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A Living Balance

Paularino, California


A Living Balance

Paularino, California


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Alexi D.

15 May 2019

I've been seeing Cindy since March for issues with eczema and she's helped me so much! She really cares about getting her patients to where they want to be. My eczema has improved 75-80% since March. Cindy has helped me become more comfortable with a sustainable diet and supplements. I chose to go to a functional medicine practitioner because I was tired of dermatologists telling me the same things and prescribing me medicine that didn't work. It takes time to heal but if you're looking for a more natural route, I recommend Cindy!! Will post more updates as I continue treatment. More...


Ashley T.

14 June 2018

I am so grateful for having found Cindy through this site. I was having a lot of health issues when I first contacted her and was desperate for help. I was diagnosed with SIBO, but with her guidance, I was able to treat it naturally without prescription drugs. She was so patient and genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. I am happy to say that my symptoms are now 100% gone and I feel better than I have in a long time! I trust Cindy completely and am so grateful to her for helping my body heal and regain its healthy state. More...


Donna C.

1 May 2018

Cindy is a lifesaver! She patiently and thoroughly documented my stomach and bladder issues and helped me come up with a plan involving supplements, diet changes, and exercise adjustments to help my body heal. I'm happy to say I am pain free and feeling healthy again thanks to Cindy. More...


Fonzie F.

31 December 2017

Cindy is wonderful to work with. She is kind and has a huge depth of knowledge.  Highly recommend her specially if you want optimal health and look and feel amazing!


Diana S. T.

28 August 2017

I have been working with Cindy for the past 2 months and I am beyond happy with the results I have gotten so far. I came to her because I had eczema on my hands since November 2016 and even after going to the dermatologist and trying some pretty strong creams, my eczema didn't go away. I tried eliminating some allergens for some weeks, but no luck. And then my eczema was getting worse and worse so I researched for a Functional Medicine Practitioner in my area and I feel SO blessed I found her! She put me on an elimination diet and candida cleanse to start off, and only 4 days into it, I saw a big improvement in my skin. I completed a month of this cleanse just 10 days ago and my hands were almost healed. Also, I used to have breakouts around my mouth every month and they disappeared. I thought it was because of my period, but I just got my period and I have no breakouts for the first time ever. I have started reintroducing some of the allergens we eliminated and I already discovered some of the foods that were really affecting me, which makes me so happy to finally know!!! And I feel so good after the elimination diet, so clean and energized! She also suggested I do the NutrEval test and we found that I was deficient in some vitamins and, particularly, in Zinc. I started taking Zinc and that has also helped my skin SO much! I am super super happy with all these results and, needless to say, I am recommending all the people I know to go visit her because you owe it to yourself and your loved ones! Seriously, we spend SO much money and time on other things. And in such an essential thing as our health, we don't spend enough money or energy to achieve our best health potential. I think of all my sessions with Cindy and the tests we have done as the best investment anyone can do in their present for their future! I will keep updating this review as we find more interesting stuff to improve :) Very exciting!P.S. Something VERY important to consider when you work with nutrition to get healed from the inside out, is that this is not a quick fix/short process. It's important to set clear expectations. Yes, it is possible you can get fast results in certain things, but the path to optimal health takes time. It would be silly to think that you can erase the effects of all your bad habits in just some weeks. Nevertheless, it is possible to feel the improvements very fast. Just don't drop out! Continue at it, until you reach your maximum health potential! More...


Carly A.

24 March 2017

I worked with Cindy for a year to correct my gut health and for the first time in my life, I have a healthy gut. Two doctors commented on 'how did she do that' meaning get rid of some pretty nasty things in there without prescription medication. Cindy is VERY talented at what she does, and she is passionate. She researches and prepares. I always feel she is ready to help me.More recently, Cindy is helping me to keep my nutritional needs balanced, as I go through some medical treatment. I feel so supported to have Cindy in my corner and recommend her highly. More...


J D.

18 March 2017

Cindy will make one of the most powerful healthy impacts in your life naturally. Cindy not only is kind in every way, but she has the strength and knowledge to help you with feeling alive, healthy, and well. She is truly the light and professionally incredible! More...


Navi O.

17 March 2017

When I needed help with some IBS symptoms I was experiencing, I sought out Cindy at A Living Balance for her focus on functional medicine in diagnosing and treating issues.  She was very responsive and took the time to build a profile of my issue.  Tests arrived in the mail quickly that I could do in my home, and with Cindy's knowledge, the lab results pointed towards a treatment path that I'm glad to say has helped me tremendously with my IBS issues.  I can be social again without worry!I can't recommend A Living Balance enough.  Cindy has a broad background and experience working with a range of chronic issues. More...


Laura G.

6 December 2016

I met Cindy a few months ago for help with balancing my hormones. Her initial consultation was very thorough with the goal of understanding the whole person, not just the symptoms. She takes the time to check in and see how I'm doing and what changes we need to make for me to feel the best I can. She leaves no stone unturned. Cindy is very compassionate and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her for getting your body to feel it's best. If you suffer from FLC (feel like crap), call Cindy and you can expect PLC (professional loving care). More...