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Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by Paac User
1 17/11/2018 Paac User

The girls here are second grade level (if that) kids who don’t know how to enter dates, plate numbers, or year of vehicles then make you pay extra for their mistakes. If you can go elsewhere. They will make you take several trips back to the dmv because they don’t know how do their job. They’re rude and disrespectful in every way.

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by ChannaMoo ChannaMoo
1 22/08/2018 ChannaMoo ChannaMoo

Literally had a woman who works there say, “I need to walk away” ...I asked a question three of them didn’t have an answer for.

I have no choice but to accept said answer because it’s the DOR.

Soooo my frustration level went up with the already unapproachable attitude of that particular worker, not even the girl that was helping me.

The girl who did help me, she is a rockstar of patience and she tried to get an answer to the question without being a total rude mess to me.

I thanked her for her efforts, the other two could take a few lessons in patience and customer service from her if you ask me.

Customer service should be a standard not a crapshoot.

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by Cheri Chinn
5 20/08/2018 Cheri Chinn

Been nice to me when i go, better than other places.

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by James/Rachel Carman
1 01/08/2018 James/Rachel Carman

We have been here two different times for two different reasons - never again. We don't really care about the fake customer service points like smiling or greeting - we know that a job is a job. But when someone sees us, the only ones in line, and still continues to chat with their coworker, that's a bad start to an experience. And at both visits, the same woman would find some made-up reason not to finish our registration. We knew that it wasn't right, so we literally left and came back an hour later, and when we presented the same paperwork to the other clerk, no problems. The second visit, the woman that gave us trouble the first time insisted we needed an inspection for a newer car. We gave her the complimentary inspection the dealer did for us - even he said we really didn't need it but here we go anyway. Well, the date looked like it was written over. Okay....still doesn't matter since this car is less than 5 years old. We ended up going to the DMV off Battlefield. It's SO much better there, and we will be going there from now on.

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by Kaurine Bassett
5 07/03/2018 Kaurine Bassett

I wouldn't say my visit was QUICK but it definitely wasn't long.
I waited in line maybe 10 minutes. And it turns out... I didn't have everything I needed to get my new tags! The initial girl who helped was very polite and gave me the resources I needed to get it done while I was there. The longest part of the visit was waiting for a fax to come through from Dade county.
The second girl was quick to pick up where the other left once the fax came in (she was with another patron) and I quickly finished after that.
Thanks ladies for making my visit and pain free as possible!

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by Michelle Crider
1 Michelle Crider

My son got his truck registered there a year ago. Still never received his title. The state says they didn't receive it from pineville office and pineville, after numerous promises to call my son back, has never returned one single phone call from them. I'm betting if it was their vehicle they would want something done.

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by Shari Alexander
5 Shari Alexander

Always a pleasure to be served by patient and smiling people. Thank you for rescuing me and getting me back on the road legally. I appreciate that your (delicious) lunches had to wait until we all cleared out. Thank you for your tummy-rumbling service and good humor. You're a terrific bunch😊👍🏼

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by Nicole Ridlen
2 Nicole Ridlen

I've been here a few times now, and called a couple times. If you ask questions they get short with you and act like you are wasting their time. I've been trying to get specialty plates since early Nov...They were short with me in office as I asked questions to clarify how I apply for specialty plates, if I sent in the Emblem Use or gave it to them, etc. I had to resend the forms a second time in early/mid Dec because they told me wrong.

Its now been 9 weeks since I resent the forms (just double checked and counted on the calendar). I've received a receipt back from the main office in Jeff City that includes no explanation of how I will know my plates arrived, and when I called the Pineville office they were rude again, acting defensive. I wasn't accusing them of anything, I know they don't make the plates, I was just asking how I will know it had arrived. She rudely tells me it takes 6 weeks and they have no control over it... I never said it was their fault? And its been NINE weeks since I sent the form the SECOND time (correctly, no thanks to your office.... I had to call the main Jeff City office, wait on hold for a long time, but at least they were polite and answered my questions without sounding annoyed)....The Pineville office keeps stating that the DoR will email me... How are they going to email me when Form 1716 doesnt even have a space for email?????

I understand that it must be frustrating working at the license office, but it is no excuse to be rude and ignore what the person is saying/asking. It wasnt just this last time either, it has occurred every time Ive been there except once (the lady who took my photo for my Driver License was very polite). This time she rushed me off the phone "anything else?"... Please, try to be more patient... The DoR didnt tell me how I will know when the plates arrive, so I was just trying to figure this out....I completely understand that the length of time it is taking the state is not your fault, and I never placed blame on this office for that... But answering questions nicely without assuming I am accusing (when I never said anything that indicated so) would be nice.

EDIT: I just got home and have a letter in my mailbox that says it should be there. So I spoke with a lady who was rude to me telling me my plates weren't there only to come home and find out that Missouri Dept of Revenue says they ARE there.... Thanks.... Guess I will see you next week so I can pick them up,

Review of Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC by Nikki Malcom
5 Nikki Malcom

Everyone at the office is so nice and patient. People ,including myself, always go in without what we need and yet they are still friendly and make sure we have the information to get the right papers.

Beacon Virtual Assistants, LLC

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