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Advance Bariatric Center

Wilmington, California


Advance Bariatric Center

Wilmington, California


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Angelica L.

22 March 2019

I went to Advance Bariatric Center and met with Dr. Naim and his staff who were so helpful in answering all my questions. I'm looking forward in continuing with the process to reach my weight loss goals and I'm confident that Dr. Joseph Naim can help me with this. More...


Beverly A.

30 January 2019

Dr.Naim is the best Dr in my eyes. Thanks to him I got my life back... Dr.Naim did the gastric sleeve on me in 2016 and I've lost 170 lbs. My kids and I thank you Dr.Naim


Alex K.

21 October 2018

Dr Naim and his entire staff are amazing and as a result of lap band surgery I have lost 40 lbs in just 4 months . The results continue to happen and there is more weight to be lost but getting this going was possible due to Dr Naim. He has made the process seamless and any fear was quickly erased. I recommend him to anyone considering weight loss and he will be more than helpful to assist in reaching your goals.Ramona L More...


Marii R.

18 October 2018

Hands down the best surgeon ever! Dr. Naim changed my life drastically for life!! I am very happy where I'm at now! I've lost over 100lbs within my first year. Recovery was very minimal an staff was amazing, especially Bernadette!!! More...


Ally H.

23 July 2018

Dr. Naim did Orbera balloon for me and I lost 32 lbs! I am very happy with my whole experience. Dr. Naim and his whole staff are wonderful!!! I can highly recommend him!


Monique R.

25 May 2018

Dr. Naim performed my lapband surgery in 2009. I researched the procedure for years and meet with several doctors before finding Dr. Naim. I choose him for his passion of what he does. He give people that struggle with weight loss a second chance at living a healthy life. This isn't a temporary fix and only works if you do your part. I lost a little over 100 lbs and kept it off until 2016. Due to bad eating habits to keep my sugars up and a bad adjustment from another dr. I gained almost 50 lbs. I'm back to working with Dr. Naim to properly adjust so I can work on getting back on track.Dr. Naim is hands down one of my best doctors. He isn't going to sugar coat things. He is here to help us so at times the brutal truth can hurt. His staff is great as well, all are very knowledgeable.If you are trying to decide what weight loss surgery will be best for you come see him. This could be one of the best decision you will ever make for yourself. More...


Susana I.

23 April 2018

This is a review I should of wrote a while back. Dr Naim has changed my life for the better. I got the gastric sleeve  in April 2015 and have lost a total of 150lbs. Dr Naim also did my tummy tuck last year. At first I was nervous to get the tummy tuck but the Dr and his staff made sure I was comfortable and ready. The staff was also able to fit me into their busy schedule and make time available for my surgery. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner. Dr Naim and his staff will make you feel at ease from the first time you walk in. More...


Celeste M.

19 January 2018

I had the Lapband done in 2009 and lost over 110lbs. I also had a hiatal hernia removed and upper and lower tummy tuck from Dr. Joseph Naim. He does excellent belly buttons by the way . Although, Dr. Naim would probably say I was one of his most difficult patients ever or at least top 5. I wanted to give him this review, as he definitely did his best with me and cared very much for my health along with his staff . Although , the Lapband did slip years later and was converted into the sleeve i still have managed to keep off over 100lbs in 2018 . I had underlying health issues that nobody was aware of like Hashimoto, UCTD, LUPUS and after much follow up Care at another facility for those issues . I applaud Dr. Naim and his Staff for the Care that they did do keeping me healthy and alive until I was diagnosed . I would recommend this team not only for there Care . Put the pre op and Post op .  Care .  And yes !! Good tummy tucks & belly buttons More...


Kimberly R.

29 December 2017

I've struggled with my weight all my life and one day I decided to look up Bariatric surgeons and Dr. Naim came up. After reading his reviews and going in for a consultation I made the decision that changed my life for better! I'm a year out from surgery and have lost over 100lbs. I went from weighing 268 to 158lbs. I cannot remember the last time I weighed 158 and I'm only 26yrs old. Being a young woman I thought I would feel insecure with a male doctor but the contrary. I feel so comfortable and secure with him. He takes care of me, my weight, and has been so encouraging and supportive. And his staff is amazing! They are friendly, caring, and professional. I love it! So, do I recommend Dr. Naim? Of course ! I have already suggested his practice to my family members. More...


Jose R.

15 December 2017

Where to begin, Dr. Naim and his staff is wonderful!!! You always feel welcomed in all his offices. I got my surgery on November 2016 and today December 2017 I've lost around 145 lbs, with the help and guidance of everyone here. I'm so happy and glad I made the decision to get my surgery here. More...


M. J.

13 December 2017

Dr. Naim and his entire staff are nothing short of amazing. So caring and attentive in every way, they truly made my experience effortless and positive in more ways than one. It has been six months since my Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure and I just got home from my follow up appointment with the news that I lost 103 pounds so far! I feel like a completely different person. I no longer snore and no longer have sleep apnea. Also, I havent taken a single Advil or had a headache in 6 months. I truly understand how important it is to be healthy now. Thank you, Dr. Naim and staff for giving me a whole new lease on life! Wishing you all continued success for many years so U can keep changing lives positively! More...


michelle g.

3 December 2017

Dr. Naim and his staff are fantastic. The staff is attentive and ensures that all your questions are answered and your insurance coverage is complete. They are very friendly and treat everyone that comes through the door as a valued customer. They take care of every administrative aspect of your surgery.  Dr. Naim sat down with me and discussed all the available surgical weight loss procedures, as we talked we decided what surgery would work best for me.  I lost 130 lbs getting the gastric sleeve. The surgery went perfectly and I had no problems with the procedure. The nurse at the hospital (who does not work for Dr. Naim) told me he was one of the best and she was right! I followed all the instructions given to me by Dr. Niam to make my recovery and first few months successful and it worked out beautifully. Dr. Naim and his staff are always willing to answer questions.  I am so happy I choose him to do my surgery. I highly recommend him if you are considering weight loss surgery. More...


Ramin K.

20 October 2017

I just did a tummy tuck with Dr.Naim after my revision surgery. And I am very happy with a result.He is one caring and amazing doctor and knows his job very well.I lost about 30lb and have a flat stomach now and never been happier with my body shape before . He change my life .Thank you Dr. Naim, you are the best . More...


Rosa Mendoza

19 September 2017

Dr Naim performed the gastric sleeve on me a year ago at St Mary Medical Center. In a year's time I lost 136 lbs. He is very knowledgeable and does his job with expertise & perfection. Selecting him as my surgeon was the best decision I made for myself.
The St Mary Medical Center clinic staff are awesome - David, Leslie, Tina, Chatara. They were my motivators before & after surgery. I highly recommend Dr Naim & his staff for your bariatric needs.


Misty padilla

22 August 2017

Nothing but love for this staff


David B.

23 June 2017

Went to Dr Naim for the Sleeve and its been the best decision I've ever made. Dr Naim and his staff are wonderful and caring. I recommend he to everyone looking for medical weight loss. More...


Ramin K.

24 March 2017

I just did the revision surgery , he is very professional and the staffs are very nice Specially Leila, who is in both office , Larchmount and Wilmington , she is nice , caring and know her job very well .So satisfied with the service .


Guy D.

20 April 2016

In June, 2007, I weighed 360 pounds when Dr. Naim performed the lap band on me. Originally, I weighed 375 but managed to lose 15 pounds prior to the surgery. I began losing weight in a few weeks. I have always been a gymrat for years so that helped speed up the weight loss. In 8 months, I was kicked out of the 300 Club. That is, I finally weighed less than 300 pounds. By the 1st anniversary of the surgery, I weighed 260 and maintained that weight for 7 years. I accomplished more than I could ever dream of. In March of 2012, I competed in my first powerlifting meet with the American Powerlifting Federation (APF). When I competed in my next meet in May of 2012, I held 2 deadlift records and came in 1st place of the California State Championship. Although I was happy at 260, Dr. Naim felt that I need to lose more weight. So in May of 2014, he performed the gastric sleeve. In only 8 days, I had lost 12 pounds. 3 months later, I was down to 200 pounds. But guess what....I was furious. I felt that I was too small for a strength trainer. While I lost alot of fat, I also lost alot of hard earned muscles. To make matters worse, I had tons of loose skin all over my body. Many of my friends assured me that my gym experience should help me build my muscles back. Dr. Naim suggested getting a tummy tuck but I suggested to let me work out more to regain my muscles and that way, there will be less skin to remove. Well, tomorrow I will be receiving the tummy tuck surgery. But as promised, I managed to fill in some of my abdominal skin and all of the loose skin on my arms. In fact, prior to the lap band, my arms were 21'. Now, I think they are 17' with less bodyfat. Hard work ahead. More...


Holly J.

6 July 2015

I had the gastric sleeve done by Dr. Naim in September of 2014 and the man is top-notch in his craft! He was knowledgeable, supportive and let me know every step of what was going to happen. Also, I love every single member of his staff. Wonderful people! Other than feeling nauseous for the first week or so, I had zero complications and no regrets. I highly recommend Dr. Naim for your weightloss surgery. More...


Manny U.

30 May 2015

Long time coming:I had my procedure (Sleeve Gastrectomy) performed by this amazing doctor in September of 2012. Since then, I've managed to reach for the stars and realize my dream of being a performer. Thanks doc. And amazing staff!! Carolyn is the hottest friggin PA ever by the way. More...


Ki F.

7 January 2015

I did a surgery two and half months ago I lost 94 pounds and the doctor treatments me very well I also like to ke the excellent service


Marylisa R.

20 November 2014

I was referred to Dr. Naim from a co-worker that saw that I was struggling with my weight. I was tired of being on the Weight Loss Diet Rollercoaster.  So I decided to make the call and meet with Dr. Naim.Dr. Naim, was soo informative and so helpful. I knew that I wanted him to help me take this next step. He gave me confidence and push that I needed to succeed.  The day of surgery and after surgery Dr. Naim went above and beyond to make sure that I was ok and if I needed anything. Dr. Naim really cares about his patients and this is the reason why I am Yelp ' ing him and his Fantastic Staff.The Professional staff (Erica & Maria) made sure that I felt comfortable and was properly taken care of. They both made sure that my insurance and disability was taken care of so that I didn't have to worry about anything other than just taking care of myself. They are both amazing! If you are aprehensive..trust me, make the call and just meet with him. You have nothing to loose other than weight!  ××××f.y.i (1 month) post op... down over 25lbs. ××××Good Luck!! More...


Bruce F.

9 October 2014

Dr. Naim preformed bariatric sleeve surgery on me in August 2013. Since then I have lost 164 lbs. and nothing but positive outcomes. Dr. Naim and his staff at are very professional. I have been battling my weight issue my whole life. I highly recommend Dr. Naim and the advanced bariatric center for any one who has a weight problem. I also recommend Cedars Sinai Medical Center.Bruce F. More...


Javuer G.

19 June 2014

Dr. Naim Is A Magician when it comes to helping you with your weight lost procedure.  I talked to different Doctors before Dr.Naim and Dr.Naim was the one that gave me the best Options by Far. Other Doctors were not as informative to me  about the procedures and recovery as Dr.Naim was. He is  Perfectionist and that's what makes him such a Good Doctor. When I was in recovery the nurse told me Dr.Naim  kept calling and checking up on me every 4-5 hours to check on my recovery status, that shows he cares about his patients.  I Highly recommended Dr.Naim  and  Caroline which is always all there by his side to help you with anything you might need to make you feel more at ease with the recovery process.   his staff  Caroline,  Lilla, And Bernadette are always very helpful with anything you need. 5 stars to Dr.Naim and all his staff in his Wilmington Office. More...


Lani G.

13 June 2014

No.long wait time here. . The staff is exceptionally professional and amazing especially  Dr. Naim is up front and honest very cool doctor.


Geomara T.

5 June 2014

Dr.Naim truly cares about all his patients and can help you get to your goal weight for sure.


Guy D.

13 May 2014

Dr, Naim had conducted my lap band surgery back in 2007 and it has been great. I've lost a total of 130 pounds already.


Debi A.

2 April 2014

Dr. Naim did my gastric sleeve surgery and it has been great.  I've already lost over 30 pounds in less than a month.  I had no complications with the surgery because of Dr. Naim's experience.  He has been great at answering every question I have come up with and he explains everything in simple language that I can understand.  I would recommend him to everybody looking to do any weight loss surgery. More...