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Vivian N.

9 August 2019

I really enjoy this gym. I like the area just for women by the women's lockers, it's a nice touch. The equipment in the rest of the gym seem clean, but could be updated. I haven't tried any classes yet, but want to start. There is free childcare, but when I poked my head in one time, i noticed how grimy the toys looked. I haven't sent my little one (16 months) to childcare yet. Maybe when he's older.Love the juice bar and the ability to add your purchases to your account. More...


Eric Clark

2 August 2019

They’re punctual. One therapist isn’t clear on amount of times for each leg


Angel Angel

31 July 2019

Many different options and great motivational spirits!


Jen Green

23 July 2019

great place I love swimming here


Jeanne-Marie F.

21 July 2019

Wonderful yoga program. Dedicated, passionate teachers. Very happy here. Staff at the club are very nice.


Nancy McCardle Yambem

25 June 2019

I have been a member at All Sport for many years...on and off. Love being able to bring my Granddaughter now. She loves going to Kids Club, and we just got done with toddler swim classes...it was great!!! I also swim and do circuit training at this time, have loved yoga and other classes in the past. I had surgery in January, and feel that I can find a exercise regiment that suits my needs as I get stronger. More...


Anita Malpica

2 June 2019

Many activities are available for you to try!


Maryanna Joan Fodera

1 June 2019

love coming here to exercise. the staff is great and the whole environment is nice.


Ellen Mauro

4 May 2019

Very clean and not crowded


mpmc1023 .

1 May 2019

Review based upon kids group swim lessons.
Meghan is an absolutely amazing swim instructor. She is so great with both the kids and parents. My child has made such progress in a short amount of time.
I would highly reccomend any swim class there that Meghan instructs.


Rhonda Haussmann

28 April 2019

the best fitness instructors!! so patient and kind.. they have every class you can think of and more!!



22 April 2019

One of my happy places here in the Hudson Valley! I was on a search to find tennis and Spin, but resolved to taking Spin classes and tennis at a separate studio until I discovered All Sports. I was so happy to discover that All Sports offered both in one place! The staff is always so friendly and helpful and Spin with Donovan, Trish, and Diana are incredible!! They also offer tons of classes, large equipment rooms, a pool, sauna, and more! They have a slightly different price scale compared to large chains, but offer so much more! Definitely worth every cent! More...


Stephanie Bosco-Ruggiero

24 March 2019

The kids swimming lessons are fantastic. The women's workout center is great too. Great place for families. Kids club is a godsend.


Raquel K Robinson

7 March 2019

Love my class barre fusion


Jessica Lobdell

21 February 2019

This is my first gym that I've joined and taken seriously. Was a member at planet fitness and just couldn't get into it. I've only been a member here for a few days, but already I feel extremely comfortable! I took a spin class and the instructor was incredibly helpful and encouraging, and the fellow classmates were a great help as well. Alexa met with me for sign up and was sure to be thorough with any questions I had, and not to mention a total sweetheart! I don't feel judged at all, and so look forward to trying out all the classes, making new friends, and getting in shape! More...


Lorraine MacLeod

31 January 2019

Love yoga, pilates and barre fusion in the Mind & Body gym.


Frank E Boukheir

29 January 2019

Very good gym it offers everything


Sheryl Kirschenbaum

26 January 2019

Great facility Terrific Staff


j t

22 January 2019

It's well setup. Constantly updating both machines and programs. I especially like that its a complete health club rather than just a gym, with all the facilities that no one in the area offers. I also really admire the support they give to the community, including the annual Veterans day celebration. More...


Diane Mench

16 January 2019

Amazing support from the Personal Trainers and lots of great classes. Something for everyone. Let them help you accomplish your goals.


Pasquale Massafra

11 January 2019

My son is member and always has a good time!


Nat Karl

11 January 2019

We went there for a BNI networking meeting with about 125 membrrs present. The room was large, pleasant and the breakfast plentiful. The staff was polite and helpful. Afterward a couple of us met in the on premises cafe. I have not used the gym facilities yet but if it is like the catering I am sure it is outstanding. More...


Karen Elizabeth

9 January 2019

Good deal going on for the start of 2019!


Linda Pelletiere

7 January 2019

variety of options for getting healthy for all age groups and fitness levels.


Sally Travis

28 December 2018

great trainers, personal attention, and enough activities so your workouts do not get mundane!


Francine Grotenhoff

21 November 2018

Great facility, great people.


Ashonda Boyd

18 October 2018

Excellent staff and great class selection!! There is something for everyone regardless of the time of day you plan on going


Paul Loftus

28 September 2018

Great place dropped in the cardio room was clean and spacious. No waiting for equipment. Took a great yoga class. Drop in rate very affordable. If I lived in the area I would be a member More...


Mawilli Williams

26 August 2018

Great staff !!! Everyone is so friendly and willing to help .. they make you feel as if you are part of a family


Vincent Van Voorhis

20 August 2018

Been a member for 20+ years and it’s the same as it always is... top notch?


Amber Kowalski

20 August 2018

I love the instructors at allsport they are definetly alot better then at the other gyms. The price is a little high which is ok but what bothers me is that you have to pay extra for some classes.Im already paying double to triple the price of other gyms i dont see why i need to pay extra for something like kickboxing. More...


Madeline Cestero-Bou

20 August 2018

I've only been a member for a year or so, but I can honestly say it's a great gym. They have a great schedule of classes and phenomenal instructors. My only reason for giving it four stars rather than five is that they have additional classes that in other gyms would normally be made available to all. I currently have a membership to another gym that I attend three times a week and such classes are included with the membership. More...


Luanne Robalo

20 August 2018

Great place to go for mind & body connection. Group classes are top notch.


Stephanie Dignan

20 August 2018

This place has saved my life. It is a peaceful, safe getaway- the staff is kind, the equipment and classes are abundant, and the locker rooms meticulous.

I came to All Sport specifically because of the pool. Following a tremendous back injury this winter, I couldn't lift any weights, and could barely partake in any movement classes - except for water aerobics. I was able to attend three water aerobics classes each week, and enjoy the hot tub in the middle of winter.

I can't believe so many classes are included in the standard membership cost. Thanks to All Sport, I've made a strong recovery and now go to three zumba classes a week, as well as at least two yoga classes a week. Those classes alone would cost me, per week, more than I pay to be a member at All Sport for a month. It is a fantastic value. I feel like a wealthy person each time I arrive, and I am very much not.

I'm looking forward to hunkering down for the winter with All Sport. It is such a cool way to spend the cold, dark winter months - especially.

The classes are what make this gym so special. If you're wondering why it costs more than Planet Fitness, or Crunch, it's because of these incredible classes, just how many of them there are, and the talented individuals who instruct them. They never bring less than their best.

Anyone who thinks this place is "too expensive" should maybe realize that an individual membership costs as much as 4 six-packs of beer. At $2/day, you're better off with the gym, trust me. �


Lisa Daley

20 August 2018

I've been training with Camille since March, in addition to using other equipment, and can't say enough about my experience w/AllSport. Thanks to Camille's wonderful direction, knowledge, support and encouragement, I exceeded my weight loss goal, gained more strength than I thought I could or would, and my overall health is all the better for it. The staff at the front desk, and others, are very friendly and always helpful. I'm happy I decided to join AllSport at the beginning of my journey; a journey that continues! More...


Giovanna Leahy

20 August 2018

I'm a newbie love the classes but wish they would separate some classes that are at same time so i can go to them too and also put some of the really early classes to weekend or early evening.


Karen Wright

20 August 2018

3 Days and lots more to go. I think All Sport is going to be great for me!


Laura Canfield

20 August 2018

I have been a member of all sport since 2005 and can honestly say that my life and community would not be the same without all sport. In the past 12 years, I shared news of my engagement, set fitness goals to look my best on my wedding day, shared news of my pregnancy, was surprised with a baby shower in the old upstairs juice bar, froze membership during postpartum recovery, set new fitness goals to lose pregnancy weight, made friends with other mommies at kids club, discovered the wealth of children’s programs including swim lessons, soccer, and children’s yoga, and celebrated many children’s birthdays. My children also look forward to visiting Santa at all sport each year. All sport is so much more than a gym. It is our second home! The staff are like family! I cannot imagine living in this area and not having an all sport membership!! More...


Kim Ruperd

20 August 2018

I’ve been a member for years!! Always love trying new classes, there’s such a variety, and the kids club makes it easy for me to bring my toddler?


Stephen R Orefice

20 August 2018

The gym is well taken care of and clean. It feels like you are staying at a premier hotel when you spend time there. The environment has pushed me to show up regularly again and start accomplishing my fitness goals for 2018. Highly recommend Allsport to everyone I know. More...


Lauren Marie Dykstra

20 August 2018

All sports is truly the best. The classes are great, you always feel good walking out of the gym, and the instructors make you feel like you are part of a family!


Lisa-Marie Claiborne

20 August 2018

I love that you always see improvements being made... they have made coming here feel like more than just a gym but a sanctuary of peace, a place to gather with friends, a place to test your limits, a place to feel whole... its one of my happy places


Dan Hickey

20 August 2018

The only downsides are the price, which I believe you get what you pay for. And the billing tends to be a bit aggressive.
All and all definitely worth it if you can afford it. It's clean, and comfortable with a lot of amenities. And even though I don't take part in a lot of them, bc there are so many, I like knowing I could at some point. If can afford it, not being any more expensive than golds, an absolutely positive choice.


Marci Biele

20 August 2018

Love using the pool and hot tub..feels like on holiday when I come. So fun finally and exercise that my best friend and I can do together and look forward to and actually enjoy it! Thank you all sport totally worth the drive for me More...


Jen Gigliotti

20 August 2018

I love All Sport.. great classes and instructors and they offer so much more then the other gyms around here. When I first started going to the gym I always felt comfortable there. The fitness classes cater to all levels with different options. Good schedule too so you can try all of them. The women’s room is great too. I hope one day I can be a member again! Definitely recommend All Sport to anyone in the area. More...


Janet Lares

20 August 2018

Love, love, love this gym!!!! Excellent classes, great staff and awesome facility!!!!


Dina M Pinera

20 August 2018

All sport is more expensive then other gyms but you do get so much more. I have a family membership, and my kids love the indoor and outdoor pools and kids stuff. The daycare, facilities and equipment are extremely clean and updated. The staff is always kind and welcoming. The camp is amazing and my kids love it. It’s the best bang for your buck if you have a large family like I do. There’s something for everyone. More...


Jarrod Bowsky

15 July 2018

Great work out.


Sarah Ann Alassal

8 July 2018

It’s so nice place. I like workout out there too


Jessica Ippolito-Soi

4 July 2018

I’ve been a member of Allsport for at least 15 years. Their current group of fitness trainers are by far the best!
A special thank you to Trisha, Diana and Richie for being such an inspiration!
I recommend Allsport to everyone!! All ages. All fitness levels. Join Allsport now!!!


Martha P. Humphreys

4 July 2018

I LOVE. THE. TRAINERS! They are beyond motivating, and super encouraging.


Janae Williams

15 June 2018

15 weeks, and 30 pounds bites the dust! Thank you Rachel & Ben


Denise Mallon

26 May 2018

Everything. It has a wide range of options to choose from.


crystal martinez

4 May 2018

We recently hosted our son’s 9th Birthday here (Knockerball/sports party). I am Very particular when it comes to any event that I host and I always have so many questions and special requests, but the event planners (Kim and Kate) were EXTREMELY pleasant and helpful and catered to my needs. They made sure to cover all the bases! This was our first time at All Sport and first time trying Knockerball, talk about hysterical! Loved loved loved that parents were included! Everyone had such an amazing time! We were even given an option to use their speakers to play our own music in the party room! Thank you All Sport staff for a memorable day! More...


John Tolliver

4 May 2018

I like it because it's a total fitness club rather than just a gym. They have equipment that's always kept up-to-date. They are willing to try programs and adjust old to make the programs better for their membership. Just this week they opened a new EPOC group training room that has all new fitness bells and whistles.
They actually get involved with the community and with family events that encourage bringing the community and its membership together. Events like the annual veterans day celebration, comedy nights, workshops and raising awareness for other civil projects make them a true standout.


Gregg Woolston

1 May 2018

Great yoga classes. Friendly staff.
Kim is absolutely the best!


Michael Mazziotta

17 November 2017

Great environment. Professional and friendly staff. A very well kept space. Love all the options of different machines.


Dori Wheeler

15 October 2017

This was such an empowering time to share with one of my closest friends. Having been a survivor of rape and of domestic violence, it was an awesome way to take back my power! Thank you for allowing us to do that! I WILL be back!!! More...


Dan H.

26 August 2017

A complete and comprehensive gym. I love it. I give it 4/5 only bc of the cost but even then I would give this gym a 4.5 if I could. Not open 24 hours but the people who can afford to go here don't week or at 3 AM lol. If you utilize even half of the programs and/or areas of the gym it's worth the money. More...


Susan Ruckdeschel

23 August 2017

� nice crowd, friendly staff, lots of classes. I'm in!


Jeremy Tabaniag

19 July 2017

Probably the best gym in the area. Lots of machines, friendly staff, and is well maintained and clean. The weight room is huge, lots of machines and everything is organized by body part which is really awesome. Classes are fun and the atmosphere is just really classy. More...


Mark B.

12 July 2017

I've been a member for years along with my wife. Earlier the kids came also. I have good memories of us playing basketball and swimming.I mostly use the pool nowadays. The temperature is good and the hot tub feels great. For what you get I think it's a good value. Outdoor pools are real nice. Like a resort setting. Enjoy and stay healthy! More...


George Silverstein

13 May 2017

I love it but it would be nice if they had a group rate we could bring a bunch of people at one time


Jessica F.

4 March 2017

We have been members for over 2 years and absolutely love the club. My husband works out in the early morning. I go after the kids are in school. We spend most of the summer in the outdoor pool. Seriously. The membership pays for itself. Such a great community of people, have made tons of friends! Great for my kids too. More...


Tony Morello Jr

21 February 2017

Great place to work out .Alittle of everything all in one place.The staff is so kind and generous.If at any time you need something thrre is always some there to assist you.


Patricia Grassi

6 February 2017

It's a great place!!!


Nicole Adamski

2 February 2017

Clean and peaceful. Always have fun and people are so nice.


Shane Talley

25 January 2017

Perfect, I'm a single father, great for me and children, entire staff I came into contact with was so generous, kind and professional.


Marianne Q.

2 November 2016

Excellent gym; it lacks nothing that I can see; it has it all - classes; equipment all in good condition; different workout rooms for different needs; a swimming pool; racquet ball; basketball; tennis; as I said whatever you would be looking for; friendly helpful staff; clean; love it More...


Elena Reitberger

3 March 2016

What a wonderful fitness center! They have it all! Awesome classes (zumba), best friendly staff! The minute you walk in the door you feel like you belong! Also, I must say the membership is friendly to each other! Haven't met anyone that have not had a few words or a greeting, it's really a comfort zone! Love, love this gym! More...


Jay Zaretsky

24 February 2016

Excellent facility which is well equipped with knowledgable and attentive staff!!


Marie Delmotte-Pena

28 January 2016

From the moment you enter Allsport, you are greeted by professional, friendly staff members behind the counter. There are plenty of class options for everyone. If you are in need of a caring personal trainer that will push you to meet your goals, Frank Risoli is your man! More...


Maria DiGiglio Gibbons

14 January 2016

This place has it all!!! I love it and so do my grandchildren!!


P R.

10 December 2015

I like All Sport a lot. The facility is very nice and it has a friendly, community feel to it.  There are lots of classes and many instructors are very good, although some are just average and don't really provide any 'instruction' because they are very busy getting their own workout!  All in all, of all of the clubs that I have belonged to in my life, I like All Sport the best.Also, I agree with Radio's comment from over 5 years ago--the personal trainers seem to "lack a desire to be there and in some cases shouldn't be there at all due to knowledge level."  If I manage to find a good trainer I will re-post, but for now I would say to beware of the 'fitness assessment' which pushes you to buy a personal training package and promises to find the right trainer for you.  Don't buy it until you are sure will you get a decent trainer--you won't be able to cancel once you sign up for personal training.  Try to get a recommendation from another member, but don't count on the personal training managers to find you someone.  I was a member in the 90s when trainers were always available in the fitness area.  Those trainers were far more helpful than any of the paid personal trainers that I have met recently.  The fitness assessment was more useful back then, too, because it gave you information and suggested goals that you could work on.  The current assessment doesn't provide anything useful, but serves as motivation to start personal training--it is a problem that the trainers are disinterested rather than motivating! More...


Meghan L.

26 November 2015

So clean and all the machines work and are in great condition!  Love the pool and it's never too crowded.  The new cardio center upstairs was a great upgrade.  The staff is friendly and professional. More...


Mikki P.

8 November 2015

Love this place my home away from home. They don't judge me and always great me with a warm smile.


Gina Dickson

22 October 2015

I love working at All Sport. So many dynamic people come through the door every day making each work day a new experience.


Christian C.

15 June 2015

I've been a member of All Sport now for a few months.  I couldn't be anymore impressed with the place.  The facility is huge encompassing two massive levels.  There are a wide range of activities for people of ALL ages to do.  Swimming pools (YES POOLS as in more than one), handball courts, basketball, tennis, tons of cardio machines, Spin Classes, Yoga, weight rooms, a large supervised play area for children, saunas, jacuzzi pool, full service juice bar, personal trainers, nutritionists on staff etc etc.  I'm missing a ton of stuff that they offer but just about anything and everything you could ask for in a fitness center is available at All Sport.The place is immaculately clean.  Not something you'd expect from a gym but the staff at All Sport prides themselves in running a clean shop.  I find the staff to be friendly and cordial.  You never walk in without being greeted and the same goes for when its time to leave.  Someone is always waving goodbye or wishing you a nice day.  I have several gyms that are a lot closer to my home but I will go a few extra miles out of my way to be a member at All Sport.C. Carrasco More...


Jamale Session

4 June 2015

Best gym around. I'm a proud happy member of 4 years.


Tom Forsythe

15 April 2015

Great place to workout Staff friendly and helpful


Anthony Pignone

5 March 2015

Every year on Christmas Day I wake up and think, what do I do today All Sport is closed.


Diane L Smith

9 January 2015

What a find this place is! It has something for everyone. You can train by yourself or try out any number of classes to give yourself variety. I have not tried the outdoor stuff because of winter but can not wait to do so!! Awesome! What's great is you can try something and if it's More...


Lori Lipton Dennerlein

20 December 2014

This place became my second home and incorporated my extended family! Now I have my sista's Karin, Sarah, Felicia, Annie and Gail!!! Of course I wouldn't forget my one brudda, Dan!! More importantly it gave me back my health that RA was taking away!!! Yeah it's a little costly, but how can you put a price on all of that!! Thanks Michael for pushing me to join!!! More...


M J.

18 December 2014

I was a member at All Sport in Fishkill for  just over two years and I loved it. I am not a 'fitness machine' kinda girl, so my go to were the classes. And boy were they amazing! All Sport combines the best in the world of group classes under one roof. They have the best yoga teachers, the best Barre fitness trainers and some tight Pilates classes! Yes all three taught in one place, by amazing instructors and for a great deal. I have since moved to other parts of America and I'm still hoping to find a gem like All Sport. Their facilities, like the changing rooms, toilets and showers are clean and well maintained. Staff are great, you are sure find some snooty women at the desk, but ignore them. Walk in and focus on your work out! Also you will meet some amazing people in the gym and they will remain great friends to you. More...


Larry C.

30 September 2014

I love this gym.  I tend to work out during "off peak" hours so I rarely see a crowd.  But even on those occasions when I do see a crowd, I have never had to wait for equipment.  The equipment is all newer and usually very clean.  I do miss my old gym where every piece of equipment had its own spray cleaner, but bottles are available around the room. (wished everybody used them) And staff always seem to be cleaning.The staff at the gym is very friendly and is always on hand to give advice or a spot.  Each room has a dedicated trainer walking around.  While I don't take any of the classes they seem well attended.  Locker rooms are super clean and showers are hot and strong.  (New hair dryers are useless, please bring back the old ones)  The childcare room is cheap, I forget the rate but it is ridiculously low and the staff in there are very friendly.  AllSport also has a cafe that has coffee/sandwiches/salad and I think beer(?)    My only complaint would be childcare is not offered all day, only during peak times.   I have been a member of many gyms, and I can say I truly love this one the best. I feel my stuff is safe in the locker room and no one is judging any one else's workout.  Weather you are a newbie or a pro, this gym seems to have everyone as a member. More...


Carlos A. Pagan-Soto

25 August 2014

Thanks to all the staff for their help!!!! You guys are the best!!!!


Brian B.

23 July 2014

Great club with an amazing management team. Kim and AJ are amazing. The personal trainers are all very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. The fitness rooms and weight rooms are always immaculate. The club is very big so It is very rare to wait for a machine or piece of equipment. Great classes and great instructors. The peanut butter cup protein shake is delicious. Just be careful it's kind of a dessert. More...


Stacey Broat-Crosby

4 July 2014

Love the place. Was a member growing up and am back. Still same family friendly environment with relaxed feel.


Lercy Melendez

25 June 2014

Best Gym I've ever been too!!!!


Carla Lehmann-Terwilleger

10 May 2014

Love it! Something for each member of our family! We're new this year and can't wait for the out door park to open!


Ashley van Vliet

31 March 2014

The best gym in the area by far! Great staff , friendly members , there motto should be the judgment free zone ! Not that other gym I once belonged to! So glad I made the switch! Zumba classes are great! And I must say having a little one the women in the daycare are fabulous! And I'm a over protective parent and I know she is in great hands when she is there so mommy can get rid of that baby belly!! More...


Dan Doxey

25 January 2014

I love it. It's my second home, where I've have met many friends to have fun with. I enjoy taking classes and being with friends, and I can do it at All Sport. Plus, let me not forget my great instructor friends who have given me a lot of support. More...


Tommy Blackhorse

23 January 2014

All Sport is a very hot spot. Very friendly environment. Great services throughout the facility. Pick your poison and get some.....


Olga Contreras

2 January 2014

Excellent place!!!


Jessica D.

29 November 2013

All sport is the beacon of light in an otherwise very mundane part of town. Get your sweat on in the way that fits your workout preference. For one flat rate--typically about $60 monthly, you have full access to a robust array of workout choices and a host of daily classes. Additionally, exclusive exercise series are offered for an additional fee throughout the year to spice up your workout. My mother and I both had excellent experience with personal trainers (Greg still works there), although their services are not cheap. The clientele is generally in their  mid twenties and above. Overall, AS is a non judgmental gym with many motivational ways to keep in shape. The two floor facility offers the following:Two basketball courtsLap lane and casual swimming poolSaunaHot tubSpinning room (and classes)Nautilus roomSizable workout room8ish racquetball courts (and leagues) Kids clubYoga roomAnd the classes include:SpinningZumbaStepYogaAbs and glutesBody pumpWaterworks Boot campPilatesWeightwatchers An outdoor swim park is also available and nicely kept for the summer. Bring the fam!The facilities are clean and constantly renovated. The staff is genuine and welcoming. My only gripe is the pace at which renovation takes place. Renovation in any capacity takes FOREVER. Otherwise, All sport offers the most bang for your buck. Always a pleasure to work out here! More...


Nancy S.

7 October 2013

I can't really review All Sport with out being biased. I have worked there for many years and wouldn't be there still if it wasn't a great place. There is so much to do there. Tons of classes, nice workout rooms, pool, b ball courts, racquet ball courts, whirlpool, sauna and steam rooms and a cafe you can get a protein shake or a beer. During the summer months the outdoor park is opened. It has 3 pools, whirlpool, tennis courts and a walking/running path.  Kids r cool there too. They have a nice kids club for the kids to hang out in while you workout. Classes for them as well, and summer camp. The staff and members are great. Very friendly. I probably forgot a few things too much to list.   I definitely would recommend checking it out.  Oh did I mention the front desk staff is top notch? :) More...


Hernandez Luis

1 September 2013

It's a good place to working it out, I like it !


Jess G.

10 June 2013

Allsport is awesome! They have a community feeling in the club and once you are a member at Allsport, every other gym is just blah.


Sabeen A.

18 February 2009

Having been a member of both Gold's in Fishkill and Allsport, I'd say Allsport is the friendlier of the two. Both have great equipment, tanning, and sauna's. In terms of basic gyms, when comparing Allsport with Gold's Fishkill - Allsport is definitely less intimidating in set-up. The upstairs cardio area is well-sized while the downstairs cardio and lifting room is huge. In both, the trainers are friendly and personable. But Allsport has a much larger complex which includes indoor and outdoor basketball courts & swimming pools, racquetball, and outdoor tennis courts. The student special Allsport has during the summers is well-worth it, but their yearly membership can be pricey. When I went, Allsport wasn't offering no-contract memberships. Because of that, the prices between the top two gyms in Fishkill, may differ. The range of activities Allsport has to offer and its family-family atmosphere make it a great choice. More...


Tiffany S.

31 July 2007

I belonged here while we lived in New York. If you only needed one reason to join, it would be the awesome outdoor swimming pools. I spent one awesome summer reading there after my workouts. I even took Chris there one night after work and let him swim off his Manhattan stress. It was one of our favorite nights ever.Locker rooms are good - big and clean. Indoor pool had too much chlorine. Sauna rooms were nice but I wished they'd had a clock visible. Since they're not co-ed, I was always worried that Chris and I weren't meeting up at the right time.All my dealings with the staff (I cancelled and rejoined, and I also worked for Weight Watchers in this location) were great. Very friendly and helpful. I never scoped out the new Golds but I don't think you can go wrong with All Sport. More...