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Angela Corbett

17 July 2019

I absolutely love 5th Gear! Gretchen and Jessica are so committed to the members and they actually take the time to talk and get to know you personally. I’ve also made several amazing friends from working out here. The workouts are intense but fun, best of all - it’s AIR CONDITIONED! I’ve done CrossFit and other group style fitness classes in the miserable heat for years, not anymore. I like to get my sweat on, but I’m good with not having heat exhaustion after a workout. Try this place out! You’ll love it. More...


Olivia Alonso

4 June 2019

10/10 best family environment gym that keeps you motivated around.


Cecilia Benmaho

25 May 2019

A great gym to workout the best in town! Skilled and friendly instructors, a gym that doesn’t disappoint, you will get your money’s worth for sure!


Reed Brothers Construction

12 April 2019

Great place my nephew works at. Great meeting the owners after his contest.


kacey peacock

12 March 2019

Great trainers, awesome fun equipment


Tatika Pollifrone

12 February 2019

So far I've only taken one yoga class with Gretchen and I already love this gym! Everyone there is really supportive and encouraging. I don't feel judged here and that's a big deal! This place is definitely recommended!! More...


Adriana Patricia Lozada-Londono Sarria

2 February 2019

This place is great!! Trainers are very professional, the equipment, classes are wonderful. Everybody encourage you, it is fantastic.


Teresa Lee

22 January 2019

@ 5th Gear is not just about loosing weight, is about becoming fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle. This place was founded by two courageous women that have created an amazing place, friendships are formed and friends become family. After I was diagnosed with cancer I had an army supporting me. So many showed up Tuesday’s at 5:15AM to work out with me, my left energized, full of love,prayers,blessings,good vibes. I strongly recommend 5th Gear Fitness Nation More...


Ed McAuley

19 January 2019

This is a fantastic group of professional trainers! They make you feel more like family. They care about your goals both in and out of the gym!


Emily Miller

12 December 2018

Amazing gym! Owners are very knowledgable and considerate of your goals and current fitness levels. Welcoming environment with no judgement! All the equipment you want to try at a big box gym with more hands on assistance and encouragement. More...


Clara Nandlal

15 September 2018

Highly recommend this gym...the instructors Jessica and Gretchen will always be my all time favorites ..since the Lifestyle family fitness days!!


Maria Fowler

15 September 2018

I am new to 5th Gear Fitness but I already feel right at home. The classes are excellent and the instructors are attentive and very personable. I felt comfortable from the first moment that I walked in. Everyone is helpful and welcoming! I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey here and anxious to watch my progress grow with the help of these fabulous women!!! More...


Dana Guerra

12 August 2018



Andrea Ramirez

10 July 2018

if your serious about getting in shape this is your spot. amazing trainings, family feel, personalized. all around a Fantastic team and gym altogether.


Rosenda Rodriguez

1 June 2018

El equipo de entrenadores son buenísimos se los recomiendo buenas classes te motivan a aser tus ejercisios. Me siento contenta por todo lo ke Jessica y Gretchen asen te disen como agas tus ejercisio vien. Feliz por los resultados ke yo estoy teniendo. Thks evey bady God bleed you lady’s More...


Kathy McKnight

1 June 2018

Excellent trainers! State of the art equipment - top of the line! Yoga pilates classes that will change your life! Best boot camp ever!


Jessica Harrod Dass

11 February 2018

Best gym ever. The trainers are so aware of everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Every workout is a challenge and fun at the same time. It's really a community environment, great people at all levels. From the members to the trainer's, you will find encouragement and motivation. I love this place and really miss it when I can't make it for any reason. More...


Kathy McKnight

13 August 2017

Outstanding I always get an excellent workout at 5th Gear! They are very experienced, fun, have total expertise in their training and are totally professional! Top Notch!


Donna Cuic

12 August 2017

This is truly an awesome and unique fitness center and gym. I highly recommend it to anyone. Not only do they offer personal training but they provide group fitness classes that are like no other gym I've ever been to. And their lineup of classes is amazing! I think I've tried almost all of them and love them all! The workouts can be as hard as you want them or as easy as you need them. They provide the exercises, equipment, instruction, guidance and the push, then you provide the energy...but I recommend giving it all you got if you want a great workout. The owners/trainers are some of the best in the industry (in my humble opinion). So what are you waiting for...go get your sweat on and get your rear in gear!! More...


Angela Rhodes

7 July 2017

THE best gym. Creative and challenging workouts. They have everything - HIIT, yoga, spin, bootcamp. You won't ever want to go anyplace else.


Nate-Joice Gonzalez

2 June 2017

Awesome staff and great gym! If you haven't checked them out you def should.


Rosa Heath

11 May 2017

This is an awesome place if you want to feel and look your best! Here is where you'll find the best trainers I know! They care and they will challenge your inner you as well as rock your world! A total body experience!!


Marie Gilmore

4 May 2017

5th Gear Fitness is an amazing fitness facility with a true sense of belonging! The owners really care about the clients and they make fitness fun! Try them out!


Liztoughcookie Mrsv

29 March 2017



Libby Leary

22 March 2017

Love this gym! The atmosphere is great and the staff is very professional. The equipments are top of the line and the classes are challenging and exceed my expectations.


Cris Fontenot

28 February 2017

A great gym. Professionally run with the best instructors ever


Jonathan Smith

24 February 2017

Amazing experience. This gym transforms the way you think about exercise. The comaraderie of the group makes you feel like you are working out with friends. Everyone has a great attitude and the trainers are extraordinary! I would recommend 5th gear to anyone, any age, any size, any shape! But, with that being said, better be ready to go to work when you get there! More...


Doug Binnion

10 February 2017

Great people, great instructors and a work out plan to fit your schedule and level of fitness!


Carmen W.

3 February 2017

Okay, I am addicted to this gym. Hands down best Pilates in town and an amazing variety of classes. They have group classes consisting of weight training, tabata cardio, mind and body and cycling.  The gym is located on 2nd. story of a business plaza and it's beautiful.  You walk in to a reception area with a shiny concrete floors and it opens up to a work out room for most of their classes. I love the variety of equipment. They have kettle bells, dumb bells, bands, HIT and more. Like lots more! They have a separate room for cycling with super comfy bikes and a large pilates room.The instructors are very hands on and very encouraging. Tammi; the pilates instructor is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to correct your moves and encourage. The reformers are very comfortable. The only draw back is there is only 6. So, grab a class early. Classes are by reservation online. You book it a few days before and the accountability start right there. So, no missing class. The students are what I call the variety pack. So, if you are worried about not being fit looking don't worry. This is a place that encourages and you have all sizes and strengths.  You can be Mr. Buff and have an amazing challenging workout pushing tires around and swinging ropes or you can have a lighter work out modifying to get you there. Very welcoming I would say. The gym is owned by 3 ladies that have been in the fitness industry for decades and you can tell they are passionate about helping others. What I love is all 3 of them teach and are involved.If you have kiddos they have kid care. The only thing I would change is to add sound absorbing tiles to the pilates room so you can focus more on hearing the teacher vs. the music from the other group classes. Since, it's a new place I would think this is a budget issue that will come in the future. However, this doesn't keep me from coming since the class is amazing and I appreciate them so much.I'm looking forward to taking more classes in the fall. More...


Margaret Greenwell Priola

27 January 2017

There isn't a workout that falls short in any way. At 5th Gear, I can schedule a wide variety of workouts allowing me to diversify and balance according to my needs. 5th Gear Rocks


Maria Shadwick Perez

22 January 2017

I'm going on my 4th week at 5th Gear Fitness and I do have to say after being just a bit intimidated to begin there ..this place is LEGIT !!! They definitely care about my fitness goals and are an encouragement to me at every workout !! I'm feeling stronger in my core and looking forward to my results ! More...


Lance Stephens

19 January 2017

The staff and services are second to none! Highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to get top notch treatment from true professionals.


Graham Gonzalez

19 January 2017

5th Gear is definitely a one of a kind when it come to getting fit.. I strongly recommend it You will get your $ worth and more.. Like motivation , community, culture and most Of all results .. Come see for your self ...��� More...


Fiona Johnson

30 December 2016

Before joining 5th Gear I tried many different workout studios in the Tampa Bay area. 5th Gear is unique, it has top notch trainers, state of the art equipment and effective workout classes. The trainers continually challenge me, taking me out of my comfort zone to redefine my limits. I will highly recommend this gym regardless your fitness level. More...


Stephanie Shelton Hawkins

4 December 2016

This is the hardest I've ever worked out, but I love it. Great creative routines and fun people.


Amy PennyPacker

4 December 2016

A 5 star rating does not do this gym justice. I left a big box gym recently in hopes I would be challenged. I was not disappointed! I love the group training atmosphere and the special one on one advice. All the instructors are encouraging and knowledgeable. Even if you are not at the level you think you should be you need to try this gym. You won't be disappointed. We all work hard but have a fun time doing it! More...


Lisa Little

24 November 2016

No other place like it! The classes are intense, the trainer's are the best !


Marlene Herrera-Kotinsky

10 November 2016

Great place to get your groove on. The classes are fun and effective. You will feel like you are having one on one with your instructor. The instructors are the Best! I recommend 5th Gear Fitness highly. More...


Lisa Ercoli

22 October 2016

5th Gear is the best place to get fit, there is no other studio/gym like it any where in the area. You are not just a number, all the trainers call you by your name and cares about your overall health. One work out and you will be hooked!!! Go sign up and be ready to take on the holidays. More...


Brandon Cunningham

20 October 2016

Love the gym, love the owners more. Support great people....


Brandon Evans

20 October 2016

Great gym with tons of variety! Be ready to work! Love the owners they are my new family!�


Amanda Lynn Cantrell

20 October 2016

Best gym in Brandon/Valrico by far! Was welcomed back after my injuries this week with open arms. Thanks!


Andrea Maye

19 October 2016

This is THE BEST gym you'll ever work out at. EXCELLENT trainers, great equipment and great workouts that will kick your butt!! Come be part of the 5th Gear family. More...


Laura Hanson

12 September 2016

If you are serious about working out, this is your gym. Gretchen and Jessica are outstanding. They will push you and support you. I can not thank them enough for all the personal attention AND encouragement! More...


Heather Wettach-Alonso

23 August 2016

What an amazing environment, energetic great people and I burned massive calories...I can't wait to go back.


Leslie Clark-Pinnegar

9 August 2016

First class all the way!!!! This place will give you all you want in a gym and every opportunity to develop your healthiest you!

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