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5 signs it's time to replace your Double Glazing

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Alex, Staff Writer

Monday, 8 March 2021

Windows are a statement piece of any home since they are directly responsible for how much natural light floods into the room. Regardless of whether your windows are made from uPVC, wood or aluminium, there will come a time when they need upgrading. 

Doing so will ensure your home is energy-efficient, and will improve the look of your property too. Here are some of the top signs that your windows have had their day.

Your property feels cold

Windows make up approximately 25% of the average wall space in a home. So if they aren’t up to scratch it can soon feel pretty cold, especially in the winter! While you should look to ensure your property is fully insulated, even the most dramatic of measures cannot compensate for draughty windows. 

Replacing your windows will make a huge difference in terms of how much heat is being lost. The change will be reflected in your reduced energy bills too, since the heat won’t be automatically escaping out of your windows but remaining in your property. 

The locking system isn’t secure

If thieves can find an easy way into your home, you can bet they’ll give it a try. Not all windows have a secure locking system. Even if there is a lock, it could be faulty or simply not up to the job. 

Remember, if your insurance provider finds the windows were easy to open because the lock didn’t work, they are unlikely to pay out if your home is burgled. Upgrade your double glazing to protect your home and all your contents that sit within it. 

The window frames have started to rot

Wooden windows look charming but will disintegrate over time. Once the frame is damaged beyond repair the only option is to replace the windows. Likewise, aluminium window frames also have a shelf life, especially if their protective powder coating has worn away. Window frames can also warp or become damaged for many other reasons. 

Your windows look dated

Some window styles look past their sell-by date, and not in an idyllic country cottage kind of way. Whether your property is a period home or a modern build, there will be a variety of window options to suit. It’s also worth upgrading your windows if you plan on renovating, since leaving a dated window style will limit the potential of the outcome. 

The windows aren’t actually double glazed

Older properties used to have single glazed windows which were notoriously cold and did little to keep outside noise out either. Unless your windows have been upgraded, they may still only have a single pane of glass instead of two as you’d find with double glazing. You’ll be amazed at the difference an extra layer of glass can make! 

To sum up

The advantages of new double glazing include less heat loss, increased security, reduced outside noise and an enhancement to the look of your property. This makes double glazing a worthy investment. 

If you suspect your windows aren’t performing as they should be, then don’t delay in seeking advice from a trusted window fitter about whether new double glazing would be of benefit to your property. 

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