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Paths of Transformation

I work with people to transform their lives from the inside out in the most authentic, healthiest ways possible. This work leads to healthier mental states and relationships, reduced stress, as well as overcoming addictions and anxiety. Together we: *Heal Core Wounds *Transform Your Mindset *Create a New Relationship With Yourself and Others *Release Negative Habits *Establish Healthy Ones How do I specialize in so much? I specialize in you. My clients come to me for everything from smoking cessation to balancing bipolar and healing eating disorders, recovering from cancer, mental breakdowns, and spiritual crisis. We start with the basics, eating healthy, exercise, developing stress management tools, a mindfulness practice, getting good sleep, and coping mechanisms. As we build trust and the foundation for a healthy mind and body, we dive deeper to get to the root of your challenges; old traumas, unconscious messages, and beliefs that no longer hold true. Once here we apply the tools that work best for you, coaching, hypnosis, guided meditation, journaling, dreamwork, spiritual exploration or creating your own rituals. I've worked with clients on all of these, finding what works best for each unique individual to facilitate their growth. Working with me, the strong behavioral work and the depth work go hand in hand. This makes for powerful transformation in a person's life on all levels. I specialized in: Anxiety, Bipolar, Trauma, Focus & Clarity, Stress Management, Overcoming Addictions, Spiritual Exploration and Crisis, Times of Great Change, Creating a Life of Authentic Self Expression. Reach out if this work sounds right for you!

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What do you love most about your job?

All the ways my clients surprise me.

I was told in training for peer wellness as well as my psyche classes not to expect much change in my clients and certainly not rapid change. Any change for the better is good change, and that's true.

However, in my own practice, I am blown away by just how powerful people's transformation is.

A client and I will have been working on setting boundaries in a particular area of life, let's say work, and the next week my client is telling me how they stood up for themselves for the first time in their lives against a family member who treats them poorly or established a healthy boundary in a codependent friendship.

We'll be working on anxiety and mindfulness and suddenly my client is quitting smoking or dropping another habit that no longer serves them without struggling with it. They've simply fostered a greater care for themselves, a greater mindfulness of their body and mind and so the old behaviors melt away.

From what I've seen, when people commit to total transformation and devote their time, energy and focus to the process it touches their entire life. I love it when it comes out in glorious, new and surprising ways.

What inspired you to start your own business?

In 2009 I had a mental break down.

Decades of chronic depression, undiagnosed bipolar, social anxiety, and trauma finally caught up to me.

I tried medications and therapy but nothing worked. I realized I had to find my own way.

Through all the research, the struggles, the highs, and lows what kept me going was the realization that once I found what worked I could help others.

Now I'm familiar with the structural and chemical functions of the brain as well as the mythic innards of the psyche, and because I’ve lived my transformation I know how it feels from the inside out.

I've healed a bunch of trauma, left my chronic depression and anxiety behind, balanced out my bipolar, took classes and training, and now work with others to heal and transform their lives.

Why should our clients choose you?

Together we'll look into every part of life from the macronutrients in nutrition to practical behavioral changes: ways to manage stress, save time, and increase focus and awareness.

We track down the monsters and wounds that haunt the psyche beneath the conscious mind and practice mindfulness to understand one's mindset and how to transform it.

As a student of the world's many spiritual traditions and a lover of poetry and metaphor, I am able to frame this experience of transformation in a way that speaks to your psyche, to your beliefs in the world.

Maybe it's life hacking, maybe it's your own hero's journey, your relationship with God, the Dao, or your Dharma. For many of my clients, it's a mix of the above.

An act of transformation is an act of storying telling. You get to tell your own.

When I'm not working with clients I take these perspectives and apply them to visions of the world through poetry, stories and the occasional article on Medium.

We need a new vision of our selves. One that is rooted in the acquired wisdom of the past, the breakthroughs of our science, and the lived experience of our cultivated lives.

I work to share my part of that vision and to help others share theirs.

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Which type(s) of coaching are you looking for?

Career, Dealing with stress, Developing positive habits

Do you have a gender preference for your coach?


Which type(s) of coaching would you consider?

Face to Face

Which day(s) would you prefer?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

What time(s) would you prefer?

Early morning (before 9am), Evening (after 6pm)

How far are you willing to travel?

Up to 20 miles

Do you have any additional details

Wanting to really change my mind set! Life style change with eating working out etc. really focus on what I need to boost my career.

Which type(s) of coaching are you looking for?


Do you have a gender preference for your coach?


Which type(s) of coaching would you consider?

Face to Face, Phone coaching

Which day(s) would you prefer?

Any day

What time(s) would you prefer?

Any time

How far are you willing to travel?

I want the life coach to come to me

Do you have any additional details

I deal with really bad anxiety due to aspergers. The anxiety causes severe nausea at times.

Which type(s) of coaching are you looking for?

Career, Developing positive habits

Do you have a gender preference for your coach?


Which type(s) of coaching would you consider?

Face to Face

Which day(s) would you prefer?

Any day

What time(s) would you prefer?

Early afternoon (noon-3pm)

How far are you willing to travel?

Up to 10 miles

Do you have any additional details

I’m looking for someone who get me more motivated at work, make better life choices and enhance the relationship with my wife. Thanks

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