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Kim Lawrence

31 August 2018

My Reiki session with Julia was extremely effective in helping me deal with the grief I experienced from losing a close friend to Cancer.


Penny Austin

28 May 2018

QiGong with Lois is wonderful. I came with numerous physical restrictions and she was very watchful, making sure I did not injure myself. She is warm and welcoming and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her class. More...


Julie Horn

28 May 2018

Powerful and therapeutic experience! Julia is the real deal!


Katie Perry

28 May 2017

I am so thrilled that Julia created a Manifest Your Dreams service! It's a unique, healing, heart-centered session that truly leaves you feeling empowered. She assists you in understanding the Law of Attraction, what actions will be helpful towards striving forward with your dreams, helps you identify and heal personal blocks and more. Healing helps facilitate change. I left our session knowing that I AM stronger than my worries & doubts regarding my dream. After identifying some underlying blocks that came to light during the session, I can learn from them, heal and move past them! I see them for what they are now.I am so excited for the road ahead, thank you Julia More...


Matt Mead

28 May 2017

Love it love it love it!!! Would definitely recommend Lois


Sasha Smith

28 May 2016

Amazing experience, I highly recommend it to everyone!


Christina Webster

29 May 2015

I found healing here when I had almost given up hope. A last-ditch effort to alleviate chronic pain and lessen the symptoms of a previous surgery brought me to this studio roughly a year ago; at that time I had no idea that I would begin a healing journey that would profoundly affect my life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. What I have found the most beneficial throughout this entire process is its versatility; I can choose the pace at which I want to move forward, the areas I want to focus my healing, or how I incorporate any new insights or lessons into my everyday life. Lois' guidance has been invaluable and affirming and she continuously surpasses an excellent level of kindness AND professionalism. Whatever drew you to this site, I would encourage you to experience a Quantum Balance or QiGong session! More...


Missy Monacella

29 May 2015

It may be a surprise to you, but I am a little bit of a control freak and a big people helper. With that said, when life gets out of hand and I am trying to "fix" both broken & unbroken times, I get VERY frustrated...which turns to anger, resentment, disappointment and just feeling overwhelmed. Today I said "ENOUGH!" I didn't feel like my normal happy self, so I took advantage of a last minute opening with Lois Thompson, Quantum Balance Erie. After some verbal venting of what I thought was bothering me, Lois was able to find the REAL root triggering these emotions and we were able to release them. It's hard to explain what she does - but I will tell you that I feel AMAZING. The big smile is back on my face and I am filled with joy. Thank you Lois, for helping me out of my funk, and bringing my real self out again! I HIGHLY recommend trying a QBE session. Even if you think you don't need it - you will say "I feel LIGHTER & HAPPIER!" when the session is finished. More...