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Train For Life Fitness & Nutrition Ltd


Train For Life offers "Experience and knowledge in fitness and Nutrition Experience in working with people with conditions, in rehabilitation or simply starting their fitness journey. Level 4 personal trainer Exercise referral Instructor Lower back pain certified Instructor for Women in pre and post pregnancy Core & stability training certified The services we offer are mainly focused on Fitness and Nutrition: Personal Trainining Sessions, 2 on 1. Group training sessions and classes. Nutrition tips, food programs Strength and conditioning, Kettlebell, powerlifting, Bodyweight specialist. Online Training

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Hear from
a professional

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Being HONEST, I don't tell people what they want to hear, I tell them the TRUTH!
The truth is, everyone is AMAZING, SPECIAL, but unless I am proven wrong nothing is achieved without work, commitment and discipline.
I practise what I PREACH, I won't ask anybody to do something I can't do!

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

You must understand that everything is about changing habits. You just need to replace bad habits for good ones.
Look at yourself in the mirror, what you see is the result of what you do on a daily, weekly, Monthly basis.
As a matter of fact, I eat a lot and badly once-twice a week BUT I EAT WELL 5-6 times a week. The result is that I have a body I am proud of as the good habits outweighs the bad ones.
The nutrition is the key, it is 70-80% of your success, then you need to train "hard" and finally rest.
In short the Formula is "Train, Eat and Rest". YOUR LIFESTYLE IS KEY

What do you love most about your job?

The best job in the world
I truly believe that we need to do something we like, something that comes naturally. I often exclaim in a spin class that I have the BEST JOB in the world.

I've said it and I mean it, to be a personal trainer is nothing other than being MYSELF, doing what I like the most.

The truth be told, if I was not in a gym working, I would be in a gym training, so having the opportunity to be in the place where I want to be and being paid for it is a blessing.

I've always liked to teach and see people grow, my best memory is of coaching a football team of under 10 year olds in France. It was the C team, which means the youngest and least skillful boys of that age group category.

My job was to teach them the basics of football, to help them to love it and also to teach them important life concepts, such as work as hard as you can and it will pay off, never be afraid to try, don't give up and be a good teammate.

One of my peculiarities as a coach is that I was silent on the sideline, never shouting at the boys what to do, and I forbid their parents from shouting too (they could support though). My boys were playing their own game. It often went wrong, as we lost many games, on the other hand we often played better than many teams with older kids.

Then, it happened, we went to a tournament at the end of the season, facing teams of higher divisions and all the hard work paid off. My boys had a wonderful tournament, displaying a masterclass of football, game after game, I was still silent on the sideline, it was raining, so nobody realised that I was crying with joy.

Nothing has changed today, my relationship with the people I personal train, coach and instruct is the same. I believe in people, I am myself the result of a lot of WORK, I claim no talents or skills, if I have one skill, it is to realise my limitations and put the hard work in, in order to compensate.

To believe in people means that anybody who trains with me who is giving her or his best effort, will be cared for, supported and pushed to achieve more than they ever believed they could.

I am highly competitive, but I learnt to put my ego aside in order to grow as an instructor, coach, athlete and person. I remind my guys on a daily basis that FAILING IS A BLESSING, that it is part of the game, that we improve because we fail, learn and bounce back. I practice what I preach, so the guys follow me when I ask something, as they know I have been there before or I will be there with them.

One of the benefits of 1 to 1 personal training sessions is the opportunity to really get to know people. In fact, I now count few real friends amongst my PT clients. I truly believe that sweating, suffering with the guys gives me real insight into their true personalities. On top of that fitness and the work ethic are a universal language, which brings people together.

Finally fitness and competition are important in my family life, I met my wife in the gym. She has been the ear, the support in the shadow that any athlete, husband, man needs. She witnessed my most important sport achievements up to date, becoming BJJ European Champion in 2011 & 2012.

Nowadays we can't travel together anymore, nevertheless she does something more important. She looks after our two boys whilst I'm away. My Legacy. They are the ones who fuel my desire to get better each and everyday. Before their birth I was living, since they are here I LIVE, they are the reason why I wake up early in the morning to work on my business, train myself, train my clients, in time to be back home to look after them during the day or to put them to bed at night. When I come home from a competition, I like to give them the medals I've won. When I am away competing I don't think about my wife and my boys until I'm finished with the competition. Once the competition is over, I just want to get home and be with my family. The boys miss me when they don't see me all day and I miss them too, however I do all this FOR THEM. I want to be an example, a positive influence, a source of pride.

That's my story, what's yours?

What inspired you to start your own business?

Since an early age, I wanted to help others by spreading values I believe in. As everyone, I work to make a living BUT, I refuse to follow the rules in order to succeed.
The Fitness industry is full of contradictions, such as avoid process good, sweet drinks... And the first things which are sold in a gym are bars of all sorts and sweet drinks...
I believe in saying the truth and doing the right thing and in order to do so YOU MUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND BE TRUE TO WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

Why should our clients choose you?

The 5 core values of Train For Life

1 Fitness is important in all our lives, regardless of age and ability:
There is no right age to start exercising, fitness is important in our daily lives in order to improve our quality of life. We might train for health reasons, to compete or to make friends. Any reasons is valid, what is important is to train. Sooner or later, we realise that we train because we love it.

2 We respect fitness guidelines and always train with good form:
If your training is good you will get good results. A balanced training regime consists of resistance training, cardio training, balance work, core work and flexibility training. The most important thing is that all exercises are performed with good form and at the right intensity, this maximises results and reduces the chances of injuries.

3 Be natural:
All the nutrients and energy our bodies need can be found in good quality, fresh, unprocessed foods. If we eat a wide variety of natural good quality foods then supplements shouldn't be necessary. If supplements, such as whey protein, are to be considered they should be assessed carefully in terms of quality and origin and their use kept to a minimum.

4 Be proud of what you can achieve:
Cheating in all its forms is a weakness, be proud of everything you can achieve through your natural abilities and determination. You will make us all proud. If you are competing train as hard as you can, give everything and you will have no regrets.

5 Praise others and be part of a supportive community.
We all have our own reasons to train and we should recognise and acknowledge when somebody is training as hard as she or he can. Regardless of your age or fitness levels, if you are committed to your training and give everything you have in every session, you can inspire those around you.

In the Train For Life community we encourage competition as we look to others to inspire and push us beyond our limits. We acknowledge and praise those who are ahead of us, then we train harder to surpass them.

Be proud of the place you train in, respect the material you use and the people around you.

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