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Alissa Melody Photography

Phoenix, Maricopa


Alissa Melody Photography

Phoenix, Maricopa


Here at Alissa Melody Photography we make it our mission to not only capture your wedding day, but preserve it in a way that takes your breath away. There is a magic that truly exists in every true love story. We are passionate with our skill, and use it to create images that embrace that Romance and Enchantment.



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Having a vision in mind behind each photograph of what you want to create before you create it!

What ultimately do you want to take out of this whole experience with Alissa Melody Photography?

I love being apart of the moments that will last a lifetime, and actually being the one that gets to do that for them physically as well!

I received my first Camera when i was 14, it only took about a day of playing with it, taking pictures of my baby nephew, that I realized that creating art through the lens for others to hold so dear to the little moments that matter most was ultimately what I wanted to do as a career. It was literally almost immediate.

If you want a photographer that is Just as much passionate about capturing YOUR irreplaceable moments, then Alissa Melody Photography is made for you.