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Reasons to get a Conservatory installed

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Mika, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

We’re always looking for ways to add some more room to our house, whether it’s via a walled extension or adding a conservatory. While extensions can be time-consuming and expensive, a conservatory is a sure-fire way to add space, while keeping costs relatively low. What’s better, conservatories don’t simply add space to your home, but can also add value.

So what are the advantages of building a conservatory, where is the best place to put this new extension, and how much will it cost you? We’ve set about to answer these questions and more with our in-depth look at why you should get a conservatory fitted for your home. 

A Conservatory is cheaper than an extension

As two of the most efficient ways to add extra space to your house and home, it can be a difficult choice between building an extension or a conservatory. One of the biggest things to consider when thinking about an extension or a conservatory is the overall price and how they differ between the two. If we take a look at total face value, the price of a conservatory will be far cheaper than a full-blown extension.

A conservatory is typically priced up according to the materials your contractor uses and its style, whereas with an extension, you’re paying per square meter of construction. It’s important to remember that a contractor will only give you an estimation of the final price, and any unforeseen events can affect the final price, regardless of whether it's an extension or a conservatory. 

A Conservatory adds value to a house

Adding any extra space to a home is bound to add value to both the price tag and the buying appeal of the house. Done well, a conservatory can add up to 5% extra on the overall value of a house, especially if it adds extra space to the home. But remember that not all conservatories will provide the same amount of value to a property, and there are a number of different factors that affect the value.

Where the conservatory is built and what direction it faces can affect the conservatory’s value-adding ability. If your conservatory is south-facing and it gets sunbelt all day, this can add to its value. Other factors include using double-glazing glass or strong framing steel.

A Conservatory has a long lifespan 

Once you have priced up the cost of your conservatory and are satisfied with how much value it will add to your home, you want to be 100% sure it is going to last a lifetime. It was once thought that a conservatory would last only fifteen years, nowadays it’s thought to be closer to 25-30 years. And, even this can be increased even more so with correct care and maintenance. The increase in a longer life can be put down to the higher quality of materials such as uPVC, more experienced fitters and modern installation techniques.

To sum up

The advancements in conservatory technology and the great benefits they have on both the value of your home and the quality of home life have made them even more popular in recent years. Ensure you research your own home’s space, as well as the most qualified builder for the job. Once you have completed this conservatory checklist, you too can add that something extra to your home. 

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