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Suman Srivastava

2 March 2018

This was my first Reiki healing session with Karen North 'A Total mind and body relaxation'. An Amazing and wonderful experience Karen North

If you have not tried Reiki healing massage please try it's a life time changing experience.


Todd Frederick

17 February 2018

Very professional and experienced.


Liz M

21 December 2017

I absolutely dislike writing reviews, and it takes a lot for me to do so. With that said, saying MT Karen is A+mazing is an understatement. I am a physically active individual, with a sitting job, and my muscles get really sore, tense up, and affect my flexibility. Karen applies the right amount of pressure, where you need it. I've been to six different MTs who just didn't apply enough pressure to feel relieved and energized after the session. To me, Karen was thoughtful when she stretched out my hamstrings before massaging them. None of the other six MTs I had been to stretched my muscles. If you tell Karen your focal points, she sticks to them. She starts right on time and ends on time. She does not cut your time short, which makes me feel like my time and wellness is respected and important. She is a wonderful individual with a welcoming personality. Her pricing is very reasonable, I booked another session with her and will remain her client and refer her to my family/friends. Karen picked the right profession for herself, and it shows through her time spent on you.

She has the hands of a "goddess"!


Claire Gray

11 October 2017

Karen was Awesome! She made sure I was comfortable the entire time! My body felt loose and comfortable from the minute I left her office.
No aches no pains, she is amazing
Highly recommend A True North Massage
Can't wait to go back.


Jessica Gilbert

20 February 2017

She was amazing, a miracle worker. She was able to get to all of my knots and tension while leaving me relaxed and feeling better. Highly Recommend!


Heather S

8 January 2017

Karen is very nice and down to earth. The massage was great and she targeted the areas where I was having pain. Would recommend her to others without hesitation.


Lightning Fire

8 January 2017

I've been to Karen twice now, and look forward to the next massage . She is a genuine, down to Earth person that makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease, immediately. She has amazing strength in her hands, and is very responsive to the pressures and techniques needed for each client . I know this because my girlfriend has been to her as well, and likes less pressure and lighter work than I do . Karen has done a great job for both of us . I would highly recommend her to anybody that needs heavy deep tissue massage, or just wants to relax.
JP Bult Sr.


Jessica Manna

20 December 2016

After moving to Albany this summer I set off to find a regular masseuse. I tried about 8 places until finding Karen. She is excellent - great technique, pressure, and consistent. I've been back many times and highly recommend! More...


Thomas Wheeler

30 June 2016

I've seen massage therapists in various areas of New York for well over 15 years and Karen is one of the best therapists I've ever had. She's very interested in structuring the massage so that it meets the needs of the patient. As others have pointed out I have followed her to different locations and will continue to do so. Speaking from the vantage point of being a veteran of many, many massages you can't go wrong with the service that Karen provides. Couple her amazing therapeutic skills with her engaging, comfortable personality and you've got a stellar combination that really can't be beat. I highly recommend her. More...

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