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Yale MBA, Multi-Time Successful Business Founder and Ex-Corporate Exec

I have 15 years experience in strategy consulting, loyalty/rewards marketing, and have created several successful businesses. I've consulted to numerous startups at various stages from pre-seed through Series D.


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Raj Jain

6 April 2019

Athan is the real deal. Great value, great experience.


Josh Mathur

6 April 2019

Athan is now my go-to guy - super-reliable and strategic! He created a perfect and clear financial model and also added an immense amount of strategic value helping us guide our business in just the short time he helped us. We will no doubt be working with him on our presentation and anything else that we do! More...


Carla DeBro

6 April 2019

Extraordinary professional! It has been an honor to work with someone of his caliber. He is deliberate with his marketing tactics and implements them with great attention to every detail. For me, one of his most important skill sets is his ability to self manage and keep our projects moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. No worries once you have agreed on a gameplan and a course of action. Additionally, Athan puts his heart and soul into his work. He gives you everything he’s got when he gets into a project. I am humbled to have worked with someone of such high integrity and so committed to our mutual success. More...


Nelson Singh

6 April 2019

Very smart, pointed in his questions and suggestions/recommendations. Knows his stuff.


Haig Chamlian

6 April 2019

In a nutshell, Nathan is your guy for any type of consulting / strategy work you require. From day 1, he set expectations straight and defined his role in the project we worked on together. Given that we were on a very limited timeline ( the project assigned had to be delivered in 5 days ), Athan set his scope and responsibilities and asked for where and when he needed support. We were on different time zones, but he was always available, extremely proactive and always challenged our thought process and presentation structure to enhance it and deliver even better. He genuinely treated the project as his little baby, and kept following up and enhancing our work. The end result of our 30 slide deck presentation was great, and the structure and content were perfect. Don't bother at looking for any other consultants, Athan is your guy. Athan, thank you for treating this project as your own, thank you for being always bold and challenging , and thank you for the follow up after the completion of the project. Keep being awesome More...


Howard Yelon

6 April 2019

We asked Athan to do a job on a short time frame over a weekend & he delivered. The project requirements were a bit ambiguous, required creating an org chart, pro forma & a deck for various audiences, and reviewing a stack of background material to do so. He got it all done with no hand holding & only a brief orientation phone call. Kudos! Will use again. More...


Devon Burnett

6 April 2019

With next to no direction, just a few brief conversations, he was able to understand the business, the industry, and was able to locate other sources to help develop a sound and thoughtful business case. to create a solid Business Plan and Financial Model. He was extremely accessible and he answered my unscheduled texts or phone calls on the first attempt 95% of the time and always texted or called back within an hour or 2, which is very reasonable. To be honest, I was thinking of offering him a job as my Chief Strategy Officer as a consequence of his ability to thinking through various approaches to achieve a target goal. The only problem is that we are a pre-seed startup and I don't have funding to pay him for his talent consistently at this stage. With all that said, It was a pleasure working with Athan More...


Humam Mustafa

6 April 2019

Athan is exceptional. He has sharp business and personal acumen that makes him "get it" right away. He helped me with great feedback on my business. Hire him - he will surprise you.

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I realize how much time and energy founders put into their businesses - and it's their dream in many cases. I therefore take it very seriously as it's the founder's life - and love being able to help people where they need to go in their business.. :)

I have a few businesses - I'm just an entrepreneur and will always be. But I like seeing others succeed as well and enjoy helping on others people businesses as I've seen A LOT - also helping people on their businesses is a nice change of pace for me.

I solve business problems - no matter what they are - and I have a track record to prove it. And I also have a plethora of resources behind me to augment it. Most importantly - all of my past clients stay in touch with me still and frequently ask for more help - so that's a pretty good sign for me that makes me happy.