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Bret G.

5 July 2019

I ordered flowers for my business partner for her birthday and they delivered! They were absolutely beautiful and on time.


Ryan M.

26 October 2017

I've been here 5 times now and every time the staff have been super friendly and helpful. Their flower arrangements are always beautiful and my wife loves them every time.


Don A.

6 September 2016

Ordered the premium flower arrangement. Didn't look premium to me. Hopefully all the bulbs will open up the next couple days and will look better.


Dana M.

22 June 2016

I am so very disappointed. My husband sent me tulips, my favorite, for our anniversary. By the very next morning they were slumped over. $75 for 11 tulips should at the very least last 24 hours before they fall over.  Talk about overpriced. He wont be using them again. More...


Sanela A.

26 May 2016

I absolutely love this flower shop. It is definitely more expensive than your grocery store flowers, but if you want a great quality flowers and a beautiful scent than this is the place!!


Seana G.

21 July 2015

We ordered a bouquet of roses for a client in Orlando Florida...they arrived to our client today and they are amazingly stunning! They are the best in Florida!! Thanks for everything and also thanks for taking my 20 calls on yesterday! LOL More...


Susan B.

29 January 2015

I have used Bayhill florist in the past and had excellent service. I received flowers from Bayhill florist and they were spectacular. The people there are very friendly and they have very good arrangements that last. More...


Stefanie N.

19 September 2014

My husband has been buying me flowers from Bay Hill Florist for over 11 years now.  Their product has never faltered and their service is impeccable!  My face lights up every time I see Phil (the kind gentleman that delivers the flowers) because I know I'm about to get something spectacular.  Thanks so much to Joanne and her team for making years of special memories for us.  You are the absolute best! More...


Quang T.

12 February 2014

Man this place is amazing,  took the time to help me pick the right flowers for the wife and she absolutely loves them: )


Nance Y.

13 May 2013

Since about 2008, my family and friends have all used Bayhill Florist as our go-to for any and every occasion that needed floral arrangements. So, for this Mother's Day 2013, I instantly chose them without even thinking about it.I called in and placed an order for the splendid table arrangement, price of $75.00 on-line, on May 8, 2013 and pick-up on May 11th. My friend arrived to pick-up the arrangement and instantly knew that there was an issue. He immediately asked the girl, Sarah Kinbar, if it was the correct arrangement as the flowers were no where near similar to the one pictured on-line. Sarah insisted that they were as my friend and I spoke on the phone. When he handed her the phone, she immediately began to say, "Well, this is the arrangement you wanted and ordered. It has everything in it that the picture has. "I stated to her that the on-line photo had only a few roses with an assortment of calla lilies, other lilies, etc., while her arrangement was a majority of roses. What was even more insane is that they wanted to charge my friend $95.00 instead of the listed price of $75.00!!She said "if you look at the picture your friend sent you, it's all in there."I asked if it'd be possible to have a different arrangement (summer breeze), a $75.00 arrangement, made, as this one was nothing like the photo in their catalog, and she said it would be do-able and that it would only take her a few minutes. I even stated I knew they were extremely busy and wouldn't mind paying an extra fee for her time. She politely declined and said they would have it ready in a few minutes. I asked my friend to tip her $10 to show our appreciation. When my friend brought the flowers about 15 minutes later, I was in complete utter shock. It was full of crunchy leaves, the few flowers that were in it were withered and old, the baby roses that were CLEARLY left-overs of from arrangements, and even missing open spots in the arrangement where flowers should have been placed. My sister and I immediately drove the arrangement back to the florist. The first person we spoke to was the owner, Jo ann. We explained the situation and showed  her the incomplete and terrible arrangement. She immediately offered a refund after she looked at the arrangement and walked over to complete the transaction on the credit card machine. Sarah, then walked around the counter to where we were standing and said "What is wrong with the arrangement now? What don't you like about it? This is what you wanted." I explained and showed her the dry leaves, withering flowers, missing flowers, etc and she became angry. In a very nasty attitude she says, "If you don't like this arrangement, then you people don't need to come back here anymore!! So just don't come back here ever again!" and walked away. In all honesty, we will take her advice. Apparently, in this day in age, people are still extremely ignorant labeling us as "you people." Unfortunately, being loyal customers to this place has been very disappointing especially, now seeing how ignorant and small-minded their staff is. The owner finished her transaction and came back with the credit card. When I relayed the situation to her, she seemed unwilling, and very stiffly apologized and offered us a free flower bowl because she didn't want us to leave angry.  I stated to her that I was not interested in anything free, only that it is shocking they allow their employees to mistreat their customers without any consequences. Sarah then looked over at me from behind the cash register counter and mouthed the words "F--K  Y--" and smiled a wide grin from ear-to-ear in front of customers that were in line to pay.The owner just kept saying she hoped we'd come back. What a joke.As we left, I realized that Sarah had kept the tip we gave her. So, I returned and politely asked for it back.  I will absolutely be posting pictures to show their finished products in comparison to what they advertise. Apparently, Sarah Kinbar takes extreme offense if you do not love and appreciate her arrangements. Upscale? definitely not.This florist use to produce what they advertised.  That is not the case anymore.On a side note, thank goodness for Whole Foods, as they saved the day. I learned that day that their flowers are all local and fresh...and when they say fresh, I can absolutely agree that they are perfectly fresh. Their amazingly well-trained staff are extremely helpful and will make your arrangements absolutely stunning. More...


Aliya J.

26 November 2012

This place is amazing. I chose to come here instead of my regular grocery store to buy flowers for my mother's birthday. Yes, it was more expensive than the Publix down the street... but holy cow, the flowers were so fresh and beautiful that it was totally worth it.Their arrangements are really brilliant and they take care in every detail. Even the bow around the vase in the arrangement I purchased looked like it would take me a good 30 minutes to perfect. Obviously, I am not a florist.Go support this amazing business and check out the wonderful selection they have. The customer service is also fantastic. More...


Rachel M.

18 June 2012

They always have fresh and beautiful flower selection and arrangements. Great customer service!


Trish E.

5 January 2012

Received the most incredible floral arrangment- wow- couldnt believe how large the roses were and how long they lasted! Everytime I looked at my flowers- I felt blessed and happy that someone cared enough to send the VERY BEST!! (clique I know... but true)

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