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Stacy D.

26 May 2019

Just tried this place - Did a 60min therapeutic massage. It was great. Robyn was my massage therapist. Great pressure for the whole one hour. She definitely worked my problem areas and knew what she was doing. Nice that she wasn't asking me questions the whole time or chatting. The room was pleasant and not super tiny so also a plus. Also there weren't strong fragrances overwhelming the room or the office which is a plus for those with allergies/asthma/sensitivity. Conveniently located behind Heinens at 306 & E. Washington, beside Goddard School. I would definitely go back. More...


Patty Welch

8 May 2019

Fabulous massages & staff!


David Fisher

8 May 2019

Ayano is really good at what she does, so certainly recommend giving her a shot if you were thinking about trying this location.


Rich Bistritz

8 April 2019

We have been to Alicia's several times-outstanding deep tissue message. I most recently used Ayano and would highly recommend.


Sandra Mosnik

8 March 2019

After having a therapeutic by Ingrid, I finally have more range of motion again. After being impaired for several months. The facility is nice, and clean.


Chris Davis

8 December 2018

Top notch...!!!


Corey Baker

8 November 2018

Great experience and a top quality massage. The therapists are well trained and work to heal your problems, not just relax you.


Colleen Pintar Wisniewski

21 August 2018

Ingrid is amazing. My only complaint is that I don't see her more often. Alicia's has always given the best massage. They don't worry about selling you their packages etc like some of the chain massage companies.


Mindy Paradise

21 August 2018

Consistently the best massages every time. It's clear that Alicia sets a high standard - I recommend this place to everyone! I go for a chronic back problem, and I NEED one often especially with a two year old at home! More...


Gail Bowen

8 June 2018

Best staff ever, everyone very kindly - love working with Melissa, her working in Pilates is a wide range of core muscle strengthening while very methodically building a person up! GREAT WORKOUTS!


Barney Klevay

8 June 2018

High quality massage


Cynthia Festa

8 June 2018

I love Christine ..she is professional ..caring and always knows how to stop the pain..i wish i could afford her every week!


Sally Harrold

8 June 2018

I had a wonderful massage, as usual, this past week at Alicia's. I see Ingrid, who is fabulous! The staff is terrific and very accommodating. Appointments are easy to schedule. You can even schedule online. More...


Lauren Zeleznik

8 June 2017

Ingrid was a true professional. I received a therapeutic 90 minute massage. Ingrid used the perfect amount pressure and flowed seamlessly. She listened when I mentioned my troubled areas. I cannot speak highly enough of Ingrid and the facility. It is quiet, calm and relaxing. More...

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