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Tania A.

30 July 2019

For those of you looking for a good, honest and reasonable landscape and hardscape contractor, we would recommend Steve, the owner of Advanced Pacific Landscape located in Dana Point. Recently we hired Steve to take over the project that was unfinished or done incorrectly by our previous contractor from Wild Bloom Landscaping.  The latter reneged on the contract specifications by installing polymeric sand instead of mortared grout between the flagstone  joints, grossly overcharging us for the low quantity and poor quality of the plants, and for "making an accounting mistake" in their favor by forgetting to credit us $1,900. Consequently, hiring Steve from Advanced Pacific Landscape to redo the flagstone grouting and to buy and plant another 55 plants was like a breath of fresh air.  Steve had a lot of patience and spent a great deal of his time (without extra charge) going with us to different plant nurseries and looking for the right plants. He even passed to us his contractor's discount. We so much liked the way Steve did this job that we decided to hire his company to replace the concrete on our driveway.  This was another example of excellent work by this company.  The two brothers, Steve and Brad (concrete replacement is more Brad's expertise), were constantly at the site to supervise and advise their workers on this project, which also involved installation of flagstone strips along the sides the driveway.  Steve and Brad definitely take pride in their work and in how they conduct their business: one customer at the time. They don't believe in spreading themselves too thin between several jobs. They like to concentrate on YOU and that is what makes them to stand out in the industry, in addition to their knowledge and expertise in this field and easy-going personalities. We would definitely recommend Advanced Pacific Landscape to family and friends! More...


Mike D.

1 June 2019

After finding their website via yelp, I sent an email with some questions about a job I needed doing on my back slope...I needed irrigation and plants installed. I got a response back within an hour and after explaining what I needed got a quote the next day. After accepting the quote, the work was done within a week. Overall, very responsive, competitive price and quick completion. More...


Bob Neu

7 August 2018

Exceptional !!!


Jake S.

9 May 2018

I will try to keep this brief. I've read a couple reviews about this company not being good about getting back to potential clients. When I first contacted Steve, truth be told, we did play a bit of phone tag. I could not be happier with both of our persistence and patience. Steve and his brother Brad don't show up in nice cars, wearing suits, and quoting top dollar. No, they are your typical lifelong construction guys. They show up and gave me a very fair quote. I called them back after a few weeks of deliberating. They came out to fine tune the job details and began the next morning.***IMPORTANT PART***Steve, Brad, and their crew showed up every day at 8am and worked their full 8 hours (minus lunch break). They did this until the job was finished. Their attention to detail is off the charts. Extremely hardworking men. They removed a lot of old concrete (used for a decorative wall, out of back yard: two low boys full). Extended my driveway by 10 feet wide and 22 feet length. Built 3 foot stackable wall. Leveled front yard and put in fresh sod. Built a picket fence around front yard. You are not getting top dollar, spit shined, and pretty. These guys are blue collar, hard workers, who take pride in their work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If they don't answer, keep bugging them. I had to. It is what it is. They get busy. But when they commit, it's on. More...


Hyunkue K.

21 November 2016

Steve worked on my backyard a month ago. I and my wife are in love with the new look of our backyard since then. Before we decide to work with Steve, we contacted three contractors, we liked Steve's landscaping idea and drainage solution. His price was also very competitive. It was very pleasant to work with Steve and his assistant, Paul. Their job was professional and outcome was better than expected. Thank you, APL! More...


Eric F.

9 June 2015

Steve and his team were awesome! They did a great job re-landscaping my backyard and adding concrete to my front side yard. Steve and his guys always showed up on time, were very nice, and kept good communication throughout the whole process. Steve even followed up with me after the job was done to make sure everything was going good, he even replaced some of the sod on the edges of my lawn that had died. I definitely recommend Steve and his team. More...


ThinkTime M.

16 March 2015

Steve did an amazing job on my yard!  My yard was compacted, clay, fill-dirt that just didn't want to grow grass no matter how much I watered (lots of $$ for water).  The previous homeowner planted palms right against the front curb that really weren't going to survive well.  I decided no more grass!He was a little skeptical at what I wanted, and took me to the plant yard to pick out plants.  He made some excellent recommendations and fixed the irrigation system.  Photos of my yard before, and after two year's growth.  My neighbors are constantly telling me what an improvement to the community.  Much less work, and VERY much less water.  The plantings along the sidewalk on the left side of the house eliminated the constant urine smell because now every dog that passes has no grass to urinate upon. More...


Craig F.

30 August 2013

My backyard needed help, badly.It wasn't just the cracked, 3" thick concrete slab in the shape of a giant goldfish (see the "before" shot) that embarrassed me.  It was also the remnants of a shoddy, ramshackle, handmade koi pond; it was the expanse of tangled Queen Palm roots,  desperately surfacing in their search for water; it was the sick occupation of various weeds that promised continued sactuary for anything that scuttled, burrowed, or spun.  Shovel in hand, I flanked left and attempted a full frontal assault.  But I was easily overcome, and things were getting worse!I finally decided to commission professionals: no less than five licensed contractors came by to assess the damage and submit estimates.  And in the end, I chose Advanced Pacific Landscape.  Within five working days, Steve and his crew removed the unwanted concrete, set up a sprinkler system in the back and front yards, laid mow curb, and spread new sod throughout (see the "after" shot.)  And I'm telling you that I could not have been happier with the results!I chose Advanced Pacific Landscape not only for their competitive bid--Steve did offer a great price--but I also chose Advanced Pacific for their professionalism.  Steve is very personable, never showed up without a smile and a handshake, and is--without a doubt--super knowledgable about landscaping.  And not only that, but he also has a network of professionals who are capable of completing any job that needs doing: I've yet to rebuild my back porch and fencing, but when I'm ready, Steve supplies contacts.Thanks again, Steve! More...


K B.

8 June 2012

Steve did an excellent job with our lawn and irrigation system.  It has been one year and it looks as good as it did the day he put it in.  There are no brown patches where the sprinklers don't hit.  He listened to what we needed and did exactly what we wanted.  Everyone that sees our backyard envies it. More...

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