ALLOY Personal Training Center

ALLOY Personal Training Center

ALLOY Personal Training Center locationNewtown, Georgia

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ALLOY Personal Training Center Reviews


Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Kimberly Thorpe
5 Kimberly Thorpe

Like Disney will be for kids, North Point is for me!!!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Bill Boldt
Bill Boldt

My name is bill boldt i have.been a trIner cor 21 years would love to work for u guys. Pleaze text me at

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by John Makarewicz
5 John Makarewicz

I wouldn't work out anywhere else. Great trainers and the exercises are always varied so I never get bored.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Barry Westerkamp
5 Barry Westerkamp

Awesome gym with super-friendly staff! Great gym culture and everyone cares about your success.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Kim Pittman Bartholomew
5 Kim Pittman Bartholomew

APTC is the very best! Come check it out. You will never regret it.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Leigh Ann Lawson Bishop
5 Leigh Ann Lawson Bishop

I love NPF! They are the best Nd it is like the bar at Cheers- but less beer and more sweat!!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by LeAnn Kurey
5 LeAnn Kurey

I have been a member for a year! I love this place! Trainers are so knowledgeable and kind! would not want to be anywhere else between 9-11 a.m. :))

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Haley Orr
5 Haley Orr

The trainers and staff are so amazing! It feels like one big family in this place. I love it here!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Konarski Nick
5 Konarski Nick

This place is the bomb! I've never been in better shape in my entire life. Highly recommend.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Gillie Barber
5 Gillie Barber

After trying many other gyms, this gym has truly shown me the best results! The atmosphere at the gym is positive and fun, and I love going! Im so thankful I have found such a great gym and I highly recommend North Point Fitness.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Mark Crabtree
5 Mark Crabtree

Everything about NPF is fantastic. From the greeting when you walk through the door to the top notch coaches. A fun, energetic environment set up to help you achieve your goals.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Jack Knight
5 Jack Knight

This is the best gym in the metro Atlanta area! I would recommend to anyone, and the trainers are stellar!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Julian Cardoos
5 Julian Cardoos

Talk about people doing it fitness right. Great workout, great coaches and great community! It's a must for anyone in the area that cares about their health and wants a welcoming community. Great job guys.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Frank Nash
5 Frank Nash

Great Coaching, awesome facility...North Point delivers results, being in the industry for over a decade i can honestly tell you the North Point staff are the real deal, if your looking to get in shape...these guys are the answer, if your looking for a cheaply priced gym with no answers. take your pick

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Mario Panebianco
5 Mario Panebianco

Working out at North Point Fitness has been an amazing experience and I always look forward to my weekly routine. I’ve never felt better about myself on a physical level prior to NFP. They have really done a great job of helping me become the person that I am today.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Lee Siegel
5 Lee Siegel

I have been a member for about 6 years and really enjoy being a member at NPF! The trainers learn what each person can and can not do and train accordingly. The atmosphere is friendly and fun. We have contests and are challenged to work out at our best.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Rich Babcock
5 Rich Babcock

This is a great place to train and workout. I have trained at several gyms and worked with numerous trainers over the 35+ years that I have trained, and NPF is one of the best. Emphasis is on total body and core, and the trainers are veery knowledgable and can craft your workouts to be as challenging as you want.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Donna Christensen Houghton
5 Donna Christensen Houghton

I love this gym atmosphere. The entire staff knows your name, and takes a personal interest in your fitness goals and nutrition. Workouts are personalized specifically to your abilities, but trainers continue to encourage and challenge us. Going to the gym is a highlight of my day!!!!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Madalyn Ford
5 Madalyn Ford

Even when I don't want to work out (most days), I am always glad I came to Alloy where I am encouraged to be my best. The people are amazingly positive and knowledgeable. They help me to maintain and improve my body each time.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Debbie Oliver Conner
5 Debbie Oliver Conner

I love NPF! The workouts are always challenging, yet doable. Each trainer individualizes every workout for each person - it's never "one size fits all" Everyone is in there trying to be better and healthier, there's never any competition to do or be anything other MY best!!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Cassandra Hobar
5 Cassandra Hobar

I love this place. After 3 years with Alloy, I've gained life-long friends as well as workout and health skills I can use anywhere I go. When I'm not at school, I spend most of my time at Alloy, and I always have the best time! Everyone is fun and friendly and motivational, the facilities are clean and well-maintained, and it's simply the best place to be!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Jade Shankman
5 Jade Shankman

My first two weeks were wonderful. I attempted to workout with as many coaches as I could in two weeks to meet and understand their coaching style. They are some of the kindest and genuinely determined coaches. They want you to succeed! I worked harder in the last two weeks than the previous 6 months combined. Amazing!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Seth Deitchman
5 Seth Deitchman

I have been going to the gym for several years and am disappointed that it took me so long to find it. I truly feel welcome every time I come. I am never judged and always encouraged. The trainers truly care about me and make sure I am doing things with the right form. They have gotten to know me and my family and vice versa. I am in better health and have made friends along the way. I usually go early in the AM and get energized when I step into the gym and when I leave I have accomplished something great for myself. The trainers and staff at North Point Fitness are awesome! Thank you...Anthony, Natalie, Kelly, Eric, Maya, Joe, Matt, Laurie, Jenn and others. Thank you!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Herb Chuven
5 Herb Chuven

I have been a member of many clubs over the years. More than any other facility, NPF has helped me regain strength and improved my conditioning that was screwed up by medical issues a few years ago. It has given me the platform to improve my swimming and tennis endurance and effectiveness. Pretty good for an old guy of 76.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Denise Lyle Floyd
5 Denise Lyle Floyd

I was a member at large chain gym for many years...but had not been in many months. I tried NPF as part of a challenge and joined as soon as the challenge was over. It is such a different kind of gym - in the best way! The classes are tough and effective, the staff are motivating and friendly, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. I cancelled that old gym membership with no regrets!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Chuck Gonzales
5 Chuck Gonzales

Leader of leaders in the fitness industry.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Diane Schuler
5 Diane Schuler

I've been a member of various gyms since 1987. North Point Fitness, by far, is the place where I've achieved the fastest and most sustainable results (member since 2009).

Here's what I like most: **The NON-big-box environment ** which to me means...
-total absence of long rows of equipment that doesn't suit my needs
-personalized programs - even ones I can take with me when I travel
-every member of the staff knows my name
-attention to proper strength training form, and the time and space for injuries to heal*
-encouragement and recognition for my efforts and accomplishments

*The injuries I refer to were not suffered here or as the result of any NPF workout. :)

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Bonnie Lamberg Harrison
5 Bonnie Lamberg Harrison

I've been a faithful member for 20 years. When I started, I couldn't do 5 push ups. Since then, I have learned how to run, mastering a Marathon, trained for duathlons, and triathlons. I've also completed many summers of BRAG, bike ride across Ga. That's 20 years of healthy eating, and giving my body the needs required to lead a healthy life. Thank you Alloy personal Training for bringing me comfortably into my 50s. You all have changed my life for the better and am excited to see what fun sessions you all have to bring me to my 60s in 8 years! Bonnie Harrison

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Nikki Roberts
5 Nikki Roberts

This place has changed my life. I'm stronger and more confident and have made so many great friends. The trainers truly care about us and make sure that we do each workout to the best of our abilities and capabilities.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Bob Warren
5 Bob Warren

I am in the best shape in over 30 years, and I couldn't have done it had I gone to anywhere but NPF. It is the total package. Not only does the staff encourage you, the people you work out with there do as well.

Everyone there has the same goal; taking care of their bodies through good exercise. If you have wasted thousands of dollars on fitness memberships you rarely used, then you have been going to the wrong place. Come try out NPF and your body will thank you for it.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Michael Hatton
5 Michael Hatton

I had been at a big gym for 10+ years and was looking for something new. Several people I knew recommended North Point Fitness so I gave it a try and am glad I did. The workouts are personalized for you and your goals and are routinely modified. The gym does a great job of setting exercise and diet plans, using technology to track your performance, and motivating members to achieve results, be it through games/challenges or just encouragement. And best of all the staff is top notch, knows you by name, and are always willing to help and offer advice. I wish I had made the switch to North Point sooner.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Michelle Hibbert
5 Michelle Hibbert

Love the team training classes as they are always different and the trainers are always super helpful.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Laurie McFadden
5 Laurie McFadden

I've had the privilege of watching Alloy grow over the past 18 years - and what a great journey! Alloy delivers the personal touch that is missing at so many other gyms or businesses for that matter! The care and concern that is given to each and every client to make sure they are doing the right exercises and movements to avoid injury but also to move them closer to their goals is truly beyond measure. Everyone needs to invest in their health - working out, eating right, etc. - and Alloy has the tools and expertise to guide you on your investment in your health!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Jessica Martin
5 Jessica Martin

I love this place! I have 2 autoimmune diseases that cause pain and fatigue. After my second diagnosis I had pretty much given up on having a good quality of life. I began getting physical therapy at North Point physical therapy which is inside this gym. Joel, my PT, encouraged me to try this gym. He has given suggestions on how to do the exercises without putting too much stress on my body. The trainers there challenge me but push me without hurting me. They really listen to me! That has never happened at a gym before! Everyone there knows your name and makes you feel special! I'm always pumped after leaving. I will never go to another gym!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Carol Casteel
5 Carol Casteel

I really enjoy the small groups with individual adjustments to your personal needs by your trainer. I am so glad I found this center.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Jacqueline VanHyfte
5 Jacqueline VanHyfte

Love the team training groups. Look forward to them every week. The trainers always are willing to adjust the sessions based on your individual needs. Great team of trainers and members. Feels like family.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Andy Cuppia
5 Andy Cuppia

Great place with an amazing staff! Regardless of your fitness levels and goals this place will help you reach them in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by James Adams
5 James Adams

Rick Mayo and Alloy are the "Best" in the business. Their attention to detail has one goal in mind, providing results and a great experience for their clients.

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Alison Cuppia
5 Alison Cuppia

Alloy is such a great personalized gym experience. If the Cheers tv show would have been set in a gym instead of a bar, it would have been set at Alloy. Everyone knows your name as well as your strengths and weeknesses. They know your goals and know how to push you when you need to be pushed. Working out was not a habit for me until my husband introduced me to this gym. I am so happy about how it has improved my life as a whole!

Review of ALLOY Personal Training Center by Kelly Walkowiak Ziegele
5 Kelly Walkowiak Ziegele

I miss this place since I've moved into the city. I've maintained based on the foundations of the workout they taught me over 6yrs ago. They kept it specific to my fitness goals and paid close attention to my chronic pain and problem areas. I've been free of injury and trips to the chiropractor since moving away from machines, overheads, and jumps and follow their strength discipline. I highly recommend Alloy if you are serious about maintaining good fitness and want to work free from injury. I've been a competitive athlete for 30yrs, and I really appreciate EVERYTHING about this training facility. I've seen it fit the needs of a broad spectrum of people with various fitness capabilities or goals. Alloy, please open a "satellite" facility ITP!

ALLOY Personal Training Center

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