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5 signs you need a Personal Trainer

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Mika, Staff Writer

Monday, 21 June 2021

The Department of Health recommends that Australians complete between 2.5 and 5 hours of exercise per week. That’s a tall order, especially if you have a busy lifestyle due to work or family commitments. Likewise, you may also struggle to exercise due to poor health or even a lack of motivation. 

One of the best options to make sure you hit your weekly exercise quota is to hire a personal trainer. As someone who is there to guide you every step of the way, a personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals no matter what they happen to be. 

Are you looking to improve your health? Here are 5 signs you need a personal trainer to tell you more. 

You haven’t worked out in a while

Starting from scratch with exercise can be incredibly daunting. The best way to get things off on the right foot is to enlist the help of a professional. 

When you work with a personal trainer, the very first thing they will do is ask you about your goals. For some this is weight loss, for others, it’s increased muscle tone or even to weightlift professionally. 

Whatever you want to achieve out of your sessions, your personal trainer will create a dedicated plan to help you get there. Also, they’ll measure where you’re at now, so they can monitor your progress over time to make sure the exercises they set you are keeping you on track.  

Such attention to detail is going to make every workout count. Plus if you’re feeling apprehensive about exercising again after such a long gap, you’ll have your very own coach to give you the encouragement you need. 

You’re worried about your overall health

Everyone knows that exercise is integral to maintaining our physical and mental health throughout all stages of our lives. Sadly, it’s so easy to let exercise fall by the wayside. Before you know it, you’re struggling to lose weight or have noticed you’ve lost strength or even dexterity. 

Whatever is troubling you with your health, exercise along with improving your diet and seeking medical advice is the best course of action. Many actually find exercise gives them the motivation they need to make other changes they have avoided up until now. 

Your mind and body are seriously going to thank you for the effort you put in. Plus, your personal trainer will give you pointers to make the workouts as effective as possible. 

Your workouts lack variety

Most of us are guilty of playing it safe in the gym. Without proper direction, it can be tough to know which muscles we are actually working on. Exercise routines that lack variety aren’t just boring, they can result in some muscle groups being overworked, while others are underworked.

So to avoid both boredom and possible muscle imbalances, switching up to working with a personal trainer will help keep things challenging and genuinely beneficial. 

You aren’t getting the results you want

It doesn’t matter how hard you train if the particular exercise not to mention your form doesn’t correspond with your actual goals. With so much information out there these days, it’s easy to end up doing the wrong type of exercises. 

A personal trainer is going to ask you what exercises you’ve been doing up to now, and from there they can shed light on why these may or may not have been working for you. It could also be the case you are doing the right things, but they can give you tricks to supercharge the particular exercise to make it even more impactful. 

You’re recovering from a previous injury

Navigating an injury is tough because you know exercise is good for you, but at the same time, you don’t want to make the issue worse. In addition to consulting a physical therapist, some personal trainers can also help you with injury rehabilitation. 

Personal trainers can also help you adapt certain exercises, especially if you suffer from chronic pain conditions caused by arthritis or general wear and tear of the joints. Compared with going it alone, you’re a lot less likely to injure yourself when a professional is observing your form at all times. 

However, if you download a random exercise app or even find personal trainers on YouTube, you won’t have that individual guidance. You also won’t have people telling you which exercises are going to be beneficial or harmful based on your specific injury. Therefore, you can’t underestimate the benefit of a personal trainer in addition to consulting your doctor before starting any new exercise regime if you’re dealing with any kind of injury. 

Personal Trainer near me

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From there, you can tell us exactly what you are looking for in a personal trainer, including whether you need help with strength training, endurance, weight loss, bodybuilding, nutrition and much more. 

We’ll then connect you with personal trainers near you to make the entire process a piece of cake. We can’t promise the same for the workouts though! 

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