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Certified Public Accounting Firm; Principal has a Masters of Taxation Degree, is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. He has Corporate as well as Public Accounting experience.

We provide tax preparation and tax planning for individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, Trusts and Estates.



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Tax Preparation and Tax Planning for businesses, individuals and fiduciaries.

Businesses should always have a CPA as part of their management team. It is important to keep up with the company's profitability on a regular basis, not just annually when tax preparation time comes. If you are losing money or a certain expenses or cost is out of place; its important to discover problem early, not when you've lost money for an entire year. Also, a good CPA will keep a pulse on what the congress and the President are doing and how it will impact their business positively or negatively. We can help management navigate thought the political waters and plan accordingly for any change in tax and/or regulation.

I enjoy helping my clients save money!! This can be done through proper tax planning to minimize taxes and good management accounting to help minimize waste and fraud.

I started my own firm to be in charge of my own destiny. Also, I saw that some in my community were not getting the same financial advise from their advisers as those in other communities. I want to provide that excellence and sharpness to my clients. I want my clients to be able to weather the economic storms and come out stronger on the other side.

I have great experience. I worked and one of the larges local CPA firms in Atlanta. Local firms, unlike the national and international firms work with small business whose owners are an integral part of the business. Tax planning for the business is part of tax planning for the owner. The business and the owner cannot be separated. I have seen practitioners that come from large firms that don't understand the integral relationship between the small business and its owner. Also, I have corporate controllership experience. I understand reporting requirements differ for management and an outside agency. I can design the accounting system to capture reporting that can assist management with decision making while still providing the financial statements that will be needed by banks and other outside agencies.