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Osteopath & Naturopath


‘20 Certificate of Excellence

Osteopathy: BackPain treatments for upper and Lower back pain , shoulder neck and peripheral joint pain conditions given physical treatments for ailments. Medical history is taken to formulate a working diagnosis to help understand what structures of the bodies need help and how it has changed to keep you in pain. Thus a treatment plan is put in place explaining the symptoms. A hands on treatment approach with no time wasted to get you back moving pain free into full health. I believe in educating my patients and also teaching them how to prevent recurrence of their symptoms. Average treatment session for common back pain would be 2/3 with a once in 4 week follow up . This is pending recovery is good, please note everyone pain tolerance ability to heal is different. Once in reasonable health, an MOT once in three months check up is given. I also include nutritional advice where necessary for example if patient has a lot of inflammation in their joints I would ask them to include more fish oils or other foods to prevent a pro inflammatory bouts of pain. Here Naturopathy & Osteopathy work well together. Therefore you get two fields of professional advice in one overall treatment. April 2020 nutrition /naturopathy appointments online consultations . call me directly for this :-07711265500 or email: nita.mistry@btinternet.com Naturopathy: This is natural healthcare and addressing Nutrition with food types in diet. Naturopathy helps you become more aware of changes in your own health and well being. Naturopathy helps you to recognise how your body is changing from being healthy to pain and disease state."You may ask What can be done and how can you change this? " Naturopathic treatments helps you look at this! Treatments and consultations for most kind of ailments . Advice on Natural health lifestyles approaches & treatment for common health conditions such as excessive bloating , weight loss & weight management , hair loss, skin changes, thyroid problems , stress and anxiety affecting sleep. Certain medical conditions : such as infections , constipation problems , digestive issues are commonly treated by naturopaths. Use of Herbal remedies, supplements, elimination , detoxification and addition of food sources. Certain lifestyles changes to get your overall health and well being naturally. I have found patients often comment that the advice given them , had really helped them in so many ways , resulting in them becoming more enthusiastic in managing their own health. This is the holistic health approach! Call me if you want to be pain free and in charge your own health . Break the habit no more reliance on medication. upstart the 2020 better health regime. If you want me to help you call me : tel 07711265500 leave voicemail or text , and tell me you have come from bark.com . PLEASE NOTE I DONOT DO DIETS, I recommended foods to add or remove pending on your constitutional health. There is no one diet that can cure your ailments. 2018 food intolerances testing recommendations. Managed to secure 10% discount for those people wanting food testing seen by myself. all the best for 2020!

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What do you love most about your job?

I have extensive clinical skills , previously starting out in nursing , working in NHS hospital and private institutions.
Further skills ands insight gained working in the community on all kinds of projects. Assignments with physical disabled to
District nursing in London , working on medical wards and also working with the homeless less people. I started my osteopathic career whilst working training and working in Physiotherapy department part time , to support my osteopathic training. My enthusiasm and drive to improve knowledge and skill set , in order to reach people from all walks of life. Over the years back pain and neck and are common problems treated by myself. I cannot understand why people rely on painkillers for weeks and become immobile. Yes you need to rest the back but get some treatment first and stop the cause of the back and spinal symptoms in the back pain. Only then back pain seems to respond rapidly to recovery. Rest is necessary or healing , with adequate support advise and exercises to tolerance to strengthen spinal and pelvis tissues. Most importantly I get deep satisfaction and always pleased when I see people smiling after my treatment and on the fast lane of recovery . I know it's made a tremendous difference to their life being out of pain and being healthy.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I wanted to improve the quality of people's lives within the healthcare field . Additionally educating patients in managing their own health and being in control of their own wellbeing. The use of clinical understanding and natural approach over last 15 years in practice.
Decided to make this my full time occupation . What I viewed as a life's vocation became a career with ongoing professional training and responsibility to my patients and their healthcare. I started out with no funding , no support
Just pure hard work and my skill set after graduation in 1997. My businesses grew over time in London. My treatments results and
Word of mouth referrals seeing generations of patients families friends , Gp referrals, local businesses and their employees etc.
Never mind nearly 15% of my patients are regular overseas and international patients coming to U.K. and insist on advance booking for treatments for the duration of their stay. I also work with children and local charities as I do believe in helping my local community.

Why should our clients choose you?

I have sunny personality , but hands are like steel and the "ability to find the exact spot of discomfort , with X-ray vision eyes "described by my patients. When you seek a treatment with me , I will do my upmost to get you out of pain quickly effectively , giving you home work too, and helping understand what can be done to prevent reoccurrence.
I give treatments not just exercises and work with you, and cater the treatments to your needs. I donot like having patients on a weekly basis for longtime. This is very rare for me. However I welcome the opportunity for you to benefit my treatment and get help which is beyond and much more far reaching than the treatment session. Over time getting improved health post treatment in days and months following. Please note : My treatments will first give you pain , for few days then once the physiology of the treatment is resolved the pain starts to subside. Try me !!

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

PLEASE NOTE NO DIETS GIVEN but foods CHOICES to add and to eliminate hence changing combinations FOR WEIGHT
MANAGEMENT. I donot formulate diets. !!!!!!!
Health practitioners understand that lifestyle changes can place demand on everyone at any age, in their life time. Your constitutional health is the basis upon which you build your healths immune system and vitality. This helps to fight infections and push your body energy reserves beyond its normal requirements to survive . Nutrition is not about diet is more about understanding what you put in your gut , and how that is assimilated and processed through the body . How to eat food types packed with dense nutrient content in order to obtain maximum absorption. Good nutrition teaches you to choose foods to heal your ailments but also have a better healthier body.
Good diet from start will keep you well for years to come even if you face conditions with poor prognosis. Your ability to get back on your feet and be well will be greater . Even if your nutritional foundations are poor , you can change your diet and eat healthy and much more without harming your health. It's your choice!!!!!

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Your specialist will be able to advise you on the full range of services available and will be able to help you select the best treatment for your needs. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have. Use Bark to get free quotes and find a specialist today.

Dietitians are the only health professionals regulated and protected by law. Registered Nutritionists can provide evidence-based advice and information about food and healthy eating. Nutritional therapists provide alternative treatment, based on the idea that the body needs 'healing' and 'correcting'.

  • Credentials - Find a specialist that has the credentials to support your personal needs.

  • Experience - Ask how long your Dietitian or Nutritionist has been practising and look up their background.

  • Gimmicks - Check your specialist is not supporting an unsuitable diet brand or supplement.

  • Right fit - Make sure they are upfront in the areas they specialise in and are able to make referrals if your needs are outside their comfort zone.

The minimum requirement for a Dietitian is a degree in Dietetics or a related science degree with a postgraduate diploma or higher degree in Dietetics. Nutritionists should have attended a course which is accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

Before you choose either a Nutritionist or a Dietitian, you could read testimonials and read reviews on their website. You could also look at their profile page on Bark and read reviews from past customers too.



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