Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC

Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC

Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC locationDabney, Kentucky

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Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC Reviews


Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by ART
5 12/10/2018 ART

In rebuttal to Mr. Andrew Cheek, yes we did shut down and do a massive cleanup. We had an isolated incident that our vets feel was not contagious nor do they feel it was caused from any unsanitary conditions. We are the only proactive facility that pays out of our pockets to have three vets contracted to inspect our facility on a regular basis. We have tried to get laws passed for all animal facilities to have monthly health inspections as we pay our vets to do. All of this is unfounded and Mr. Cheek took A tour of our facility the day he dropped off his dog bragging on how clean and sanitary we kelp our facility. Dogs are no different than children going to school, there will be stomach bugs, colds, we did the right thing by shutting down and having all the dogs picked up by owners and vacate. There were two dogs still here that we kept isolated because the owners were out of the country on vacations. we have not had any sickness and all the dogs that came back to training that we sent home were perfectly healthy. He said that he was going to do research, if he had truly did this then he would have know that we did a massive clean up even thought it was found not to even be needed. I laid all my employees off for those 10 days and lost several thousands of dollars because of it. I would rather be safe than sorry and to remain as proactive as we are here at Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC. The dogs health comes first and formost before training!! Here is my FB post that you can certainly go and find on my page June 26,2018. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION AND WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVIENCE! We had a dog come for boarding that had a bacterial pneumonia and 10 days age we had to do a partial shut down. We had all the owners to pick up their dogs and big puppies from training, did a deep cleaning and sterilization of the building inside and out, laid off my employees for a week and ran things mostly by myself. I had two dogs that could not be picked up because the families were out of the country in Europe and Finland. So I quarantined them to one room of the building and one dog run until they went home. We and our veterinarian closely monitored these two dogs during the days here. Neither one came down with this pneumonia and went home in perfect condition. I did not shut down the puppy side of the building because they are isolated to a totally different part of the building. All puppies went home healthy and the three I still have are in great condition. We purchased cleaning supplies from one of our vets along with isolation gowns to wear. All of the dogsscheduled to come back are doing just fine so we feel it was an isolated incident. BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY!! We worked along side with one of our vets to insure the safety of the dogs of which ALWAYS comes first with us! One of our vets also did a complete inspection of our facility and found it to be extremely clean and sanitary. For those of you who are not aware, we have contracted three different vets to do inspections and to take care of everone here at the facility. I do not know of any other facility around that pays a vet, much less 3 vets to keep us updated on information, so we remain as proactive as possible! If I could pass a law that all facilities had to have a health inspection I would. We have tried but to no avail. I jumped the gun and evacuation was not necessary, but as I stated, BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY! One of my vets told me the other day, "Alisa it is not what happens that is important as what you do about it! You run a school and viruses are going to happen. Stay proactive as you have been and you will always gain respect from owners and staff!"

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Andrew CHEEK
1 26/06/2018 Andrew CHEEK

June 25, 2018

I left my dog , Ruger, at Lake Cumberland K9 training for a 3 week training session. When I picked him up he was coughing and coughed and struggled to catch his breath the entire first night he was home. A vet appt was made the next day. Ruger had lost 4 pounds and was running a temperature. The vet did a culture and started him on antibiotics. A week went by and Ruger’s condition was not improving. He was taken back to the vet for X-rays and his antibiotics were changed. All this time we were awaiting the results of the culture that had been taken at the first vet visit. Results of the culture were revealed today. Ruger had 5 different strains of bacteria in his body. The vet said it had to come from the training facility. The vet also said that it more than likely came from a water source and she had never seen that many strains in one dog. Unsanitary conditions were breeding grounds for these kinds of bacteria.

During all this the owner, Alisa Peterson, was contacted. She was asked to contact the parents of the other dogs that were in training during Ruger’s tenure there. It is unknown if she actually did this. Alisa also said she was shutting down the facility for ten days for extensive cleaning because one dog had pneumonia and another had a cough. From her Facebook posts she has not closed down for the extensive cleaning and that cleaning was even to include her writing pens.

The purpose of this is to notify anyone that is contemplating sending their dog to this facility to rethink that decision. If I could give this training facility a zero, I would. There will be further investigation and people notified so that what has happened to Ruger, will not happen to another dog.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Kelsey Baker
5 16/12/2017 Kelsey Baker

I have on many occasions came in contact with the staff and they are always professional & kind. They take pride in the dogs they train and they are good at it! The place is clean, animals are monitored and well taken care of. She's trained many of my friends dogs and had nothing but good results. My puppy is just a baby but when he's old enough he will go thru her obedience school.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by John Powell
5 15/12/2017 John Powell

Alisa and her staff are wonderful, They went beyond what they said they would do. I was ready to give Max away but he is a part of my family now. I stopped by several times even after Max left just to say hi. The dogs are all so happy and obedient. I would recommend Lake Cumberland K-9 Academy to everyone. The pics are from Max's graduation.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Ch H
5 14/12/2017 Ch H

I have had two dogs trained at the facility and both came back very well trained. After seeing what a difference the training made, I will never have another one without having it go through their training program. The staff is professional and the facility is very well maintained. We also board our pets there when they can't travel with us and they get very happy when they see the trainer.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Amanda Collins
5 13/12/2017 Amanda Collins

Very caring, loving, and professional. Alisa has given her life for these dogs. She would never hurt an animal. Especially a dog. She trained my husky at 3 months old. But not only that when my husky was a couple years old I had to move and could not take him with me, Alisa kept him and took care of him for a year and never asked for anything in return. When I was were we could be reunited she even drove 3 hours to bring my husky to me. He was extremely happy and healthy. This speaks for the character of Alisa and her business. If I got another puppy I would take him there no question!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Kathryn Kauffman Psychic Medium
5 13/12/2017 Kathryn Kauffman Psychic Medium

I have referred many of my friends to this facility over the last 7 years. I have personally been to the facility on numerous occasions. This is a top quality professional training business, the numerous friends that I have referred still have their dogs and they are all well trained. The grounds are kept impeccably clean and tidy. The animals boarded in this facility are all well treated as if they were their own pets. The care given here is of the highest standard. There are wonderful videos of the many pets and facility on their facebook page that exhibit how much attention and care these animals receive. I have referred for many years to this facility and will continue to do so.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Richard Wiggins
5 Richard Wiggins

I am so impressed with Alisha and he crew. It has been just over a year that you trained Lilly our rescue. She took to the training well and is such a good dog now. Still hyper as ever but well behaved. our son has Jayce with you right now and I can see from the video's he is doing well. I have an extra whistle for him here. Probably haven't used a whistle with Lilly for months and tried it out the other day, she came running right away. Thank You all so much.
if anyone is looking for a very good trainer - you found it here.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Kate Shively
5 Kate Shively

Picked up my GSD today and it was like I picked up a new dog! We are amazed at her behavior and how well she obeys when we tell her to do something--thanks Alisa and your entire crew for taking such great care of my baby girl the past three weeks--you all are AWESOME!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by James Collins
5 James Collins

I just picked Sadie the boxer up yesterday. And it was exactly like I knew it would be and what I paid for. Alisa and her staff gave me the ingredients now Ill bake my own cake. Anyone that knows dogs realizes they have to be worked constantly. Lake Cumberland K9 started Sadie's training and Ill finish it. She does exactly what she's supposed to but still has her distractions. And anytime there was an issue with my Sadie I was contacted immediately. I'm more than pleased with Alisa and her staff. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Julia Baker
5 Julia Baker

Just picked up Captain Gitmo from his weekend stay with Alisa. I can't say enough about how much she loves him. He went to boot camp back in June and with our following through with her guidence, he has done awesome. He did get a little tune up over the weekend. �� thank you Alisa for all your hard work!!!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Briana Kysar
5 Briana Kysar

I highly recommend for anyone to take their puppy/dog to Alisa for training and also she can do it in sign language! She done it for my German Shepherd puppy and I'm very impressed and proud of her works with my puppy! So smart and amazing!! :)

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Luke Philpot
3 Luke Philpot

My dog is still crazy after I spent my hard earned money on him. He is not house trained and still does not sit well, stay, to behave. If I wanted the owners to do it, I wouldn't have payed to have him trained. We did everything she told us to do and were still gonna get charged for her to come to my house and do it again after we already payed for the "boot camp"

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Gina Croley
5 Gina Croley

I sent Bear (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Ruby (Schnauzer) to boot camp back in the summer and must say that she is definitely the dog magician. Rhodie's are known to be very stubborn. They also grow to be very big, so it's important he learned how to behave. I don't think I've ever seen puppies. completely housebroken that young. The only behaviors I've had issues with are the ones that I haven't followed through with very well. �
I only wish she was closer. ��

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Lisa Hamilton
5 Lisa Hamilton

Alisa and her staff are wonderful! Our peewee came home so well behaved and happy! He is a different dog now! He's calm, and sweet, and a perfect gentleman! Thank you so much to the entire staff you have made all of our lives so much better! �

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Marilyn Jackson Griffith
5 Marilyn Jackson Griffith

Lisa and her staff are amazing! I took my rowdy 19 week old labradoodle ( Bentley) to her and In 3 weeks she’s made a huge difference in his behavior. She’s also taught him several tricks. We are continuing to work On the bell training to reinforce what he’s learned there as far as potty training. He was very consistent there! She has such a love for all the puppies and dogs she trains. Bentley told her bye and it was the sweetest thing ever. He laid on her chest and was sad to say goodbye!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Charlotte Dick
2 Charlotte Dick

I waited until Sophie was spayed and took her in for training. ..Everything seemed great at first she promised she would have us come up and work with sophie during her training she said she woildnt send her home until she fillowed our commands and if we had any problems she would come to our house and work with her there Well 375 dollars later ...she didn't have us come up. ..she didn't take time to teach us to work with her and when we had troubles she did not come down to help... don't waste your time or money.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Natalie Jane Anderson
5 Natalie Jane Anderson

This was baileys last option before finding a new home and let me tell you... she is here to stay. When we dropped Bailey off I had very little hope because of how naughty and wild she was. When I picked her up today I was moved to tears. She is a whole different dog. Just like children she tests her boundaries but she is learning that I am now boss and with every second I'm seeing all the hard work and time they have put into her. Thank you so very much for saving Bailey and keeping me sane. I am beyond moved with her new manner and tricks.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Mary Jo Perkins
5 Mary Jo Perkins

Just want to take a few mins. to give a update on Toby's obedience Alicia he doing great he is spot on so far he's even doing really good with off the leash. I just wanted to say thank you so much. So far so good let you know if I need any help you and your team is great again thank you. Now I just have to train my Mom lol lol !

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Donya Yates
4 Donya Yates

I thought there was no hope for Layla. She's stubborn and hard headed. Does what she wants when she wants to do it attitude. No, not all issues were corrected 100% as that takes a lot more time then 5 weeks and a lot of work on my part, but a good portion of her bad behaviors have been corrected. We had a few issues 2-3 days after Layla came home. Alicia drove over an hour to my house to let us know what we were doing wrong. I wish I had found this place when Layla was younger, as I would have had the needed tools to have control of her before the behaviors set in.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Audreanna McClain
5 Audreanna McClain

Maybe it’s a little too soon to write a review just yet b/c I haven’t even been home w/ my dog a full 24 hours yet. But I can already see such a huge difference in my dog’s behavior! She’s only had one accident in the house & I was able to correct her just as Alisa had showed me yesterday before I left to bring Nova back home. Alisa & her staff are absolute miracle workers! I cannot thank you guys enough for helping my sweet Nova. I would recommend them to anyone, I drove 2 hours one way & I wouldn’t have wanted her anywhere else.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Brianna Lynn Barnett
5 Brianna Lynn Barnett

Rue has only been home 1 day and we can tell a huge difference! My favorite thing he learned was stay and leave it. We are so thankful for the training staff and how much they loved our fur baby while they had him.

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Sarah McQueen
5 Sarah McQueen

We just picked up our two adult (1 and 4) year German Shepherds and the transformation has been amazing. Yes, they are testing us, Boomer the young one just lays down when he doesn't want to do a command or trick, but the behavior is amazing. No more jumping or knocking into you on purpose. The playful biting has stopped. My 7 year old is able to walk with them on a leash without pulling and when we stay stop they obey and will sit. When we yell "car" they go over to the grass and sit down. We've even had some successful time outs or "down and stays" for getting into trash. I can't say enough about how wonderful this has been. The training when we picked them up made us all confident even my kids that we could work with them everyday and continue their training! They were so loved while they were away and the socializing they got there was great!!! Can't thank you all enough!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Melissa Gilkerson
5 Melissa Gilkerson

Our Lucy, a golden retriever/lab mix was completely out of control so we sent her to Alicia and her team for the 3 week boot camp. She's been home not quite a week and her behaviors are not 100% corrected but WOW are they 95% better than they were when we dropped her off! The rest is up to us and some consistency in keeping up with what Lucy was taught. Alicia is willing to come to our house an hour away if we need her too if Lucy falls back into some of her more obnoxious habits but I'm not sure we will need her too, she sends home a pretty comprehensive corrections manual specialized just for your pet. Thank you so much Lake Cumberland K-9 for an amazing job!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Tony Kysar
5 Tony Kysar

I can't brag enough about Alisha and her staff she has. I'm very happy with the work she did with our German Shepard Sadie. She has laid the ground work for us to follow to make her into the dog we know she can be. What is so amazing though is she did it in Sign language for my fiancée who is deaf. She listens to her with her hands. And for that I can not say thank you enough. My 4 year old daughter can handle lher and is practicing with her and she will listen to her and when it's potty time she will not pull her. It's just plain awesome to watch! If you have any doubts please don't! I would recommend this place to anyone with any dog breed!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Kortney Jones
5 Kortney Jones

Alisa and her staff are AMAZING! We sent our Goldendoodle Ellie for the three week obedience and potty training, she’s been home 3 days and is a totally changed puppy! She’s doing so good with all her commands and not one accident since being home! She rings bells anytime she needs to go out and my kiddos are loving all the new tricks they taught her at training! I would definitely recommend Lake Cumberland K-9 for anyone who needs a trainer for their pup!

Review of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC by Rachelle Davidson
5 Rachelle Davidson

These guys are amazing, my pup was a very hyper dog when we first brought her to Alisa and dropped her off for a 3 week boot camp. We have had Charlie home for 2 days and she is a completely different dog so far, she is minding all commands and only had one accident since being home!!! Ring bells to go out and getting better with the things we need to work on, thank you guys so much you saved our dog and now we can as actually enjoy her! If you need a dog trainer please try these guys and you won't be disappointed.

Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC

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