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Alejandro Lopez

23 April 2019

The schedule is great and the equipment is in good condition.


Bryan Babcock

24 March 2019

Awesome place and word is there is a pool being renovated


Harry Kaplan

25 October 2018

This gym has all new equipment. The parking lot is tiny unfortunately, but its open 24 hours and is located downtown. Nice staff too


Sean Bateman

25 September 2018

sweet gym, the only thing that sucks is that you have to go down a flight, then go up a flight to get to the locker room


Janet Murray Bechtel

6 September 2018

I encourage anyone who is interested in spinning for fun or for a terrific cardio workout to come to one of Tina's classes. You won't be disappointed.


Debra Fleming

6 September 2018

Tina' s class never disappoints. She plans her routine to each song and her music choices are varied and always fun. Great class awesome workout. Don't be afraid to try it Tina is very welcoming! More...


Personal Email

26 August 2018

I travel quite frequently and used to drive out to Macedon for the nearest Anytime Fitness when in Rochester for work. I have long awaited the opening of this gym. I finally got to use it this week and loved it. Big open space. Plenty of cardio equipment, free weights, and equipment. Not sure if there is reserved parking though? Maybe it’s just street parking? More...


Renee Reynolds

15 August 2018

Had all the equipment I needed! Reasonable guest pass fee ($5)!


Sue Hunter

15 August 2018

Love the hours and never to busy! I have been a member for over 4 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else.


Adam Pennell

15 August 2018

It's a good place to go and reasonably priced. The equipment is a little beat up, but it is a great gym for those that just want to get in and get it done without the crowds and drama of other gyms.


Andrew Cw

27 July 2018

Personal trainer Mike is AONE!!!!! Good selection of equipment and good variety of classes offered. Awesomely priced membership. Spacious gym as well.


benjamin griffiths

23 May 2018

Great place to get a work out in everyone was very friendly


Jeff Jackson

23 March 2018

Signed up. We'll see


Edward Dehm

24 February 2018

Great gym! Clean, yoga and exercise classes, staff was friendly when signing up, and all the equipment is bread new!


casey cranston

15 February 2018

Great spot overall, this establishment has an exceptionally clean environment, friendly staff and, most importantly I feel very safe exercising knowing it's a judgement free zone!


Tammy Packard

4 February 2018

Very friendly staff.


austin dority

4 February 2018

Awesome gym. Everything you need from cardio, free weights, group classes, is at this facility. Being open all the time is a huge plus for me. If you are looking for a gym to workout at I’d recommend this place. More...


Stephanie Warrington

4 February 2018

Very clean and convenient. People there are not judgemental and workers are nice if you go when they are there. I definitely recommend going here. I love it and having a membership helps me keep motivated. More...


Mark Joe

4 February 2018

This Anytime Fitness location is great. No matter what time of day I go, all of the equipment is clean, the bathrooms and showers are clean, and the people - from the other members, to the owners (which are around and accessible almost every day) - are always friendly and encouraging. For me, the best thing about this gym is the wide variety of equipment available, making this an ideal gym for people of all fitness levels and with a variety of personal goals. More...


Jodie Johnson

4 February 2018

I can't say enough positive things about this club! It's fabulous! Everyone there; the owner, her family and the trainers and fitness instructors are so wonderful, helpful and friendly! This gym is very clean; the restrooms, floors and equipment are clean, well-maintained, never stinky. I LOVE the hydro-massage bed! It's been a Godsend when I'm too tired to foam-roll. Lot's of weights and equipment to select from for toning-up and getting fit! Very convenient/central 24hr. location and they have a virtual system if you prefer to do a fitness video alone or with your fitness buddies; very easy to operate and many choices to select from. The franchise also runs periodic sign-up specials and extra bonus incentives for members. They offer tanning here, personal training sessions and Anytime Fitness merchandise. Love the water fountain and sensor/non-touch bottle-refill fountain too----nice lil extras! I'm very happy I joined and encourage everyone who is even in the stages of considering a fitness plan, to give this gym a whirl----You will be so glad you did!!! :) A+++ More...


Michael Glidewell

1 February 2017

Place was clean and other people working out were friendly.


Mike mike

31 January 2017

great service


Anthony Yurko

28 December 2016

Well organized, well equiped gym. Staff is friendly and helpful. They have a burgeoning coed MMA class.

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