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6 April 2020

KJ was nice and knowledgeable. I gave him a 3 because I was originally quoted one price and once I told him my business was a LLC it went up, because it wasn't a sole proprietorship even though the form is the same. I had already done my Federal taxes with another person in another state that did not know how to do VA state taxes. If I would have know that all I had to do was mail in my Federal Schedule C to the Dpt of Tax Administration in VA, I would have. The forms he provided me were identical to the Schedule C I provided him, that I turned in for my Federal taxes. He also included a 763-S form, which I told him that I already completed and mailed in. I kind of feel like I just paid for the address to mail in forms I already had completed. I should have looked harder when I attempted to do it myself.
It sounded like he did check the numbers because he asked for all of my information including W2s that were not associated with my business. So I guess I paid to make sure my Schedule C was correct and to get the address. Sorry KJ, you are kind and personable so I wish I could have given you a 5.

Thanks for your review. I am really surprise with your review. I do not want you to feel that you just paid me for Schedule C. You have paid me for my services. My clients interest comes first to me. Please let me know what can I do for you as client satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. Please see my reply for your concerns you mentioned below. Price - During our each conversation I had asked if the price I am quoting will be fine with you and you did not mention that if it was high. You can check our conversation via text on your phone. The price I charged you was for a LLC/Individual tax return and as I have mentioned to you even though you already filed federal return I will have to still complete federal return on my software to complete state tax return. My charges are more than what I charged you for this type of returns. Schedule C - I could not make any changes to Schedule C because that what was already filed originally by your CPA. Form 763-S - I remember asking you that since you already filed form 763-S, do you want to send it again? You said yes you want to because once they receive new one and if it is already in their system, they will just update their records. Please call me if you have further questions/concerns. Thanks for your business.

2 April 2020

Professional, very knowledgeable

9 March 2020

CPA was professional, on time, informative, detailed and provided the customer service that is considered to be standard. I would use his service again!