 2019

The food is the best the atmosphere is great and the people are freindly


Carlos A.

28 July 2019

Fantastic all around, Give the pork chops and garlic chicken a try!


Jeff B.

20 July 2019

This is thee best Chinese's restaurant in Modesto, in my opinion. Staff is courteous, pleasant and will bend over backwards to make your experience memorable. Food is amazing. The Beijing salad dressing is to die for More...


Tia Blanca

29 June 2019

Best Szechuan & Mandarin Food in Modesto!!! The restaurant is very quiet, relaxing and romantic It was hot outside, but cool and clean inside. The service was excellent! Everyone was top notch! Maria is awesome❤The food was so amazing! I've eatin a lot of Chinese food in my time. My favorite dish is Sizzling Rice Soup, and it's hard to find. Theirs falls within the top 3 best ever, of 45 years of soup eating Beijing is now my favorite Chinese restaurant in The Valley! Hands Down!!! More...


Dianne D.

13 June 2019

Just ate at Beijing Restaurant tonight with my hubby. It is by far the best Chinese food in Modesto.  The food and service are both great! Recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoy good Chinese food. Top notch! Owner is very friendly and circulates with patrons. More...


Ruby P.

27 May 2019

I love love love love this place, it's so cozy and there food is good. There sesame beef is so delicious . There potstickers are so full of flavor, and the mix of sauces they combine for them just makes it even better.


Eric B.

25 May 2019

Great place usually order to go love this place we love garlic or lemon chicken. Pot stickers are awesome


Dan S.

22 May 2019

Our go to Chinese food in Modesto! Princess prawns, Beijing prawns, potstickers, any of their soups, the fried rice and chow mein, all are outstanding! Tried other items on the menu that are good also, Mongolian beef, Mushu pork. Only a few things we've tried we have not liked, but mostly just out of preference. More...


Theodore Cuevas

18 May 2019

Chinese food... super delicious. Had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. This place has an awesome feel to it.


Judith Blevins

18 May 2019

Chinese food and service at this place is super good. Normally I would have posted a pic but food looked so good I couldn't stop. Will surely make a return trip. This place has a cool atmosphere. More...


Kathleen H.

8 May 2019

Favorite chinese restaurant in town ..lunch menu is excellent and very reasonable ...The salad and dressing are amazing ..always order tsingtao prawns....


Denise H.

26 April 2019

What a wonderful  experience! We were greeted right  at the door with a smile. Seated right away and the nice staff were very attentive, as if we were celebrities.  I think they treat all of their  customers  the same way, I noticed.  I am very impressed  with their food, lunch specials and how they just kept checking  on everyone. It is very clean, roomy and I just love their Chinese  Mandarin  decor and cuisine. No matter what mood you may  go into Beijing  Restaurant,  you will be delighted  that you ever went in the first place.  I highly recommend  going here and sharing these memories  with friends  and family.  You will not be disappointed.  Their special  salad dressing  makes me do a happy dance. Maria even let's you bring a container  to refill for home, so you can enjoy it any time.  I will keep going back again and again.  Thank you for such a wonderful  experience  that I can share on YELP. More...


Bernadette Rojas

25 April 2019

I have eaten here 3 or 4 times and the food is always Delicious. Their Beijing salad is amazing.Good Service ♥️♥️


Addison Wheelslip

25 April 2019

Family owned, nonfranchise Chinese Restaurant segment. Hidden in the nook to the left of Walmart (facing Walmart). This is a hidden gem of quality Chinese eats. Walk into a comfortable, clean Chinese decor. Promptly greeted by staff and seated. Great service. The food has top flight ingredients and cooked on high heat. Didn't get to see the kitchen, but they definitely have a high btu burner under the wok to create the quality of flavors and textures they deliver. Take out available. I think a delivery service is available as well. A highly competitive segment. A well earned 5-star status. More...


Tonya S.

19 April 2019

Best Chinese food I've ever had. Fried calamari was perfect. Deep fried beef was delicious. Excellent service. Very friendly and attentive staff. Casual enough for a family meal, fancy enough for date night. More...


Richard Daniels

26 March 2019

Delicious and always accommodating. Went for my wife's birthday and they were great. The garlic chicken is to die for!


Eric Lin

26 March 2019

I am officially a fan of Beijing Restaurant. I went there with friends and family, and love the warm atmosphere. Their service is amazing; they made sure that we have everything that we need to enjoy our meal. We ordered a lot of food, but my favorite is the garlic chicken and the potstickers. If anything, I think they are my all time favorite Chinese restaurant in the world. More...


Louis Paul

26 March 2019

One of my top places for quality chinese food. you won't be disappointed in the menu and service. i look forward to a return trip. the place has a good atmosphere.


Jennifer W.

21 March 2019

The food is always perfectly cooked with wonderful sauces. We always have the cream cheese wontons and vegetable chow mein with family style tofu. My mom has the crispy noodles with broccoli. Their service is always attentive and excellent. They always show they care with kind service and they pay attention to the details. More...


Eric L.

25 February 2019

Hey there,I went to Beijing with my friends and ordered the garlic chicken and potsticker. The potsticker was delicious; it's crispy and savory. The garlic chicken was cooked just right, and I love mixing it with my rice. I also find the service to be top notch and attentive. They did an excellent job making sure that our orders were brought in on time and that our cups are never empty.If you are craving for delicious Chinese food with your friends and family, then definitely come to Beijing.~Eric More...


Jade Banks

24 February 2019

Chinese food... super satisfying. The staff was very helpful and observant. My apartment is far from here, so I can't visit often.


Abby C.

24 February 2019

The workers here are just the nicest people! They are so polite and hard working, the food is so amazing. I highly recommend this place!!! They will never let you down


Wanda L.

21 February 2019

My husband and I celebrated our birthdays here this year.  We had a "my favorite year" theme.  In the movie, "My favorite year," there is a scene with multiple containers of dim sum.  Every time we watch the movie, my husband said, "One of these days, I want to do that."  This was the year.We were a reservation of 22, with only 12 that showed up.  For that size party, a $100 deposit was required.  (This was a bargain, because to rent a hall was $1500 or more.)  The deposit was to go towards the payment of the food.  Fantastic.Communicating what I wanted was difficult.  I don't speak Chinese.  What I wanted was not typical, so there was a communication barrier.  All staff was very patient and accommodating.  It did take some time to communicate things.  I knew that from the beginning.  In December, I discussed with the manager what I wanted.  I explained I needed everything served I to-go containers, and I showed her a picture from the movie.  There was a 20 minute conversation covering the details of what I was going to need.  She repeatedly told me that what I wanted was no problem.  I asked about individual checks.  I was told "whatever you want to do."  I went in January to make the reservation and pay the deposit.  I followed up on details again.In February, I arrived 45 minutes before the reservation and again went over the details. Everyone was to order entrees to share.  Food was to be served on a separate table, in take out containers.  The waiter needed to keep track of everything so that no more than two of the same thing was ordered.My request was so very unusual, each staff member involved in my party came and confirmed that detail.  Which I greatly appreciated.  It demonstrated that my details mattered to them.I felt treated like a queen.  (Sitting at the head of the table probably helped that sensation.)  I was frequently asked how things were and if I needed anything.  Once we ordered, it was served quickly.  Staff again cared about every detail.  We brought birthday cake.  Staff had a lighter for us.  We were there 2 1/2 hours.  I kept an eye out to make certain we were not preventing new client seating.  I made certain we kept our wrapping paper and game debris in a bag so it didn't go everywhere.  We were possibly loud at times, but we tried to be respectful of others around us.We had a great time, and the Beijing staff was a huge part of that.  All in all, I think I had contact with 5 staff, and they were all concerned with making me (and everyone else) happy.  I would definitely do it again with them.If I can, I'll add photos after I get them from the photographer. More...


Frederick Obrien

25 January 2019

Fine place for quality Chinese food. the food was so savory. the staff was very kind and attentive. this place has a great atmosphere. menu is like a place in miami i enjoyed More...


Novel T.

25 January 2019

They have the best garlic chicken!!! Their food is amazing, I highly recommend it!!!


Monica G.

20 January 2019

My bf said I'd love this place and boy was he right! The atmosphere is gorgeous when you walk in. The food was delicious and we were so full afterwards! We also had the fried wontons with cream cheese but devoured those (try them!) Staff was extremely nice and so attentive when we needed more water. Food was out very quickly, I don't think we waited very long for anything. I'd recommend going here, the food is served family style and it was extremely yummy! We will be back. More...


J J.

18 January 2019

This was our first visit to Beijing and it won't be our last.  The food was delicious and a lot of it.  But my favorite of the whole dining experience was the service.  If I could rate our visit ten stars I would on the service we received.  Their service rivals that of the best fine dining restaurant and I have been in a few.  Kudos to the staff!!!!!!  Thank you and we will be back soon. More...


Robert R.

6 January 2019

This has been our go to Chinese restaurant for over 20 years. Sizzling rice soup is a favorite and garlic chicken is yummy.


Tom F.

26 November 2018

Excellent food. Reasonable prices.Very friendly service.A hidden gem in Modesto. Take the time to enjoy this restaurant by yourself or with your family. More than enough space for large group gatherings. More...


Just_An_Angel A.

9 November 2018

This is the best Chinese food restaurant in Modesto!  Their potstickers are amazing and I love the fact that they offer chow fun.  Most places offer just chow mein.  Some items are a bit pricier than others, but you get its worth, for sure.  Prompt service.  Generous portions.  Our go-to place when we need a Chinese food fix. More...


Kawaii RainbowCauk

27 October 2018

This place is very nice. The music is so soothing and the waitresses and waiters are very sweet it's adorable. The food was delicious 10/10 would come here again. Best Lunch date ever ❤❤❤


Shannon D.

24 October 2018

My fiance and his family has been coming here for many years. Owners know their family well. My fiance's stomach is very sensitive when it comes to Chinese food. The food here is amazing, the staff is super friendly. Their dumplings are to die for. The garlic chicken is so flavorful and loaded with actual pieces of garlic. I love coming here and you definitely get so much food for your money. Love it here! More...


Lola H.

22 October 2018

My husband has been wanting to try this place so today was the day .we walked in and the lady sat us down , the atmosphere  was nice and clean .The waiter was friendly , the food was good.  We had garlic chicken and also sweet and sour pork with chow main and fried rice with side order of potstickers , can I say that the pot stickers and the dipping sauce stole the whole meal . More...


Mary D.

28 September 2018

Great food! We eat here often and do take out. My kids love the chow mein. The staff is friendly and the place is clean. My favorite is the string bean chicken! More...


Gina S.

12 September 2018

Yes this place is Off The Hook, Best in Modesto Hands Down!!! I highly recommend Beijing Restaurant, me and my honey decided one night to check this place out since he loves Chinese food. I wasn't expecting to fall in love with this place but I did... The Garlic Chicken is my favorite and a Must try if you haven't yet! Basically everything we've ordered here is great and you can't go wrong with whatever it is you decide to eat. The staff is wonderful, friendly and highly attentive every time. Thank You Beijing Restaurant for the great atmosphere and friendly service to myself and family! More...


Branden S.

29 August 2018

Really enjoy the food here. Egg rolls are really fresh and tasty. Came here with a large group and they handled the 25 people like pros!


Carmen S.

23 August 2018

My favorite Chinese restaurant. Love going there for lunch. My favorite salad plus garlic chicken. You can't go wrong. The portions are generous. Even enough to take home for dinner. Try it soon. More...


Tristan H.

15 July 2018

Fine dining with a pleasant atmosphere and wonderful staff.  The seafood was prepared perfectly.  Scallops and shrimp fantastic!!


Weiping D.

10 July 2018

This is my favorite as well as the best  Chinese restaurant in town. I love the eating environment and yummy dishes especially Beijing duck. You have to try it.


Maxine -.

28 June 2018

great food and service   Haveb een here many times


Justin N.

20 May 2018

This is by far the best Chinese place to eat! Everything about this place is amazing. I recommend the garlic chicken, you can't go wrong with that!


Cortney M.

18 May 2018

The best Chinese food in town!! Beijing chicken is amazing and so is their rice and chow mein. You can't really go wrong with any of the food!


Ken R.

20 April 2018

OMG! This place is off the Hook. I have eaten at a few Chinese food places. I will give them 5 stars if the food is ok and the service is good. But this place has some of the best tasting food in Modesto.  I did a to go because I'm tired.  The parking kinda sucks but the service is 5 star and the food is 10 stars. Everyone I enjoyed every bite. I definitely recommend this place. The food is fresh and not over cooked. I'm in heaven.  I will be back for more. More...


Mary H.

16 February 2018

We had the most amazing lunch yesterday at Beijing Restaurant.  The restaurant was recommended to us and we couldn't have been more pleased.  It was some of the finest Asian food we have ever had and the service by Scott was excellent and the atmosphere was super clean and comfortable.  We loved the Beijing Chicken, Beijing salad and the Mushroom Prawns along with the rice and chow mien.  The portions were generous and everything was beautifully prepared.  It was absolutely delightful.  We will be back every chance we get.  I only wish they were in our neck of the woods. More...


Alyssa F.

6 February 2018

Excellent Service by our server Scott, he recommended the garlic chicken which was delicious. The environment was very clean, and it was a comfortable yet quiet setting even though we were seated near the back. Our server made it a much more enjoyable experience in addition to the food. The location of the restaurant was kind of what we consider a "hole in the wall". By far the best oriental food in the area. We will be coming more often. More...


Vero M.

26 January 2018

Where do I start off with this restaurant? I think my soon to be husband brought me to this place when I was 18 years old. I remember thinking their food was the best and the garlic chicken was to die for. Since then we have grown from the two of us  just dating to a full family of 6! Maria, Scott, Lorna and the rest of the staff have always welcomed us with a smile, respect and YES their food is still so good throughout the 18 years we've been going there!! Beijing will always be our family's go to spot!! More...


Jill H.

24 January 2018

Maria was the best server! She deserves 5 stars! We had a group of 8 and she made sure we were well taken care of! The house salad is their signature item and is a must have!!!


Adam C.

21 January 2018

Their garlic chicken is very sweet, with a kick of garilc.  Their serving of breaded chicken is pretty large, so there's also a lot of that sweet garlic juice on the plate for you to dip your chicken with.  It's really delicious. Service is consistently friendly.  And, with the Coke refills, you can come to eat chicken and drink Coke, and leave with diabetes... ...anyway, a good find on McHenry Avenue in north Modesto. More...


Mia R.

5 January 2018

The food is off the hook! Delicious. Hot and spicy soup most excellent. Vegetable medley awesome, chicken curry dish the bomb and the Manchurian fillet of sole you will need to have a cigarette after (like sex) it's that good!!! Clean dinning room and very clean bathrooms! Thumbs up!! More...


Add C.

7 October 2017

A hidden gem.  Great food and great service, hidden in the corner of this shopping center.  One of the top two places for Chinese food in town.  If you have not tried this place yet, you will be pleased. More...


Ashley And Michael P.

5 October 2017

Not only is the food and service great they treat you l like family. Super accommodating!


D. M.

22 September 2017

Atmosphere is lovely and the food is delish. Ive been coming here for years and still love it. I like trying out all restaurants that look good so sometimes I have chinese elsewhere, but it doesnt diminish my love for Beijing. My personal favorites: hot and sour soup, Beijing salad, Beijing Prawns, Garlic Chicken. More...


Molly H.

2 September 2017

Ok today, haven't been back for a while , always good to see Scott. Good food as always.


Angela D.

26 August 2017

What a pleasant find!We found ourselves with a taste for some good Chinese food, and went yelping for a place not too far from home. We found Beijing with some really good reviews and decided to give it a shot. Wow!Excellent, attentive service. Delicious food. Decent prices for large portions.This place fit the bill perfectly.Yum!Try the potstickers- they are outstanding! We'll be back! Lots of menu items to try! More...


Zakaria M.

6 June 2017

Great tasting food very authentic everything here is delicious I really like this place every time I'm in the area I make sure to stop by and get my fried rice.


Haley B.

28 April 2017

Located next to a Walmart, Beijing Restaurant doesn't appear to be much from the outside.However, the place is wonderful. Great service and pretty good food. They also have some specialty alcoholic drinks in really cute glasses - my family didn't order any, but the table next to us shared a bowl of something.After a long day of roadtripping, my family was hungry, which might be why we thought everything tasted delicious. We ordered a Sizzling Hot Spicy Chicken, Family Style Beef, and some kind of noodle soup (under appetizers / soups). The chicken and beef were pretty good. Nothing too special, but tasty enough that nothing was leftover. My personal favorite was the noodle soup. The serving size is for 2, but I honestly think it was enough for our family of 3, especially as an appetizer. It was delicious! I highly recommend it if you're in the mood for a soup dish.My favorite thing about Beijing Restaurant was the service. The noodle soup was originally too salty for us, so we requested some hot water to mix, but the server did even better! They brought out some of the base broth to mix, so the soup wasn't too diluted or too salty. Very impressed by the server's consideration! Very friendly and considerate staff.Give the place a visit for a wonderful family dinner at an affordable price. More...


Mary W.

12 April 2017

I haven't been in since Walmart moved in and made parking impossible --- or so I thought.  I found out today that there is amble, clean, safe parking behind the restaurant!  The mu-shu pork was as wonderful as I remembered.  The pot stickers are delightful.  The service is outstanding.  Now that I know about the back parking lot, this place will be back in my regular rotation! More...


Annette L.

18 March 2017

Great food, atmosphere and our server Maria was the best!!!  My daughter had the Beijing prawns and I had orange beef, we were not disappointed:))


Mary D.

17 February 2017

This place is wonderful!! My sister and I went here for the first time! She took me for a Birthday lunch, and we were so surprised! From the outside, it looks like a little hole in the wall, but as soon as you walk in, the decor and ambiance is quite different than what you expect it to be! Clean as a pin, curtious service, and DELICIOUS FOOD! So far we've only eaten here once, but I had pork Eggfooyoung and chicken chowmein! Looking forward to trying more menu items. I was soo impressed! Reasonable prices!!Don't think I have ever been to a restaurant that is so spotless! Will frequent here often! More...


Melanie Jean M.

4 February 2017

GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! Happy Lunar New Year! I came in about a week before lunar New Year and I came back on Jan 28 for a special New Years meal: "Dragon and Phoenix"- Kung Pao Shrimp and Princess Chicken, with a side order of Cream Cheese WonTons, and hot tea. The server took a nice photo for me, but I can't figure out how to crop it right. More...


Marco D.

13 November 2016

Best Chinese food in Modesto!! Their lemon chicken is the best. They even let us in after they closed!! Awesome people


Claire K.

12 October 2016

I had the most delicious meal.  The absolute best Chinese food in Modesto.  Each dish/side dish was so delicious and the service was so personable.  This experience was equally delicious and hospitable.  Our waitress was Maria.  She treated us with such a friendly demeanor.  She suggested the garlic chicken which was out of this world.  Lightly crispy, very flavorful without being overpowering.  We will definitely return. More...


Karissa W.

23 September 2016

My family and I like to come here Sunday evenings when no one else is around. We also ask for Scott to be our waiter as he likes to treat us well with his service and make sure we get what we want. We like to order sizzling rice soup which is literally fried rice that they put in the soup right in front of you and you can hear the sizzling. This soup has a variety of things that includes carrots, peas, water chestnuts, chicken, etc. We mainly get it for the broth because it's so good. The place has downsized recently so there isn't a banquet hall that you can rent anymore, but the owner is happy to get out of that lease- bringing you more quality food and service! I will continue to come to this place over and over again! More...


Kevin S.

22 September 2016

We have been coming here over 25 years and the food alway the very best in this county.


Thida Y.

15 September 2016

This place gets a solid 4 stars for being in modesto's top 3 Chinese restaurants .. Service is usually prompt, they have dishes most standard places don't. Their sauces are not as thick and sickeningly sweet. Tried Manchurian beef today which was different, but good.. Lightly floured and fried beef slices with their garlic chicken sauce . I love their salad. Staff is always polite.. More...


Matthew H.

12 August 2016

The best Chinese food in the area. Don't let the bad location fool you. Inside awaits excellent service (with formally attired waiters literally just waiting to help you) and the most amazing food, sometimes partially prepared table side. Potstickers and won Ton soup highly recommended. From outside, the place doesn't look like much - Inside is a delightful dining room and an amazing menu. More...


Jaime F.

31 March 2016

My family and I have been coming here since I was four (nearly 20 years ago)! We used to go here at least once a month, for anyone's birthday, or holiday, so we've been here over 30 times in a lifetime hands down. Being open that long says something about the taste of their food, great customer service, and loyalty of customers.  Maria, Scott, and Lorna are always super friendly and Chef Benny makes great food each time-- the flavors have never changed over the years. This is my favorite Chinese restaurant of all time and always compare others to this one.Here are some of my favorites from their menu. We always start off with wor wonton soup- impeccable broth that nowhere else has. We always order princess chicken, shrimp with lobster sauce, and steamed rice. I always change it up and order something different like items from their seasonal menu such as entrees with asparagus or mango. Classics like hong kong style porkchop, chow mein, and fried rice are perfection as well. They have a nice banquet room for parties and events, which I highly recommend. There is plenty of parking behind the restaurant, rather than parking near Wal-Mart. More...


Alicia C.

25 March 2016

Wow, I love the food here. The staff is helpful and friendly. Any dish you order is full of flavor, even the salads. The chicken, the potsickers, and the noodles are excellent.


Julie B.

13 March 2016

best egg foo yung in the West every time so Far. extraordinary service. Peaceful Music very clean too.


Leslie R.

6 February 2016

I'd give the 10 stars if I could. Try the potstickers, war won ton soup, and almond chicken. My family has been going here since the early 80's at least. Best Chinese food around!


Cheryl D.

30 December 2015

This is by far the best place in Modesto for Oriental food. Have been here many times during my years living in Modesto and they have never let me down. Besides great food, the staff is very kind and personable.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great Chinese dinner. They are a little pricey, but they are worth the extra $'s.  Their Pot stickers are THE BEST in town!  Fully of meat, they aren't chincy!, You will NOT Go hungry here! More...


Ceara M.

16 December 2015

Amazing. The service was excellent, great atmosphere, delicious food. The portions are huge so you can order 3 dishes between 2 people and have plenty left over. Loved the chow mein and the cream cheese won tons. We'll be coming back again. More...


Queen B.

22 November 2015

First time here. I am very impressed with the service we received. I am the type who requires attention and I am thankful that I never had to ask for anything. They were attentive and polite. I recommend this restaurant to anyone seeking a nice atmosphere and great food! My honey recommended this restaurant and I'm glad he did. I will definitely return! More...


Lori O.

26 October 2015

This is by far my favorite Chinese restaurant!! The Beijing prawns and pot stickers are amazeballs!!!


Yolanda P.

20 October 2015

Every, and I mean EVERY time we have eaten here the food has been excellent!! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.The staff is so friendly and nice. You can tell they really care about the quality of their food, always so fresh and tasty!! I think this is the best chinese restaurant around! The Beijing Prawns, pot stickers, salad, Mushroom Prawns are the best in town. You wont be disappointed!!James and Yolanda More...


Jorge L C.

18 October 2015

Great! Clean, great food, really nice restaurant. Restrooms are kept very clean as well. Highly recommend it.


Dana O.

10 October 2015

I've been coming here since I was 14 and I'm now 36.....this place is still one of my all time favorites, their bejing prawns are one of my many weaknesses here.


Laura C.

10 September 2015

I have been going to Beijing Restaurant since 2003 (12 years) and the level of service I have always received has been stellar! I love to support my local family businesses! The owners are very kind and considerate of guests' needs. I really like their restaurant's atmosphere it offers a peaceful and calming dining experience (which I totally need because I work in a very high paced office). When I go there, it's always has cool air conditioning and has calming music. Some of my most favorite things to eat include the pao pao tray (good for sharing with a date or friends), hot and sour soup, sweet and sour chicken, garlic (which I think is their specialty), and their princess prawns with walnuts. Majority of their dishes area freaking tasty, that as I am writing this my mouth is watering. The potions are pretty large; most of the time my friends and I have to take left overs home -- but it could be because we have small stomachs. Just so everyone knows, they are closed on Mondays. I made the mistake of trying to go there and they were closed but it's okay, went the next day. I have been to 2 parties at their banquet rooms and all were lovely, and the service was actually pretty fast.One more thing, if you go get the GARLIC CHICKEN. More...


Bambi B.

9 September 2015

Great service, so accommodating!!  Good size portions too. Will definitely return!!


Tony B.

3 September 2015

Great food!!  Lots of it for the price.  Lunch special came with soMuch food that I had to take some home.  Food came out HOT and fresh.  Service was prompt and friendly.... easy 5 star rating!! More...


Danielle M.

8 August 2015

I read the other reviews on Yelp and I was not disappointed. The garlic chicken is excellent!  The rice, chow mein, everything else is fresh and well made. The quality is Worth every penny!  A place like this would do well in the bay area where people value of quality more than cheap. I have already recommend this place to my friends  and family. I have only experienced friendly and prompt service. More...


Jnn T.

2 June 2015

Best Chinese food in modesto. Not one dish was bad. We orderd the family dinner, and even my 7 yr old loved it all.  Soup is amazing! Service was perfect! Mushroom chicken is best ive ever had. Its a little bit more the others in the area but worth every penny. Our go to chinese place. More...


Arin R.

10 May 2015

I have never eaten here but my parents love the soup so I am writing this review on their enthusiasm. I would like to thank the owners for letting me to pay over the phone with a credit card and allow my my sister to pick up the order to deliver to my sick parents, even though she didn't have possession of the card (for I live in LA). That warrants a five star rating.


Sheryl M.

24 April 2015

First time here last night and so glad we chose this restaurant. Greeted and seated immediately and our server took our beverage order right away. The four of us each ordered a favorite and we added chow mein and fried rice, all to share family style. Started with delicious pot stickers, then moo shu pork, followed by calamari, Princess prawns (honey walnut in a creamy sauce), and sweet and sour pork. Oh my goodness, SO much food and everything was delicious. We took home a ton of leftovers which the wait staff deftly packaged for us. Yum! The service was excellent from start to finish, too. We will definitely visit again. More...


Dee F.

28 March 2015

I've been coming here with my family since I was 6 years old. No lie. The owner knows us, and they know when we haven't come around in awhile. We always order the same thing: won ton soup, shrimp with lobster sauce, and princess chicken. We also order different kinds of beef. Everything has always been good, and service has always been great. Love this place. This is my all-time favorite Chinese restaurant. I also know they have banquet rooms. I've attended meetings and parties there, and those have also been great! More...


Molly C.

10 January 2015

Nice restaurant with good Chinese food and good service .   Favor dish is salty rib.


Bill I.

29 December 2014

Always amazing great food! Been eating here for years. Mongolian beef is the best around!


Hazel F.

12 December 2014

This is the best in Modesto!  Garlic Chicken is my favorite!!  Salad is amazing, and its hard to get excited about salad, but its yummy.The service is super fast for lunch, when you have a limited time. More...


Rachel W.

11 December 2014

I love coming to this restaurant! The service is excellent. I'm always greeted when I enter this restaurant. The food is prepared fresh and delicious. Keep in mind that this is the only chinese restaurant that has fresh crab and fish. The other restaurants have frozen seafood. The dishes are a little pricey but it's definitely worth it. More...


James S.

10 August 2014

Quality food and service.  Always fresh and tasty.  I like the WOR wonton soup as a low carb. meal! Scotty is cool and Lorna is fast. The whole staff work very hard to please. You will find this restaurant to be one of the finest! More...


Matt R.

9 May 2014

Grew up going here as a kid with my grandparents.  Love this place and their food!  Unfortunately, I think the wait service has degraded a little bit over the years with the coming and going of staff.  But the food has stayed the same from what I can tell. More...


mei shan c.

6 May 2014

Whenever we are craving for Chinese foods , this is the place we go !! Must try: Garlic chicken - the sauce is Amazing, chicken is crispy and juicy Garlic dungeness crab - yum Beijing salad -so good ! Simple & fresh ingredients , but the dressing is so good! Can't wait to go back !!!!!! : ) More...


Steven S.

9 January 2014

One of the best in Modesto.The salad and the special dressing is to die for.It's really that good.The service is top notch and attentative.All of the items that I have tried are cooked perfectly with the right amount of sauce.Just have to try it for yourself and you'll probably be won over too!!!! More...


April G.

15 December 2013

Garlic chicken is AMAZING!!! pot stickers are good, but not impressive I'm a pot sticker snob (grew up making them) so I'm a harsh reviewer, but I do appreciate the separate vinegar they give you, and not the lame pre packed "pot sticker sauce" that's typically given out. Chicken chow mein is pretty darn tasty too and their won ton soup is yummy! A bit pricey but worth the dough. : D More...


J M.

2 August 2013

This is one of my top go to Chinese restaurants. My husband and I love to get our chinese fix here. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the food is great. I have never had anything here I didn't like. More...


Shaun F.

30 July 2013

This place is legit. You've got Maria up front, Uncle Benny in the kitchen and an awesome staff. This food is authentic. Potstickers are amazing, orange beef is delicious and Manchurian Beef is to die for. Tough to get a complete dinner alone without a ton of leftovers... But that is not a problem. Want a super deal, go for lunch. Their lunch specials are the best. Love the people and culture too. You have McDonald's and then you have a 5 star steakhouse burger... You have Panda Express and then you have Beijing. Its the best I've ever had. More...


Garrett S.

17 June 2013

Beijing is one of the best Chinese Restaurants in town. If you want good food at a good price, go to this place.


Donna C.

16 May 2012

I have been here about 4 times and even ordered takeout once.  The servers are always attentive and the food above average.  I don't like average food of any variety whether Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc.My fave crave here is for the Princess Prawns!I recommend this restaurant if you are looking for some great food (and a very nice wine selection) More...


Deanna J.

21 April 2012

The food at this place is great & it's consistently good. We had combination chow mien, pork fried rice, Beijing chicken (garlic chicken), broccoli beef, and princess prawns (honey walnut prawns). Everything tasted great, fresh, and the prices are very reasonable. The service was also great. Check this place out! More...


Jon L.

15 January 2012

Easily the best Chinese I have had in Modesto.  These guys know Chinese food.  They are very business-like in their service (not really touchy-feely) but it works. The food is consistently very good.  Big recommendation for the Princess Prawns and the potstickers.  The potstickers are just awesome.   Also, moo shu pork or chicken.  And come hungry because portions are generous. More...


Monica N.

27 September 2011

house made pot stickers! omg! the best pot stickers you will ever have! the garlic chicken is a must try its slightly sweet and then you get a bit of spice from the garlic (lots of fresh copped garlic) the sauce is just addicting!


Brandyn H.

10 August 2011

This place is the straight fire... By far one of the best when it comes to chinese food. Garlic chicken is nothing short of amazing. Deep fried ribs in manchurian sauce - AWESOME. Princess prawns in sweet-spicy mayo sauce with walnuts. Plus combo fried rice with chicken/pork/shrimp. No matter what you eat here it's gonna be delicious. I make it a point to stop here every time I come through Modesto just to grub - its that good... More...


Paul p.

10 August 2011

Stopped in for lunch. Tons of food at a lunch special price of $6.95. Came with entree, soup, pork fried rice & pork fried chowmein. I got the garlic chicken & enjoyed every bite. It had a really sweet, flavorful sauce with quite a bit of garlic in it and some ginger. My wife & I shared it and the broccoli beef. No complaints about the service. We've found an enjoyable place to eat when we visit Modesto. More...


Jim W.

12 July 2011

they deliver the food is good not the best in town I prefer even panda over Beijing


evie s.

4 May 2011

This is our favorite place for Chinese food in Modesto.  We love the salad and fight over who gets the last of it.  Pot stickers are a must.  We usually get the Garlic Chicken which is so delicious.Have been here for lunch and dinner plenty of times and never have had any issues; service is great and we have never experienced any negative things about this place since we have been going for the last 4 years. More...


Antonia G.

11 March 2011

OK, so, the best deals are the lunch specials. Lunch specials offer hearty portions of pork chow mein and fried rice. They start you out with a salad featuring their own dressing, which is very yummy and top it off with some crunchy stuff. I like ordering the garlic chicken or BBQ pork. The staff is really nice and can give you some pointers on whats popular. They were very attentive with drinks and are easy to flag down with a mere smile. I come here most of the time I'm craving Chinese food. I deducted one star because I'm not a fan of the environment. It's not bad, I just doesn't suit my liking, but don't let that stop you from trying they're awesome food! More...


Jesse J.

10 January 2011

We usually get the garlic chicken lunch special with salad. Absolutely the best in town! Service 4 star. Food 5 star.


Kristin R.

7 December 2010

Wow....we ordered WAY too much food for the four of us to consume. Beijing Restaurant is very reasonably priced. We went during the week and ordered the lunch special, which ran around $7 for the main course, salad, and chowmein or fried rice. I ordered a shrimp dish (I forget which kind, sorry)...they were deep fried and came with a sweet and sour type sauce but it wasn't sweet and sour sauce, it was different, and REALLY good. The salad here is also a dish worth mentioning. The dressing is amazing and I believe they sell it in bottles, which I would recommend because it is that good.They also serve a variety of wines, Kendall Jackson chardonnay specifically which makes my mother very happy.The service was prompt and friendly. They also packaged the hordes of food we had left over for us to take home and not waste.All in all, I love Beijing Restaurant and I am looking forward to returning on my next trip home...in about two weeks :) More...


Lew A.

26 September 2010

All-around marvellous dining.  The dishes I've tried (Lemon Chicken, Orange Chicken, Sweet & Sour Pork, Broccli Beef, BBQ Pork, Prawns, etc) have always been of incredibly high quality and served in generous portions.  Prefer the fried rice over the chow mein here, but then again the latter ain't really my thing.  Would agree that the lunch salad offered is a delight. Love the fact that someone's always hanging around to re-fill a drink or offer you some kind of assistence.  The parking lot situation is kind of a bummer thanks to the Wal-Mart being right next store but there is extra parking offered around the side and back of the restaraunt.  Comparing this joint to a place in SF or the Bay doesn't make sense (we live in the craphole know as Modesto, after all) but If you like Chinese food then you should try the Beijing because it offers excellent food for the area. More...


Vincent-Arthur B.

11 September 2010

There garlic chicken kills, but it's a little pricey and can get a little slow at times.


Chris B.

25 May 2010

This is the best Chinese food in town! They have awesome pot stickers (they home make the dough every day) , sizzling rice soup, hot and sour soup, and the list could go on. Their garlic chicken is amazing! They pan fry a whole chicken breast in their garlic sauce almost caramelizing it and then pour more Garlic sauce and minced garlic on top. You have to watch out you may get addicted. More...


Sally S.

13 May 2010

Best Chinese food in Modesto!   Lunch specials are a great deal.  Try the Lemon Chicken.. it is one of my favorites.  The salad is awesome,  its a must have if you go there.  If you call in an order for food to go it is ready in 15 minutes every time.   Check out this place, you won't be disappointed. More...


Bevy M.

11 October 2009

I feel so fortunate to have finally found some good Chinese food in Modesto.  For years, on visits there we've been trying popular places, and none even approached the most mediocre Chinese food you can find in the Bay Area.  Then, we happened to stumbled upon Beijing, hiding out next to a WalMart of all places, on McHenry Blvd.  So pleasantly surprised!  We tried it for lunch, had the Wor Wonton Soup (excellent, rich but clean broth, perfectly seasoned, with chewy wontons, lots of meats and fish, and greens); assorted appetizers (served on a tray with a flaming hibachi for the satay beef, but everything was uniformly delicious: spring rolls, foil chicken (the best I've tasted), fried shrimp, hibachi shrimp, and satay beef); and house fried rice.  I happen to use fried rice as my litmus test for whether a Chinese restaurant is any good -- if they can make such a seemingly simple, modest dish delicious, then they win my vote.  This fried rice was exceptional.  We were so amazed to find this place that we dragged my sister back the following evening -- ordered the spicy prawns, which were delicious, as well as a beef/vegetable dish, and asparagus chicken.  And couldn't resist the wor wonton soup again!  The potstickers were house-made, a welcome contrast to the lazy-assed places that are trying to pass off Costco's as their own.  These were quite delicious.  I can't wait to return and try some new dishes.  Another plus, they have quite a large banquet room -- great for big gatherings. More...


Arianna G.

23 August 2009

Whenever I want chinese food in Modesto this is where I go. I can't remember when I first started going to this restraunt, but it has been years. They've spoiled me. Their potstickers are beyond compare. They have wor wonton soup that on a good day is the ultimate cure all. I won't bother going into regular dishes that I like as that would require a recitation of at least half the menu. Though they've addicted me to their zucchini in any of the spicy meat dishes. I've never had a problem with service.... in fact the other day the waiter had my soda down right as I was sitting at the table and he stole our order of potstickers from a to go order so we wouldn't have to wait for them. (We're very loyal customers.) Parking is a bit annoying now because of the wal-mart, but for the food it is sooooo worth it. This is the best place in town for Chinese food. More...


Carol B.

29 July 2009

What can I say....but.. Beijing Restaurant is FABULOUS. The service is excellent and the staff is very friendly.  I love their "House Salad" (the dressing is home made...like all their sauces).  The "Pot Stickers" are out of this world.  I have to order them every time I go there....and I usually go once a week.  I love everything on the menu...you have to try their "Princess  Prawns," "Kung Pao Beef," and the "Orange Chicken." I have not been disappointed with anything I have ordered.  Maria, the owner, is always so friendly.  I recommend you try this restaurant...you won't be disappointed.......Enjoy!!!   Carol More...


crystal w.

5 January 2009

great sizzling rice soup! YUM. service is VERY attentive. usually because it's generally slow (which does not reflect the quality of food) and they have nothing better to do. prices are reasonable and everything i've had there is great. i go back at least once every time i'm back in town More...


Jean M.

2 January 2009

The best salad. The rest of the food is good but the salad is outstanding. The servers are very attentive. The restaurant is clean and family friendly.


Charlie O.

9 December 2008

We used to go here all the time because it was the best Chinese restaurant in town so we thought. Have no complaints about it. Food was always prepared just right and served in a timely manor. Staff was polite, helpful in picking out dishes we might like. Have no problem with going back. More...


Margaret Y.

20 November 2008

This place is sooo good!  The salad has this awesome dressing that is similar to a chinese dijon mustard.  The garlic chicken and lemon chicken are wonderful.  I love that it is next to the new wal-mart because I can shop in the new hell, and then treat myself to a delicious meal...yum! More...


Laura M.

12 November 2008

This restaurant has great food especially their asian salad. If its slow the staff kind of stands around watching which is a bit awkward but they're really friendly. The food is priced reasonably and the decorations are nice. More...


Desa C.

15 October 2008

This is the greatest chinese food restaurant Modesto has to offer. The old fashioned home styled chinese food restaurants is a thing of my childhood, but Beijing brings back the memories of great food, good service, and quaint dinning rooms. I can't say enough good things about this gem. More...


Abby F.

1 September 2008

Best lunch special in town!There is something about their salad that they serve with lunch!quality service, quality people and quality food.the pot stickers are excellent as well! More...


Abster T.

27 July 2008

Beijing restaurant is one of the only restaurants in modesto I will eat at for quality asian food.  The platters are always freshly prepared and taste excellent.  You can be confident that you will receive great service and food from this place. More...


kt t.

30 May 2008

This is a fantastic place for excellent(if a little pricey) chinese food.   Our family has eaten here for years and the food is always consistently great.  The garlic chicken is piled w/garlic, the beijing prawns, love them, The assortment appetizer platter comes w/ its own fire to grill your food on.  The hot and sour soup will clear out your sinuses  w/ its steamy goodness. Fried potstickers w/ vinegar, chili and soy sauce to dip.  oh I could go on and on but I'm making myself hungry.  More of a sitdown chinese than takeout but they do that too.  Hands down the best chinese in Modesto! More...