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5 Star Accounting & Business Solutions, LLC is a full-service tax, accounting (bookkeeping & CFO services), human resources and business advisory firm. We understand the complexities of growing and protecting your investment; therefore, we staff experienced consultants and work closely together to ensure that all aspects of your business are covered.

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Marilyn Edgar-Bruno

19 May 2019

Very professional and fast service. We were very pleased with the services we received from Sheri .


Tony Maiorana

23 July 2018

Awesome people.
Very professional.
Gets the job done on time.
How could you not give them 5 stars.


Shayne Corriea-Fernandez

23 July 2018

Genevieve, Barbara and the whole office are absolutely wonderful and extremely professional. They know their stuff and I'm blessed to have them on my business team!!


tony maiorana

18 May 2018

They earn 5 stars for sure.

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5 Star Accounting & Business Solutions, LLC provides tax preparation services (corporate, non-profit, partnership and individual), full-service bookkeeping and CFO outsourced services including, but not limited to, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, KPI reports, analysis and consult. Bookkeeping services are assessed and provided through technology solutions that allow our company to provide full-service solutions without disrupting internal controls.

Bookkeepers, accounting and human resource professionals range in experience and knowledge. Talk to your resources including CPA's and/or attorneys. Create a list of questions that an accounting or human resources professional should know before engaging services. A good professional will provide value in the first consultation with information you didn't have prior to your meeting or call. Ensure the professional is licensed (where applicable) and that the license is current and in good standing prior to engagement.

5 Star's staff believe strongly that business is the lifeblood of communities. Each new business idea and the success of an idea depends heavily on commitment and execution. Our team enjoys guiding the execution and maintenance through your commitment. Ultimately, we enjoy working with each client, observing growth and achieving success!

Some of the values that you can count on from us here at 5 Star are:

· Code of Ethics and Standards that are upheld by all employees.
· Unsurpassed Customer Service for you and your staff Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
· Years of experience and varied industry knowledge from formation and daily maintenance to track and protect your business assets.
· Human Resource Specialist providing you the assurance that we will always use our professional judgment to resolve any questions involving application or interpretation of the law, especially as it pertains to tax and payroll matters so that you and your staff can dedicate more time to your business.
· Secure Data Synchronization for your business that will save you time and money.

What sets us apart from other accounting firms is versatility, commitment and leadership. No two clients that enter into our office are the same and we take pride in getting to know each one individually. We know that every business is different, every person is different and we are here to accommodate your needs with tiered leadership within our organization from an accounting manager and CFO over site. We want to be your continued partner for years to come, helping you grow your company with an understanding of who you are.


Customers select from 5 Star Assist or 5 Star Full Service payroll services. Both services include direct deposit options for your employees, workers-comp tracking and reports, paycheck portal for your employees so you don't have to distribute hard copies anymore, email notifications for your employees when their pay stub is ready for viewing/printing and much more! With 5 Star Assist, customers can set-up employees and run payroll an unlimited number of times in the month through our online application. We will submit your tax payments and process your quarterly and annual tax forms for you. 5 Star Full Service customers enjoy the flexibility to simply call-in payroll or add TSheets to your service and approve payroll with one click. We handle the rest for you including employee set-up, updates and tax reporting and payments.