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Yollie G.

13 October 2019

Ron did an excellent job cleaning 3 chimneys for me today. He was on time, polite and professional.


Emily M.

10 October 2019

These guys are awesome! I messaged them for a quote to clean my chimney and got a very prompt response with an straightforward estimate. The price seemed very fair. They were very accommodating to my schedule and were in and out to do the job quickly and effectively! No upsells or surprises. I would recommend them to anyone needing these types of services! I am so excited to finally use my fireplace, especially on a snowy day like today! Thanks again guys! More...


Eric C.

4 October 2019

Adi was fantastic and polite. He was clear in his communications and what I could expect. He performed the work fast and very well. Adi performed a Chimney Sweep and Furnace inspection. The before and after was a world of difference. I would recommend and will personally use their services again. More...


Pave' S.

4 October 2019

Adi and his crew are top-notch pros and friendly and made the calls on their own time to find out with the City of Denver if radiant barriers were allowed and what the regulations were.The result: I had great work done (old blown-in crap sucked out of the attic) and tons of batts put in, along with radiant barriers in the attic ceiling and walls. Sure made a difference! More...


Antoinette S.

4 October 2019

Kind, professional, and thorough.  Adi was informative and did a great job.  Will use again for sure!


Randy D.

3 October 2019

I looked at a lot of reviews of different companies to get the air ducts cleaned in our home, and based on the reviews I chose Air Duct International. I first contacted the company through Yelp, and received a very prompt response from Abi, who I believe is the owner. I had asked how much and when. The price was very reasonable and the work was scheduled to be done the very next day between 12 and 2. I had an appointment that I had to keep the next morning but knew I would be finished before noon, right after my appointment was finished at about 9:45 I received a call from Abi asking if it would be OK to move the appointment to 11:00am which worked out very well. Abi arrived right on time and began to do the job right away, not in a rush but very thorough and efficient, plus he had time to answer any questions I had. I would like to add that he had to work around quite a bit of clutter caused by some remodeling we had done after our basement had flooded. He had no complaints and did an amazing job. He did show me that my furnace could use a cleaning, but was not trying to over sell, even though he offered a very discounted rate if I chose to have it done while he was there. He did show me the places I could vacuum out and said that even though it would not be a total furnace cleaning it would make things much better.  I began to vacuum it out while he was there, he told me to be careful of the wiring and he would check how I had done and make sure that I had not hurt the anything. He checked it out and showed me how to place my almost new filter so that it would work more efficiently, said things looked OK and a complete cleaning could be done in a few months. Gave me advice about blocking off 2 of the overhead registers downstairs until I put on new covers that had louvers that would close. All said and done, I am very pleased with everything he did, including charging me exactly what was quoted. I will definitely hire this company in the future for any of the type of work they do. Including that furnace cleaning in the early spring!    RRD More...


Jessica K.

28 September 2019

I am so beyond thankful for these guys! They were able to come out same day and help us clean out all the vents in our house and also removed a birds nest that was stuck in our flue! They are so polite and they worked so hard to make my house clean and safe for my family. They are amazing and I would recommend them highly! I will be using only them for any future work in my house. More...


Ardn T.

27 September 2019

Extremely pleased with my experience working with Air Duct International. Adi the owner responded to my yelp and text based questions promptly, the price was very fair, and the employee who came to service my chimney was a ray of sunshine. Great experience all around and I will stick with them to service my chimney in the years to come. More...


Michal C.

26 September 2019

It was very easy to schedule an appointment for the same week. Ron showed up promptly and did a deep cleaning for all our vents, including the dryer and the furnace. No hidden charges and I paid exactly what I was qouted on the phone. My house was left organized and clean after he left. I would definitely hire them again to do the job in the future. More...


Lori C.

13 September 2019

Adi was wonderful!  He was prompt and courteous.  He showed me the before and after photos and it was amazing.  He also cleaned our dryer vent and showed me that it had been a fire hazard.  He then fixed it at no charge.  We will DEFINITELY use him again, More...


The M.

12 September 2019

Adi did a good job and the job was easy and stress free.


Mike J.

1 September 2019

Best air duct service I've ever had in 15 years of home ownership. Professional, polite, and very responsive. Thorough job. I got three quotes and this was the most competitive and quickest to respond. Highly recommend. More...


Meghan H.

24 August 2019

We called for an inspection and possible cleaning of our chimney to satisfy requirement of our inspection resolution for the sale of our home. Everyone we spoke to was very professional and up front. When they did the inspection, they found that our chimney was in perfect condition and did not even want to charge us for coming out. Since we needed an invoice for closing, they charged us the minimum. Definitely would recommend! More...


Naji S.

13 August 2019

These folks saved me a lot of headache trying to get my dryer vent cleaned out. This review is special because I also requested a bid for them for an attic insulation job which I did not award to them. Just one week after that estimate, I realized I had a need for the dryer vent cleaning and they were quick to respond with a very fair price. The clean out was easy and was even videotaped for me so I had evidence of the cleaning and that the job was complete.  Thank you!! More...


Heidi G.

6 August 2019

Fantastic company to deal with!! Very professional, polite and knowledgeable! Ron was very helpful and explained everything to before hand.  Most definitely will be working with this company again. Highly recommend!! Thanks again Ron, you did a great job!! More...


Jason T.

30 July 2019

They were professional in every aspect. Timely, and efficient, enabling me to go on about my business confident they had matters well in hand.  Video footage further solidified my confidence that I had made a great decision. They will be my go-to team for future cleanings. More...


Paul S.

24 July 2019

I did some research on Yelp about duct cleaning.   Some other companies on other sites had lower reviews.    When I read the reviews of Air Duct International I was impressed and hoped for the best. Adi (?) showed up on time within the window to look into why my AC was not cooling well.  He checked the evaporative coils on the furnace and advised me it didn't need to be cleaned.  Then we checked the intake ducts and there was about 10 lbs of drywall completely blocking the duct.  Adi told me I should save money and try and do it myself. I appreciated that money saving idea but still had him do the work knowing I would probably mess up something.  Now it is all clean and seems to be working better.  I'd recommend this company.   They seem honest and not just out to make a buck on unnecessary repairs.  They were also clean and picked up after the work. More...


Heffner F.

8 July 2019

Adi was amazing!  I realized our ducts were filthy when we turned on our whole house fan and dirt and debris shot out at us. He was super responsive even on the weekend, came out in less than 24 hours, was very reasonably priced, threw in some extra services at no charge, and even sent me some disgustingly satisfying before and after videos of our ducts! 5 stars!! More...


Debbie C.

28 March 2019

I couldn't remember how to change my filter and he happily came back to show me!!!!!


Sharon H.

1 February 2019

Adi is wonderful!  They came out and cleaned the vents for my business, they did it after hours...many other air duct cleaning companies were unwilling to come in after hours, or wanted to charge me an exorbitant rate to come in off hours, but Air Duct International were the most reasonably priced and very easy to work with.   I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them. More...


Srinath R.

30 January 2019

Adi was on time and was upfront about telling me what the issue was and didn't use any sales tricks to get me to sign up for more than I wanted. He mentioned that he couldn't get much lint out and that it could be an issue with the roof vent which unfortunately was a bit too high for him to get to. So instead of beating around the bush, he was forthcoming about the exact problem and asked me to get a roof specialist to look into it on top the deep clean. Highly recommend! More...


Chaviva G.

25 January 2019

Adi was incredibly quick, flexible with my schedule, and helpful. He showed up when we agreed, assessed the situation, came up with a solution, and scheduled a time to come back ... and when he did, it was a quick, clean service. And when I say clean, I mean he cleaned up after himself, like so few tradesman actually do! He didn't try to sell me on anything I didn't need, either, which was a huge plus. Thanks Adi! More...


Courtney P.

21 January 2019

Great place!! They arrived on time and was great at answering all my questions before hand. I would recommend Air Duct International for all your vent need! The moved all the items blocking the vents and was very throughly about getting all the ducts and vents. They also cleaned out the dryer vent and furnace. Everything was cleaned up and moved back when the job was done. I have no complaints at all everything was perfect! More...


Paul B.

10 January 2019

Adi came out the next day and took care of my dryer vent. He was incredibly professional, fast, clean and affordable. I would recommend him and Air Duct International Solutions to anyone that is looking to clean their vents.  Thank you!


Courtney A.

10 December 2018

Highly recommend Air Duct International! Adi is so great! Friendly, professional, timely; from getting an estimate & scheduling over the phone to showing up right on time on the day of service, he did an exceptional job getting both our chimney, our air ducts, and our dryer vent cleaned out, and even went above & beyond to assist me in finding a solution/professional to an issue with our furnace. More...


Holly J.

6 November 2018

He cleaned all of my vents, checked my furnace and cleaned my dryer vent.  He was on time, quick and courteous.  I thought it was a great value.


Ingrid C.

31 October 2018

Adi came to my house and reviewed all the HVAC items i was concerned with. While reviewing one of the items in the crawlspace, he cleaned out my A/C water line for free! I wanted his opinion about adding a secondary overflow line, and honestly told me i don't need it, since the unit is in the crawlspace. Any leak would just be on the ground. If the unit was in the attic, a leak would then cause water damage and the secondary line would be recommended, but he saved me money by telling me his recommendation. I really appreciate that he helped me save money.Adi had to pick up some stuff at Home Depot to fix my exhaust vent, and he purchased 2 options that were less than a $20 difference, so that i had the option to save a few bucks. How considerate! I had to leave before he finished the job, but he was kind enough to send me pictures via text when he was all done. Definitely going to contact Adi for all my HVAC needs. More...


Keith F.

26 October 2018

Adi was on time, thorough and did a great job.  Highly recommended.


Susie D.

19 October 2018

Great service at an awesome price and on our tight timeline. Will definitely use them again!


Nick G.

17 October 2018

Awesome work from these guys. They were fast, knowledgeable, friendly, everything you want in a company. They explained their process to me and what I could expect from them. They also took a look at my furnace and cleaned it without me scheduling that prior. All in all I would absolutely use Air Duct International again! More...


Elizabeth C.

15 October 2018

Professional, on time and honest. Although my service didn't quite work out as I hoped, I can't say enough good things about the professionalism of this company. Not only are they incredibly responsive and fair priced but after coming out and realizing that they couldn't even get into my vents (no fault of theirs) to perform the air duct cleaning that I hired them for, there was zero frustration about losing the money of that job. More so, Ron was apologetic to not be able to complete the service. I just began hunting for a chimney cleaner and realized that they do that as well. I'm thrilled to hire them for another job! More...


Mike C.

12 October 2018

I just moved into a townhouse and within two weeks the washing machine and dryer quit so I bought a new set. Within a day of installation the dryer started beeping to report "poor air flow". It had not occurred to me that the dryer vent needed cleaning and should have had it done before the new dryer was installed. I checked Yelp, called these guys mid day and they showed up first thing the next morning. Cleaned out the vent quickly and tested the dryer for me. Fast professional service at a fair price. Will have them out once a year from now on to clean the vent. More...


Ryan S.

2 October 2018

My experience with Air Duct International was exceptional. I needed to completely replace my dryer air duct and they were able to complete the task on the same day within 45 minutes! Adi went above and beyond by fixing the vent cover on the outside of the house and even gave my sewer line some extra support while he was in my dark, dirty crawl space.I absolutely will not hesitate to contact Air Duct International again. In fact, I'm thinking about calling them to clean out my furnace.GREAT WORK! More...


Lo O.

28 September 2018

The showed up right on time today!  Friendly, great price and efficient!  Super happy with them and their service!


Jo S.

16 September 2018

Amazing service! Their price beat all the other competitors I reached out to and he was able to get me scheduled before the others too. I had to call and reschedule the morning of my original appointment (maybe 1 hour notice) because of a miscommunication with other contractors coming out, and they were very easy to work with and understandable. Under $300 for vent cleaning and sanitizing and during that month they did a promotion for a free dryer vent cleaning. He showed me how to replace the vent filters and was very patient with his work. He provided before and after photos during the cleaning process, which was a great way to see how badly we needed them cleaned! I would definitely recommend. More...


Jeff S.

15 July 2018

This company did a great job cleaning our air ducts, furnace, and dryer vent.  We were getting some nasty dust in our house, and since they cleaned the vents I can already tell a big difference.  They communicated ahead of time, showed up early (called first), and explained everything they were doing.  Also very straightforward with the price of each service with no strings attached.  Also very friendly and professional...highly recommended! More...


Steve B.

30 June 2018

I'm very happy I chose this company. I was able to knock four projects off my to do list with them: duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney cleaning, and chimney cap install. Communication was great throughout and the technician was friendly. Reasonably priced too. More...


Murphy W.

8 May 2018

Ron was on time and ready to get to work. He did a great job and the price was $100 under all their competitors. I highly recommend them.


Michelle K.

13 March 2018

Adi is very polite, efficient and responsive to messages. I really appreciate that he was  focused on his job, arrived when he said he would, and did a great job cleaning out our super dirty fireplace. He showed us pictures and videos of our chimney before and after.. the results were amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a duct or chimney cleaning guy who's prompt, polite and proud of his hard work and results! More...


Dharol S.

18 October 2017

Adi was fantastic. He was efficient and thorough and super polite. Also incredibly kind about our 1 and 2 year old, who were obsessed with his hoses and tools. He also seemed really knowledgeable, able to find and clean vents that i didn't know how to access (e.g., figuring out how to get to vents through the basement when they were blocked by built in shelves and what not). Definitely will be using this company for our annual air duct clean out. More...


Alison K.

30 August 2017

Adi came and cleaned all of our ducts and our drying vent.  He was fast, thorough, and very informative.  He was a great communicator, and showed us pictures and video of before and after (and the video of the vents as he cleaned.)  He even made suggestions for some things we can do ourselves to improve the function of our furnace units.  He didn't make a mess of our house, and we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of dust settling in our home since he did his work.  Our dryer vent was nearly completely clogged (!!!) and he got it all cleaned out.  Our dryer is working like new again!  We will definitely use him again and will recommend him to anyone who needs vent cleaning services. More...


Andrew B.

30 August 2017

Came by did his job.  Very friendly. Not shady.  Use these people!!!!  Reasonable prices and reliable !!!


Michal D.

25 August 2017

I had a wonderful experience with this company. They were professional, timely, patient, and honest. After checking my air ducts I was informed that a cleaning was not necessary. They showed me how everything works with my AC system, took a video of the inside of the ducts, and told me that I will not have to clean them in a while. I very much appreciate the honesty and I would recommend this company to anyone! More...


Stacey K.

21 June 2017

Adi was super professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I got a next day appt!! He showed me exactly what he was doing and explained everything to me. He wasn't pushy at all, just honest, I really appreciated that. I made a appt for him to come back and do more work, he even offered a discount!I over heard him talking to my neighbor lady that was carrying groceries in, he asked if she needed help, she kindly said no. Wow, really, who does that anymore!! Great worker, great company, highly recommend!!! More...


Linda P.

8 June 2017

I was impressed with the great job that Air Duct International did cleaning our vents. We had never done it before, so it was good to get all of that junk out of the system.  Adi was nice, informative, & fast. I liked the videos that he made that show the gunk. He informed me of relevant, additional services,  & didn't push things that weren't needed  (which I highly appreciated).  I definitely recommend them & would go with them in the future. More...


Jill P.

24 May 2017

Had a great experience with this company. They responded to my email request within 24 hours, and I had an appointment 2 days later. They showed up at the exact beginning of my appointment.I had a groupon for a full basic cleaning. After that was completed, I chose to also get the full deep cleaning service (30 years and no one ever cleaned the vents!) I felt no pressure to take the additional service and I don't regret it a bit.  The house has a fresh clean scent and I am excited to not have to dust daily! More...


Carrie S.

17 May 2017

We haven't had our air ducts cleaned in a long time. These guys were awesome. Eddie showed up on time. Was very professional. Showed me videos of our horrible ducts. Informed me of better options. They offer a warranty on all their work. We will definitely use them moving forward. More...


Veronica L.

5 May 2017

Aid was super honest and thorough in his cleaning and made me aware of potential problems even with some simple home remedies for some scenarios. I will use these guys again.


Jennifer M.

3 March 2017

My husband and son suffer from allergies. After awhile, they were getting worse and worse. Come to find out that there was a good amount of dust and pet dander that was accumulating in our vents according to my husband. Well, we couldn't get rid of our pups so we decided to call someone who specializes in cleaning air ducts. I had heard that Air Duct International did a good job. I decided to contact them and they were prompt, courteous and knew what they were doing. They were very professional. I had never seen inside an air duct, but the technician showed me a before and after and I can tell you it was bad. I recommend Air Duct International to whomever is looking for a professional company that does their job right and knows what they are doing. More...