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Alternative Therapy Services uses both hypnotherapy and counseling to service my clients. My specialty and certifications are in Relapse Prevention for those in recovery and if the client wishes, Harm Reduction for those still in addiction.



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As I tell my students, "you have chosen a path with a heart". I can think of no greater reward than to be in the "healing" services where clients, through my guidance and the processes I use, learn to heal themselves. I find it life changing, not just for my clients, but myself as well.

For many years, I worked in Medical Research and was deeply rooted in science. However after experiencing a personal tragedy, I realized that although science was wonderful, I was missing spirituality in my life. I left science and became involved in Bio-feedback, which them led to Hypnotherapy. And after 12 years I have never looked back or regretted my decision.

I find that I am in empathy with my clients and completely focused on them while we are in session. There is no judgement and no prejudice. After twelve years and hundreds of clients, I can face my clients with the knowledge that I can help them to heal from whatever issue they present. To extend our session until the next time I also email to each client, a recording that is in relation to their issue.



My specialties are PTSD, Trauma, Phobias, and Addictions of all types. I find that many have these issues, which are severely impacting their lives. Instead of living life to its fullest, they are merely existing, therefore cutting themselves off from leading a full, purposeful life. Many processes can be used to help the client heal. As a professional, I have access to these processes and use them sucessfully