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3 Ways To Insulate Your Home

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Mika, Staff Writer

Friday, 5 February 2021

Brrrrrr is it feeling a little cold in your home? Poorly insulated homes don’t just feel cold to sit in, they could be costing you a lot more money to run too. After all, if the heating is on but the warmth is simply escaping outside, you’ll need to keep your boiler working for a lot longer just to feel comfortable in the room. If the temperature is too low it could even be bad for your health, especially if you have any preexisting conditions or if you’re elderly.

Improving the insulation in your home is an excellent investment. It will ensure that even in the winter, your home is protected from the elements. If you’re looking to make some upgrades to your home’s energy efficiency, here’s how you can effectively insulate your home. 

Loft insulation

Heat rises which means a lot of yours could be lost through your roof space. It’s estimated the average home loses 25% of its heat this way. Loft insulation adds a layer of padding between your roof space, which effectively traps the heat in the home rather than letting it escape. As a result, the temperature of your home will be much easier to maintain. The good news is that loft insulation isn’t only cheap to install, it can be done very quickly and efficiently too. 

Cavity wall insulation

If your home was built after 1920, it may have a cavity wall. This hollow space doesn’t back the first layer of brick up to retain the heat. As a result, the room can feel cold to sit in, even when you have the heating on! Cavity wall insulation works by filling the gap between the layer of bricks with a material that prevents heat transfer. All cavity walls need to be insulated, and it is now a building regulation for homes that were built after the 1990s. It will make a huge difference to your home and is relatively straightforward to complete. 

Double glazing

Approximately 25% of your property’s wall space is made up of windows. If your windows are single glazed or generally poor performing, then this could be the culprit of your cold home. Upgrading your windows to new double glazing will help keep the heat in. As a result, your energy bills will be lower and your home will be more eco friendly too. New windows improve the look of your home too, especially if you are replacing a dated style of window. An added bonus is that new windows will also keep out more external noise.  

To sum up

Home insulation comes in various forms, from windows to lofts and even external rendering. Either way, it’s a worthy investment to make. Over time, you could even earn back the costs spent on insulation through the money you will save on your energy bills. So if your home feels draughty, don’t delay in plugging the gaps in your insulation. Your home will be a lot toastier in the middle of winter for doing so! 

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