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My expertise is in helping clients utilize my extensive knowledge of traditional psychological and spiritual tools to inspire positive change in their lives, leading to self-transformation, self-healing, and self-understanding for both women and men.


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Lauren Miklos

22 January 2019

Mensimah and the work she does is AMAZING! I’ve been to counselors on/off for 20+yrs - Agape is different! If you want someone to sit passively half listening to you looking bored for 50 minutes, then this is not for you. Mensimah listens with an open heart and meets you where you are. She offers ideas, tools and solutions that you can take home and put into practice every day. She’s helped me build a solid foundation, and the confidence in myself, to build the life of my dreams. For example, I’m no longer debilitated by my fear of flying and have seen the most beautiful Italian countryside! For the first time in a very long time I’m excited for my future. Her Women’s Empowerment Circle is only 2hrs/week and it’s a great way to get a feel for what she does, while also making genuine friendships with other like-minded women. Men are encouraged to join her 1:1. Mensimah is constantly researching and learning so she can best serve her clients, whether they want immediate help getting through a difficult situation or more ongoing assistance. In a nutshell, Mensimah is a happy person doing what she loves and she can’t wait to show you how to live in happiness and gratitude every day. Do this for yourself - you’re worth it! More...


Guetty Antiste

22 December 2018

Making an active life decision to attend sessions with Agape Consulting was by far the BEST adult decision I’ve made for my emotional and spiritual growth. Within the first hour I was in tears. The realization that I was not going crazy for feeling empty in life and searching for a way to really live in my truth. Mensimah encourages you to be the best version of yourself. You’re not just sitting talking to a “shrink”. Every moment, every session is filled with priceless jewels to get you closer to living a happier life. No more pretending to be happy or just existing but being a powerful source of energy. I will forever be grateful for this experience. More...


Cynthia Elaine Rockwell

24 August 2018

Mensimah is intuitive, kind, and insightful. She says, "Show your magnificent self. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves." Work with her is life-changing and life-affirming. More...


Shannon Seeley

24 August 2018

You know when you feel like you are in the perfect place at the right time? You are safe and surrounded by constant encouragement . You feel empowered and loved for who you are at that very moment. All is well . That is what Mensimah has given me . I will be forever thankful ! More...

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I see clients shift perspective, and feel empowered to take inspired action in all areas of their lives.

I wanted to live freely and authentically. Since I want my clients to seek, express joy and find a true sense of it in their daily lives, I had to make a commitment that allowed the full expression of who I AM.

I create a therapeutic relationship that enable clients to let go of fear and begin living in full expression of their magnificence. I truly believe that nothing is more beautiful than seeing a person living their essence to the fullest, and being exactly who they were meant to be.