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Investigations / Cheating Spouse/Child Custody/Missing Persons/Background Checks/GPS Tracking/Criminal-Civil/Video Surveillance/Electronic Debugging/Alimony Reduction

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Andrew E.

19 June 2018

"It's challenging for me to write this review. I was not going to post it, but these guys did such a great Job I felt I needed to do this for them and other folks looking for a good investigation agency. Honestly I believe they are the best Private Investigators in Atlanta.I'm saying this because I had other three other agencies do surveillance on my wife ... and each one of them failed miserably!They finally were the ones to outsmart her. She was VERY aware of her surroundings and even caught a investigators who were trying to follow her before. They did beautiful job tracking her down and thankfully succeeded in finally obtaining photo's and over 20 minutes of video that proved she was cheating on me red handed.The scars are still there but the point is, AAA Innovative Investigations helped me find out the truth, end my marriage and move on in my life.They have plenty of street smarts to handle difficult subjects and complete the job without getting detected as well as being very honest, reasonable, attentive, If you're looking for good, honest, down to earth investigators, look no further.Highly recommended! More...


Dave L.

29 April 2017

Having never used a Private Investigator before, I didn't know what really to expect. The team at AAA Innovative Investigative Services were incredibly patient and took care of what we needed with extreme professionalism. I highly recommend them if you are in need of a private investigation team. More...



10 March 2011

This husband and wife team helped me find errors on my background report. Thank you!


The satisfaction of being able to help people in a crisis situation.

Military police and always interested in investigations.

Loyalty to clients. Over 22 years of experience. Experts in the field of domestic surveillance. Reasonable rates.